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Ruby Weekly Issue 107
August 23, 2012
Basecamp Next Rails Code Tour with David Heinemeier Hansson [video] were lucky enough to get DHH talking about the implementation of 37signals' "Basecamp Next", show off code from the app, and discuss their new "Russian Doll" caching strategy. A rare look into 37signals' code.
Frozen Rails 2012, September 20-21 in Helsinki, Finland
The popular Frozen Rails conference is back again next month with around twenty great speakers.
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How New Relic tunes its own app using RUM Data
Do you spend time trying to optimize your code? Then you definitely want to be looking at the experience of your users. New Relic provides developers an amazing view into your app performance. It's so good that the developers at New Relic use it themselves to deliver great customer experiences.
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Rocket Science and the Law of Demeter
Gregory Brown kindly shares the latest issue of his Practicing Ruby newsletter with us and takes a look at the Law of Demeter (a common guideline in OO development) from the perspective of a NASA scientist.
Capybara 2.0 Upgrade Guide
Capybara 2.0.0 isn't quite out yet but the beta is! Let the developer team at Funding Gates guide you through the changes and how to upgrade your code to support 2.0.
DCI with Ruby Refinements
Ruby 'refinements', currently in Ruby 2.0 trunk, can cleanly convey DCI role injection and performs on par with #include-based composition. Mike Pack shows us how.
Even More Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets (with Sass 3.2)
Sass 3.2 came out recently (now at 3.2.1) and here Reda Lemeden summarizes some of its new functionality.
What's New in Haml 3.2 Beta?
Haml 3.2 is just around the corner. It offer improved Tilt-based filters, improvements to HTML5 support, security fixes and a little extra performance.
Rails Testing with Factory Girl
An overview of using Factory Girl (a popular tool for creating object factories in tests) in Rails tests. Very entry level.
Building a Tiny jQuery Mobile App Powered by Sinatra
Toward a More Egalitarian ObjectSpace
The Rails Flash Isn't Just for Messages
Henrik Nyh demonstrates the benefits of using the flash session object for doing more interesting things than passing a simple string message around.
Fresh Mountain Lion Ruby Environment Cheatsheet
Using RubyMotion to Build JavaScript Based iOS Apps
Watching and Listening
Testing Best Practices, or The Five Habits of Highly Effective Tests
Noel Rappin, author of Rails Test Prescriptions, talk about (without code, sadly) the five things you should aim for in your tests: independence, repeatability, clarity, conciseness, and robustness. Be warned, the audio is not great.
Zero Downtime Deploys for Rails Apps
At RailsConf 2012, Pedro Belo looked into 'everything you need to know in order to ship code without affecting a single customer' including database migrations, caching, and deployment setup.
Refactoring, A Live Coding Odyssey
Ben Orenstein guides us through 'things advanced developers know that let them turn good code into great' through refactoring.
The Ruby Rogues Talk to Gary Bernhardt about His Testing Style
Image Manipulation - RailsCasts
Learn how to do extensive image manipulation with ImageMagick and how RMagick can be used in combination with CarrierWave to process uploaded images.
Libraries and Code
RSpec Notification Center: An RSpec Formatter for OS X 10.8
An RSpec formatter for OS X Mountain Lion's Notification Center.
Sinatra 1.3.3 Released (primarily bugfixes)
StackTracy: Investigate and Detect Slow Methods Via Your Stack Traces
Features a handy 5 minute screencast showing how to use StackTracy upon a simple Sinatra app.
Thin 2.0 Alpha Unveiled
Thin is a popular Ruby Web server known for its speed. A version 2 branch is now available from GitHub as well as a 2.0.0.pre gem. Tread carefully as it's still early days and offered primarily for testing purposes.
Latinum: A Library for Resource and Currency Calculations
Cane: Ruby Code Quality Thresholds
The Changelog looks at Xavier Shay's 'Cane', a tool that performs code quality threshold checking as part of your build process.
Rails Programmer (Anywhere!)
Litmus, the e-mail testing and analytics company, offering a great salary, full health care benefits and 28 days paid vacation, We're looking for great developers wherever you live in the world. Come and see what our team have to say about working here.
Rails Developer at Goldstar [Pasadena, California]
Rails Developer at Goldstar [Portland, Oregon]
Software engineering the agile way at Pivotal Labs [New York City]
Last but not least..
The Rails Hosting Survey 2012 Results Are In!
Back in issue 96, I invited you to take part in Planet Argon's latest Rails hosting / deployment survey and.. 1306 people did! Planet Argon shares the overall trends here. You can also grab the raw stats in various formats. Like infographics? Head here.
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