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Ruby Weekly Issue 104
August 2, 2012
From the Editor's Desk..
Welcome to issue 104 of Ruby Weekly! I've recommended Marc Andre Cournoyer's Rails classes in the past and now he's doing even more, so it's great to have him on board as a sponsor this week, check him out.
Phusion Passenger Enterprise Released
The chaps at Phusion have unveiled their latest release: Passenger Enterprise. Passenger is a popular Apache and Nginx module for deploying Ruby webapps and the 'Enterprise' variant includes rolling restarts, a live IRB console, and more.
Rails 3.2.7 Released
Contains an important security fix for apps using digest authentication from Action Pack. But 3.2.8 is just around the corner..
Rails 3.2.8 Release Candidate 1 Released: Final Due on Friday
From Our Sponsor
Advanced Online Classes by Marc-Andre Cournoyer, creator of Thin
Want to see how Rails, programming languages, Node.js or EventMachine work inside? Marc-Andre Cournoyer just announced new editions of his wildly popular online classes. Previous editions have sold out in a few hours. Book now if you're interested.
(Sponsored Item)
O'Reilly's 'Learning Rails 3' Now in Print
Learning Rails 3 by Simon St. Laurent, Edd Dumbill, and Eric J Gruber takes an interesting 'outside in' approach to teaching Rails, well suited for front end developers looking to make the leap. There's a free sampler PDF you can check out.
Is It Live? Rails 4.0 To Get 'Live Streaming' Support
Rails 4.0 will be getting real-time data streaming support as it's just been baked into rails-edge. Aaron Patterson shows it off in this post (yep, you can play with it now!)
Florian Hanke Benchmarks Unicorn, Thin and Ricer
In trying to make his Picky semantic search engine tool faster, Florian Hanke has tried to find the fastest Ruby Web daemon for his uses.
Getting Your Heart Rate Using R and Ruby
A fun post looking at marrying up R and Ruby to tell your heart rate from a small bit of video.
Ruby Constructs: Classes, Modules and Mixins
LivingSocial's Matt Aimonetti clears up some concepts and misconceptions around classes, modules and mixins and how you should or shouldn't use them.
The Differences Between Object#dup and Object#clone
Your First Ruby Native Extension: C
A quick how-to from someone who admittedly 'knows barely any C or Java' that explains how to wire up some simple C code into a native Ruby extension ready for building a gem.
'What is Rack?': A Primer
Objects, Classes and Modules
The latest excerpt from Pat Shaughnessy's forthcoming 'Ruby Under A Microscope' book. This time he looks at how MRI Ruby implements and stores objects and classes internally.
Watching and Listening
Active Record Deep Dive (in 11 Short Videos)
Richard Schneeman explains ActiveRecord's query interface in several short screencasts. You're bound to pick something up.
Libraries and Code
Synack: Send Messages to OS X Mountain Lion's Notification Center
A client/server wrapper for terminal-notifier that allows arbitrary messages to be sent to OS X 10.8's Notification Center.
Ricer: Fast Rack-Compliant Ruby Web Server Written in C
Unfortunately named but claims to be faster than Thin and Unicorn.
TwitterCLDR: Improving Internationalization Support in Ruby
Twitter's engineering team has released a library that uses Unicode's Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR) to format certain types of text into their localized equivalents. Currently supported types of text include dates, times, currencies, decimals, percentages, and symbols.
Clean Tests: Sugar for Making Test::Unit Tests Clearer
Dave Copeland's Clean Tests aims to bring clarity to Test::Unit tests and provides a Given/When/Then structure for clarifying intent.
Brakeman 1.7.0 Released: The Rails Security Scanner
Adds support for a recent HTTP digest auth vulnerability and includes numerous improvements.
RLTK: Ruby Language Toolkit
A collection of classes and methods designed to help programmers work with languages in an easy to use and straightforward manner. Includes generators for lexers and parsers, LLVM bindings, and more.
Clockwork SMS API: Send Text Messages from Ruby (UK-oriented, 5p a message)
Software Engineer for a Revolutionary Ruby Product at Crisply [Woodbridge, CT or Remote]
Ruby on Rails Developer at OneLogin [San Francisco]
Ruby Developer at Wildfire Interactive [Redwood City, California]
Last but not least..
Writing FizzBuzz Without Modulus Division
Upon a request by JEG2, some Rubyists had a go at solving the old FizzBuzz problem without doing modulus division. This entry by Magnus Holm is a real mindbender and leans heavily on flip flops.
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