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Ruby Weekly Issue 106
August 16, 2012
From the Editor's Desk..
Welcome to issue 106 of Ruby Weekly! If you fancy going to a great Ruby event with a good speaker lineup, check out Jeremy McAnally's MagicRuby conference link this week. It takes place in October in Florida and he's well known for putting on a fun time :-) - Peter.
The Ruby Association's 2012 Call for Grant Proposals Ends on Monday
The Ruby Association gives out grants of up to 1 million yen (about $12600) to projects related to Ruby implementations, libraries, and frameworks. Apply before August 20th for a chance to get a grant to work on a cool Ruby project or two.
Goliath 1.0.0 Released
18 months in the making, Goliath hits its 1.0.0 release. Goliath is a non-blocking, asynchronous Web server and framework offering raw performance, support for the Rack API, and fully asynchronous processing.
Rails 3.2.8 Released: Contains 3 Important Security Fixes
The Pragmatic Bookshelf's 'Cucumber Recipes' Book Now in Beta
From Our Sponsor
MagicRuby - A Ruby conference *inside* Walt Disney World (now with speakers!)
Join us October 5 and 6, 2012 for MagicRuby 2012. This year we're dropping some knowledge inside of Disney's Hollywood Studios: only $199, $49 for Disney pass holders. Mosey on over to the website to see our full speaker list and awesome lodging rates!
Interview with Ruby's Garbage Collection Innovator, Narihiro Nakamura
Pat Shaughnessy interviews Narihiro Nakamura who committed the new 'bitmap marking' garbage collection code to edge Ruby.
Debunking the Node.js Gish Gallop
Tony Arcieri is getting bored of the Node.js hoopla and explains why Ruby is more than adequate, or even better, at doing the things people are raving over Node.js for.
Face Detection on iOS with RubyMotion
A basic tutorial and open source project showing you how to lean on iOS' built in face detection functionality in your own RubyMotion apps.
The Gang Of Four Is Wrong and You Don't Understand Delegation
If the Hacker News discussion is anything to go by, this is a contentious but interesting post by Jim Gay about delegation and how the Gang of Four didn't get the definition quite right.
Bitwise Operations in Ruby and An Example Application for Testing With RSpec
Watching and Listening
Bullet: A Rails Plugin to Kill N+1 Queries and Unused Eager Loading
Bullet notifies you of database queries that can potentially be improved through eager loading or using the counter cache column. Ryan Bates of RailsCasts shows us how to get it going.
Ruby Rogues: Functional vs Object Oriented Programming
Libraries and Code
MurmurHash3-ruby: An Efficient Non-Cryptopgraphic Hash Function
A Ruby implementation of the efficient but non-cryptographic MurmurHash3 hash function. Includes both pure Ruby and compiled implementations.
TextMate 2.0 Released as Open Source (GPLv3)
Sure, it's written in Objective C, but TextMate has been a perennially popular editor for Ruby and Rails developers and TextMate 2 has now been open sourced under the GPLv3 license.
rails-dtrace: Add DTrace Probes to Rails
SO2DB: Utilities for Importing StackExchange Data into Databases
Big Spoon: ActiveRecord-style Before and After Callbacks for any Object
Claims to be 'like a sandwich, where your method is the meat and your callbacks are the bread.'
Formotion: Painless, Productive Views for RubyMotion
With the claim that it makes 'iOS Forms insanely great with RubyMotion', Formotion lets you build elegant forms from a simple hash.
ffi-extractor: Ruby FFI Bindings to the 'libextractor' Metadata Extractor
GNU libextractor is a library used to extract meta data from files of arbitrary type and ffi-extractor hooks directly into it from Ruby.
Releasy: Ruby App Packager (Can Build for OS X and Windows)
Releasy automates the release of Ruby applications, such as games or GUI applications, for non-Ruby users. I gave it a go for building a standalone OS X app from a simple Gosu game - worked well, though you need to fiddle a little.
SanitizeEmail: Globally Override Your Mail Delivery Settings
SanitizeEmail allows you to play with your application's e-mail abilities without worrying that e-mails will get sent to actual live addresses.
Pry-Rescue: Start A Pry Session Whenever Something Goes Wrong
rails-dev-box: A VM for Rails Core Development
The 'Rails dev box' is a VirtualBox based VM image that automates the setup of a development environment for Rails core development. It's billed as 'the easiest way to build a box with everything ready to start hacking on your pull request'.
ForwardMachine: Dynamic Port Forwarding Tool Built On EventMachine
Rails / Node.JS Engineer at Chute (San Francisco, CA)
We're looking for a badass full-stack engineer to join our growing engineering team. We have a fast-paced, fun team and a highly collaborative culture. You're versed in all things Ruby, Rails and Node. You relish solving problems at scale.
Rails Programmer (Anywhere!)
Litmus, the e-mail testing and analytics company, offering a great salary, full health care benefits and 28 days paid vacation, We're looking for great developers wherever you live in the world. Come and see what our team have to say about working here.
Platform Software Engineer at Sony Music [New York City]
Rails Developer at a growing start-up at Triggit [San Francisco]
Last but not least..
Haskell-like List Comprehensions in Ruby?
Some gnarly Ruby syntax fun with Dorien Snake. The warning 'Please do not actually use this' truly applies here but it's fun to look at. Leave an encouraging comment!
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