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Ruby Weekly Issue 108
August 30, 2012
RubyConf 2012 Registration Now Open: November 1-3, Denver, Colorado
This year, RubyConf is headed to the mile high city! Tickets have been known to sell out fast so be quick if you're interested.
New EPUB and Mobi versions of Michael Hartl's 'Rails Tutorial'
Michael Hartl has unveiled the EPUB and Mobi versions of the 2nd edition of his famed Rails Tutorial.
From Our Sponsor
What's New in Rails Apps Composer
Daniel Kehoe's gem installs a command line tool to assemble a Rails application from a collection of "recipes." It’s useful for creating and maintaining starter apps. The new version offers a host of new features.
Making Siren Song
Ryan Davis documents the steps he takes when working on a new Ruby project called 'Siren Song', an attempt at a program that can 'sing' code as it is run.
Building Web Apps with Active Admin
Philippe Creux says that Active Admin isn't solely for backend admin interfaces, it can be 'a great framework for building the customer facing part' of webapps too. Here he shows how.
Introducing pry-rescue: Fast, Painless, Ruby Debugging
Interact with your program live from a Pry shell prompt when an unhandled exception occurs in your program using pry-rescue. Conrad Irwin explains.
Testing Your Modules with RSpec
Writing Dependable Ruby and A Reddit CLI
Using Thor to Build a Command Line Interface
Why I Chose H2 DB Instead Of MySQL for My JRuby Webapp
Array Set Operations in Ruby
Avdi Grimm shows where the stdlib's Set library can come in handy and how the core Array class already supports some set-like features.
Watching and Listening
Therapeutic Refactoring
In a 25 minute talk from Cascadia Ruby, Katrina Owen talks about the beauties and benefits of refactoring when you've reached the end of your coding tether.
RubyMotion: Ruby in Your Pocket
Laurent Sansonetti, the creator of RubyMotion (the Ruby toolchain for iOS app development), talks about his creation, shows off how it works, and how you can use it.
RubyMotion Apps Styled with CSS using Pixate
Nothing to grab here yet, but Pixate is running a Kickstarter campaign to complete their tool that lets you build mobile app designs using CSS. And.. it turns out you'll be able to use it to design RubyMotion app interfaces too.
Libraries and Code
Ruby/ProgressBar: A Text Progress Bar Library for Ruby
I'll let this one describe itself: 'The ultimate text progress bar library for Ruby! It'll smash you over the head with a pure rush of progress bar excitement!'
Phusion Passenger 3.0.17 Released
Minor bug fixes.
Authority: An ORM-Neutral Authorization System for Rails
First linked in Ruby Weekly #89, this library has had significant updates since then. If you want an action authorization system with little fancy syntax for your Rails apps, give it a look.
Analyze CREATE TABLE SQL Statements With Pure Ruby
Seamus Abshere's new create_table library lets you analyze and inspect CREATE TABLE SQL statements and translate them across database systems.
d'Anthes: Private Pub/Sub Messaging in Rails Through Faye
HTTPSpec: RSpec DSLs for Describing API Behaviors
Supports Rack, Webmachine, and live applications (via Faraday) using pluggable client back-ends.
Ruby Developer, Nature Publishing Group (London, United Kingdom)
Passionate about technology and science? Come join our team of Ruby developers at the Nature Publishing Group, responsible for the most influential scientific journals in the world for over 140 years.
Software Engineering the Agile Way at Pivotal Labs [San Francisco]
Rails and Front-End Specialist at 55 Minutes [Albany, California]
Rails Developer at WegoWise [Boston, Massachusetts]
Last but not least..
Functional Programming for the Object-Oriented Programmer
A book by programming language and functional programming geek Brian Marick that takes a look at functional programming concepts in Clojure and relates them to the object oriented concepts you already know and love. Comes strongly recommended by Uncle Bob Martin!
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