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Ruby Weekly Issue 109
September 6, 2012
Active Admin 0.5.0 Released
Active Admin is a popular administrative interface generation system for Rails and a new version has been a long time coming. 0.5 introduces batch actions (i.e. select multiple rows and delete them all), a customizable root route, and more view components and factories.
Bundler 1.2 Released
The vital dependency management tool gets an update and now supports specifying Ruby versions in Gemfiles, local git repos, and using 'bundle package' to package git and local path dependencies.
'Why The Lucky Stiff' Documentary to Screen at RubyConf 2012
Fabio Akita talks about Why The Lucky Stiff, a creative and enigmatic Rubyist who disappeared from the Web back in 2009, and reveals that a documentary about his work is under production and due to be shown at RubyConf 2012.
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Backbone.js and Rails
Wondering exactly what you need to do to create a Backbone.js app that leans on Rails? This blog post (first in a series of two) covers it with an example app and an in-depth look at rendering with Mustache.
How to Easily Create Single Page Apps with Sprockets
A short and sweet example of using Sinatra and Sprockets for the back-end of a single page webapp.
Using Recursive SQL With ActiveRecord Trees
Straight from the TLDR: 'When you have an ActiveRecord tree structure, using the WITH syntax for recursive SQL can provide large performance boons, especially when a tree gets several levels deep.'
Avoiding Hash Lookups in a Ruby Implementation
Charles Nutter, one of the main developers of JRuby, digs deep into the roles and performance of hash tables in the context of running Ruby code. If you're not interested in language implementation, you might want to steer clear though.
Rails in Realtime
LayerVault provides a version control service for designers and it's all built on Rails. In this post, they explain how they handle and work with real time data alongside Rails.
Refactoring in Practice: Speeding up Your Rails Tests
There have been many discussions recently about what it means to make your Rails tests 'fast.' Nate Klaiber gives his own take by saying it's not Rails' fault and demonstrating what he means in code.
Writing Beautiful RSpec Matchers
Colorful Ruby Code In HTML Using CodeRay
How to syntax highlight Ruby code in 'pretty colors' for blog posts or other HTML-related display purposes.
A RubyMotion Success Story: Cabify
A short interview/case study looking at how Cabify, an Uber-style cab request service, uses RubyMotion to build their iOS app.
Watching and Listening
JRuby Basics (RailsCasts)
Ryan Bates wanders off of the usual Rails-focused trail to give a 10 minute tour of JRuby, including how to set it up and use Java classes from within Ruby.
FnordMetric (RailsCasts)
FnordMetric is a Redis and Ruby based realtime event tracking app that's great for keeping track of user activity in your Rails app. Ryan Bates demonstrates.
The Ruby Rogues Discuss 'Growing Object Oriented Software Guided by Tests'
The inimitable Ruby Rogues spend an hour discussing the superb 'Growing Object Oriented Software Guided by Tests' by Steve Freeman and Nat Pryce. If you haven't read this book yet, you should check it out.
Why The Lucky Stiff Documentary Trailer
A short 2 minute preview of a documentary about Why The Lucky Stiff that's planned to be screened at this year's RubyConf.
Libraries and Code
Ruote 2.3.0 Released
Ruote is a Ruby-based workflow engine. 2.3 introduces several new features.
Fallen: A Simpler Daemon Library for Ruby Processes
Ruby on Rails Developer at Deep Space Robots [Dallas, Texas]
Rails Developer at Inigral [San Francisco]
Ruby Developer at SceneTap [Austin, Texas]
Ruby Developer for Nature Publishing Group (London, UK)
Last but not least..
What is ARGF.class in Ruby 1.9?
A question on Stack Overflow shows off an interesting quirk in Ruby 1.9. Why does "ARGF.class" give such a curious response? Two respondents try to come up with an answer.
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