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Ruby Weekly Issue 103
July 26, 2012
Phusion Shares A Sneak Peek of the Phusion Passenger 4.0 Roadmap
After a period of radio silence, the Phusion guys are back on the air! With their Passenger system being the most popular way to serve up Ruby apps, all eyes are on the forthcoming Passenger 4.0 and here they explain some of what's coming up.
Edge Ruby/Ruby 2.0 Adds %i and %I To Notate An Array of Symbols
As %w and %W notates a string into an array of words, %i and %I does the same but into an array of symbols. Coming to an MRI near you.. eventually. Why not %s and %S? They're already taken. In this case, the 'i' stands for intern/interned.
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And the gold medal for amazing app speed goes to...
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The Hitchhiker's Guide to Riding a Mountain Lion
Apple's latest operating system dropped yesterday and Prem Sichanugrist of Thoughtbot shares some insights into the upgrade process for Rubyists.
Building An API for Fun With Grape
Grape is an API-oriented Rack-based microframework for building HTTP accessible APIs. It's been around a while but this post gives a quick introduction.
RubyMotion Tutorial: Make iOS Apps With Ruby
Tell, Don't Ask (with Ruby Objects)
Bad for your relationships but good object oriented programming advice. Ben Orenstein shows off some quick before and after examples of telling your objects what to do rather than querying them to make decisions.
Implicit Gemsets with rbenv
Liskov Principle and MiniTest
How to Send Private Messages With The Facebook API
Watching and Listening
Using MiniProfiler with Rails (RailsCasts)
MiniProfiler allows you to see the speed of a request conveniently on the page. Ryan Bates shows off its usage with Rails.
Making a Rails App Fast and Scalable
Slide deck for a talk given by Richard Schneeman on making a Rails App fast and scalable.
Libraries and Code
Graphene: Stats and Graphs From Collections Of Ruby Objects
A new Ruby gem for transforming collections of Ruby objects into subtotals, percentages, tables and graphs.
Stamp: Format Dates and Times Using Human-Readable Examples
Sick of arcane strftime formatting? Give Stamp an 'example' of a date format you want and it'll dish up a similar date or time for you. Not new but somehow I missed it till now!
csv_shaper: DSL for Creating CSV Output
CSV Shaper claims to make the painful world of CSV rendering and formatting easier. Supports both pure Ruby and Rails.
Desant: Ruby-Powered Open Source 'Landing Page' System
Sex Machine: Get Gender from First Name
This unfortunately named gem leans on a open source name-to-gender tool to give similar functionality to Rubyists.
jruby-memcached: Surprisingly, A Memcached Libary for JRuby
classy_enum: Class Based Enumerator Gem for Rails
Adds class-based enumerator functionality to ActiveRecord attributes.
Hamster: Efficient, Immutable, Thread-Safe Collection Classes
Rubyception: A Realtime Rails Log in Your Browser
Add Rubyception to your Rails project, navigate to /rubyception and get WebSocket-powered live log updates.
Ruby on Rails Consultant at IMPRTL Inc [Telecommute/Remote!]
Ruby Developer at MeLLmo, Inc. [Solana Beach, California]
Ruby Software Engineer at Aptonet, Inc [Atlanta, Georgia]
Last but not least..
Rails 3.2.7 RC1 Released; 3.2.7 Proper Due Any Moment Now..
Aaron Patterson has pushed out a release candidate of Rails 3.2.7 to try. Most bug fixes and cleanups. 3.2.7 final is due out later today.
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