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Ruby Weekly Issue 110
September 13, 2012
From the Editor's Desk..
Welcome to issue 110 of Ruby Weekly. The long-running Rails Rumble contest is back and coming up in October, so be sure to check out the details on that - it's always a lot of fun, if only to watch! - Peter.
The Rails Rumble is Back! Dates and Details Announced
The popular 48 hour Ruby development contest is back and will run this October 13th and 14th. Registration opens on October 1st. Learn all about it here.
ConFoo 2013 Call for Papers is Open
The Call For Papers is only open for 10 more days and the conference itself is in February 2013.
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Protected Methods and Ruby 2.0
Aaron Patterson looks at how the behavior of Object#respond_to? will change with regards to protected methods in Ruby 2.0.
A Ruby exit, exit!, SystemExit and at_exit Blunder
Phil Whelan discovers that the 'exit' method doesn't always do what its name seems to suggest..
Pragmatic Concurrency With Ruby
A delightfully in-depth look at some Ruby concurrency topics by Dotan J. Nahum.
Performing Linear Regression with Ruby
A walkthrough of the basics of linear regression (useful in statistical analysis) and using Ruby to perform simple linear regression.
Random Ruby Tricks:
Steve Klabnik shares some pointers to using to summon up new classes.
Ruby Tidbit: __LINE__ and Heredocs
An interesting quirk in how __LINE__ works in association with here documents. Makes sense but I'd never thought about this before.
Building a Geofencing System with Ruby and MongoDB
A short series of posts by John Murray that digs into using Ruby and MongoDB to build a 'geofencing' system.
Stop Validating Email Addresses With Regexes
PiecePipe Examples: Map, Aggregation and Group-By
Shawn Anderson shows off PiecePipe, a Ruby library for writing code where you focus on the flow of data through a pipeline of steps without worrying about the iteration and 'glue code.' An interesting approach.
Code Tuning, A Programming Pearl in Ruby
Daniel Lobato seems to share my love for the classic 'Programming Pearls' book and digs into optimizing a simple sequential search through an array.
Logging All Calls To Instance Methods Of A Ruby Class
What's New in the Upcoming SimpleForm 2.1.0
SimpleForm is a popular Rails form plugin and this post shares some of what will be in the forthcoming 2.1.0 release.
Watching and Listening
A 2 Hour Introduction to Ruby On Rails
At a recent Boston Ruby Group Project Night, Dan Pickett gave a 2 hour long 'introduction to Rails' workshop, building a Rails app along the way.
Libraries and Code
Labrador: A Web-based Client for Your Rails Development Databases
Aims to be database agnostic and includes Pow integration and automatic database integrations. Looks really nice.
Rubysh: Ruby Subprocesses Made Easy
Makes shelling out easy with a sh-like syntax layer for Ruby.
pg_power: ActiveRecord Extension for PostgreSQL
An ActiveRecord extension which lets you take advantage of several special PostgreSQL features with Rails, including PostgreSQL schemas, partial indexes, foreign keys, and comments.
Zeus: Boot Any Rails App in Under A Second
A new Rails app preloader, but one that takes a radically different approach to Spork and has very delicate Ruby and OS version requirements.
Ruby Decorators: Python-esque Method Decorators for Ruby
It's not a new idea but I like Fred Wu's simple implementation of Python-like method decorators using the unary + operator and method_added.
Radspberry: Real-time Audio DSP Library Based on ffi-portaudio
motion-settings-bundle: Create A Settings.bundle for Your RubyMotion App
Hobo 2.0.0.pre1 Released: The Web App Builder for Rails
Letsrate: Add Rating Capabilities to Your Rails Apps
Software Engineer – Experienced / Senior [New York City]
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Ruby on Rails Engineer (Entry Senior Level) at eMuze Connect [Boston, MA]
Ruby on Rails, Back End Developer at Seso Media Group [Los Angeles]
Last but not least..
5500 Flashcards on Web Development With Rails
Jack Kinsella has released a free set of 5500 questions and answers on various aspects of Ruby, Rails, JS and CoffeeScript development. They're designed to be used with Anki, a free open source flashcard viewer.
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