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Ruby Weekly Issue 101
July 12, 2012
GitHub Takes $100m of Funding
The Ruby world celebrates its latest home grown business success, GitHub, who this week announced they've received $100m in funding from Andreessen Horowitz. Will every Rubyist eventually work there? Watch this space.
Code Climate (Metrics Service) Is Now Free for Open Source Projects
Code Climate is a hosted software metrics tool for Ruby apps and it's now available to use for free on public open source projects.
RSpec 2.11 Released
The popular BDD framework takes another step up the version ladder with 2.11. It supports the new 'named subject' syntax, you can stub constants for the duration of an example, and on Rails specs now run in a random order by default. And more, naturally.
RubyMine (Commercial Ruby IDE) 4.5 Release Candidate Available
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Four Guidelines That I Feel Have Improved My Code
GitHub's John Nunemaker riffs on some interesting ideas he's brought into his Ruby development practices including the single responsibility principle, sensible interface design and high/low testing.
Streaming Zlib Processing for Ruby (in Ruby Core/2.0)
Eric Hodel has checked in a patch that adds streaming zlib processing to Ruby core. Why's this a big deal? For starters, significant memory savings when compressing large files.
Arel's 'merge' Method: A Hidden Gem
Arel is the beautiful relational algebra library that works alongside ActiveRecord in Rails 3 to let you do complex queries easily. Ben Hoskings shows off an interesting method Arel makes available to merge query conditions together.
Case Study: Using Ruby Tools for Non-Ruby Projects
A look at using Ruby tools (like Bundler and Guard) to automate common Web development workflows.
Don't Make Your Code 'More Testable'
Gregory Moeck reflects on the mocking and OO design trends in the Ruby world and proposes a way forward to think about the 'testability' of our code (or not, as the case may be).
RubyMotion Tutorials: A Resource Site
A simple resources site aiming to collect together links relevant to learning or working with RubyMotion.
How Can I Contribute to Ruby On Rails?
Steve Klabnik, now a memeber of the Rails Issue Team, shares some quite insights and FAQs into the process of contributing ideas, source, or documentation to Rails.
Functional View and Controller Testing with RubyMotion
RubyMotion (the Ruby toolkit for building iOS apps) now features a new testing layer that lets you write functional specifications for the views and controllers of your apps.
My Favorite Bundler Feature
Jerod Santo loves being able to crack open his gems.
The History of Ruby in Version Numbers
A simple GitHub gist showing what versions of MRI Ruby were released when.
Debugging with Thread Dumps
Watching and Listening
An ActiveRecord-Based Reputation System (RailsCasts)
If you need to calculate an average user's rating or sum up a number of votes, consider using the 'activerecord-reputation-system' gem. Here Ryan Bates covers the basics and presents a from-scratch solution.
The Ruby Rogues Talk Domain Driven Design (DDD) with David Laribee
Libraries and Code
Announcing minitest-rails: Extra MiniTest Support for Rails
minitest-rails is a library that enables you to test your Rails 3 apps using minitest, the testing framework that comes in the Ruby 1.9 standard library. Documentation and a short introductory screencast included.
webmachine-ruby 1.0 Released
webmachine-ruby is a Ruby port of Erlang's Webmachine which lets Rubyists expose interesting parts of the HTTP protocol to their applications in a declarative way. Don't understand? Check the examples.
Coolline: Simple Readline-like Library That Can Change How Input Is Displayed Live
Jim Weirich's Approach to 'Programming with Nothing'
1800 lines of a cold and lonely place. Intense.
Cupertino: A Ruby CLI for the Apple Dev Center
Senior Software Engineer (Ruby) at FreeAgent [Edinburgh, Scotland]
FreeAgent are looking for a talented and passionate software engineer to join their engineering team in a senior capacity to work on their popular online accounting software.
Software Engineer at Webdoc SA [Switzerland]
You'll join the team that develops Webdoc (a rich media sharing site) and work across the stack - Rails, MongoDB, mySQL and JavaScript.
Rails Software Engineer at CareCloud [Miami, Florida]
Last but not least..
AdhearsionConf Returns for 2012: CFP Now Open
Billing itself as the 'conference at the Intersection Of Ruby and Voice', the AdhearsionConf organizers have announced the conference will be back on October 20-21 in Palo Alto. No registration yet but the call for presentations is now open.
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