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Ruby Weekly Issue 102
July 19, 2012
From the Editor's Desk..
Welcome to issue 102. I'm busy preparing for the next run of Ruby Reloaded, my online Ruby course aimed at intermediate Rubyists. 6 seats remain with 6 days till it starts - check it out! Other than that.. here we go with the week's best :-) - Peter.
Now In Print: 'Deploying Rails' by Tom Copeland and Tony Burns
Make sure your next production deployment goes smoothly with this hands-on book, which guides you through the entire production process. Dives into Puppet, Capistrano, Vagrant, Nagios, Ganglia, and all that sort of devops-y stuff.
RubyMine 4.5 Released: JetBrains' Commercial Ruby IDE
RubyMine 4.5 introduces suport for formatting and code insight for Slim and Sass, MacRuby syntax highlighting, Capistrano deployment support, extra Sinatra integration, and more. It's a commercial IDE but the one I've heard the most good things about.
From Our Sponsor
Code Climate: Actionable quality metrics in minutes. No software to install.
Built from the ground up for Ruby, Code Climate analyzes each push, identifies changes in quality, and instantly notifies your team via Campfire, email or RSS. Try it free for 14 days - or always free for OSS!
Rails, Objects, Tests, and Other Useful Things
Noel Rappin reflects on the various 'Object-Oriented Rails' and 'fast tests' discussions going around the Ruby world as of late.
Why I Don't Like factory_girl
This post won't be without controversy but Steve Klabnik outlines why he thinks the convenience of factories has 'set Rails testing strategies and software design back two years.' Worth a read even if you disagree.
Advanced Caching in Rails: Revised (for 2012)
Adam Hawkins has recently updated his series of Rails caching posts. It aims to teach you everything you need to know to work with any different caching level inside your Rails app.
Zendesk's Road to Ruby 1.9
Zendesk is a popular help desk app and their dev team explains how their Ruby 1.9 upgrade project went. The end result? A 2-3x improvement in response time for their app.
Getting Extra Permissions from Facebook when using Devise and Omniauth
Installing ruby-debug19 for Ruby 1.9.3 on Windows
Installing Ruby 1.9.3 on OS X Without Xcode or GCC
Processing Images with CarrierWave
An entry level tutorial to managing uploaded files in a Rails app using CarrierWave.
Ruby Debug Cheat Sheet [PNG image]
Refactoring with Hexagonal Rails
Watching and Listening
PeepCode's Rails 3 Play by Play with Yehuda Katz
PeepCode has released the latest in their 'look over a developer's shoulder' screencast series, this time focusing on Yehuda Katz (of Rails 3 fame). In an 80 minute session, he builds the backend for a scoring system using Rails 3.
Five Things You Didn't Know Your Documentation Tool Could Do
Loren Segal, the creator of Ruby documentation tool YARD, looks at some of YARD's lesser known features and shows off ways to visualize your code, get basic code metrics, and ensure overall quality in your documentation.
The Well Grounded Nuby
At Boston Ruby Group recently, David A Black (of Well Grounded Rubyist fame) gave a talk about getting the fundamentals of Ruby right.
Sidekiq (RailsCasts)
Sidekiq allows you to move jobs into the background for asynchronous processing. It uses threads instead of forks so it's more memory efficient than, say, Resque.
Your Face in 10 Minutes... with MacRuby!
At GoRuCo 2012, Haris Amin gave a 10 minute lightning talk about creating a desktop Mac face detection/recognition app with MacRuby. Links to code, slides, and the Vimeo video within.
Libraries and Code
Clear Eyes: Automatic Retina Image Handling for Rails 3.1+
Axlsx: Office Open XML Spreadsheet Generation Library
Complete xlsx generation with support for charts, images, automated column width, customizable styles and full schema validation.
Hovercraft: Generate a RESTful API from a Directory of ActiveRecord Models
Rails Apps Composer: Create and Maintain Starter Apps and App Templates
Happy (Ruby) Web Developer (London, UK)
We sell expensive stuff to investment bankers. We run on Ruby. We enjoy using the best tools and technologies available. If you want to be a happy programmer (and join us on our summer trip to Ibiza), get started by solving our quiz.
Senior Ruby on Rails Developer (Cologne, Germany)
"Ich will nicht nach Berlin!"- simfy cologne is looking for talented Ruby on Rails backend developers. You feel at home with large Rails enterprise applications? Join simfy - one of the world's leading music streaming services - and put our visions to life.
Senior Ruby Developer (Cambridge, MA)
Litmus, the e-mail testing and analytics company, offers a great salary, full health care benefits, 28 days paid vacation, beer fridge and Sonos sound system. They'll also buy you lunch every day.
Last but not least..
MiniProfiler: A New Profiler for Ruby
MiniProfiler is a production and development profiler that you can use to quickly isolate performance bottlenecks, both on the server and client. This post demonstrates how it works.
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