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Ruby Weekly Issue 112
September 27, 2012
Turbolinks: Rails 4 to Get Ajax-based Page Loading by Default
David Heinemeier Hansson has unveiled a pjax-a-like Ajax-based full page replacement library that will 'ship as default-on in Rails 4.0.' Worth investigating.
Rails Rumble Registration Opens Monday, October 1st
This year's Rails Rumble 48 hour Ruby webapp development contest takes place in mid October and registration is open between October 1-7. It's picked up a new logo and visual identity too which you can learn more about here. Let's get ready to rumble!
SciRuby Receives Ruby Association Grant; Fellowships Available
In RW #106 we linked up the Ruby Association's 2012 call for grant proposals and SciRuby, a Ruby equivalent of SciPy, has received 1 million yen. They're now looking to fund students to do full time development on their NMatrix library.
Rescuing Resque: Let's Do This
Steve Klabnik puts out the call for folks to get involved with revitalizing the popular Resque project. If you've been itching to help out on a popular Ruby project, here's a bat signal.
From Our Sponsor
Learning pjax: Tutorial and Screencast
pjax loads HTML from a webapp into the current page without a full reload. pjax 1.0 was released earlier this month and Eric Davis shows us how to use it with a Sinatra app in both code and a handy 10 minute screencast.
Unholy Rails: External Scripts, jQuery Plugins, and Page-Specific JavaScript
What is the best way to add a JS library to a Rails app? How can you include external JS files and jQuery plugins in the Rails asset pipeline? This in-depth article explains what to do when your application is not wholly Rails.
Getting Started With Rails 3.2 and MiniTest
Upgrading to Ruby 1.9.3: Maximizing Performance
A look at how various tweaks to Ruby 1.9.3 can improve performance. Includes nginx, Passenger, and Ruby garbage collector tweaks.
Filepicker and Aviary: Image Uploading On Steroids
Filepicker is a library and service for handling file uploads and Aviary is a powerful HTML5-based image editor. This walkthrough shows you how to tie them together with a Rails app.
Make Your Rails Development Faster with ruby-perf and Zeus
Zeus is a recently released tool for preloading and quickly rerunning Rails apps (usually for testing purposes).
Rails Guides: Ruby on Rails 4.0 Release Notes (Early Draft)
It's still very early days but work has started on fleshing out an official Rails Guide for Rails 4.0's release notes. Read at your peril; work in progress!
A Mind Map of New Ideas and Features Coming in Rails 4
Ruby's Magic Underscore
Paul Battley notices that Ruby's parser has a quirk for dealing with a variable called '_'
Ruby's EventMachine – Part 2 : Asynchronous != Faster
Phil Whelan continues his series of posts digging into how to use EventMachine.
Be Assertive with Sane Exception Handling
Monitoring your Unicorns and Resque with Bluepill and Upstart
Watching and Listening
Implementing Tags in a Rails App with acts-as-taggable-on
Ryan Bates of RailsCasts is back with a look at how to implement tagging in a Rails app using the acts-as-taggable-on gem.
RubyTapas Episode 1: Binary Literals
Avdi Grimm (of Exceptional Ruby fame) has launched a new subscription service focused around short Ruby screencasts. Here's episode 1 which he's offering as a sample.
Writing a Rails Engine
In 25 minutes, Erik Michaels-Ober guides us through building a Rails Engine from scratch or converting your existing plugin (a now deprecated approach) to an engine.
Schemaless SQL: The Best of Both Worlds
At MountainWest RubyConf 2012, Will Leinweber looked at recent advances in PostgreSQL and how it allows you to compromise between using a relational database and avoiding restrictive schemas.
Jesse Storimer on Ruby's IO Buffering And You!
Libraries and Code
RubyMotion Gets iOS 6 and iPhone 5 Support, Plus a Debugger
RubyMotion 1.24 is out and adds support for the iOS 6 SDK and iPhone 5. A GDB-based debugger has also been added.
Oh My Gems!
Ryan Davis says he's 'tired of the complications that tools like Bundler and RVM inject' and shares a 40 line shell function that takes a different approach to choosing where gems are stored.
Sequel 3.40.0 Released: Much Improved MS Access Support and More
rails-auth-github: Simple Rails Engine to Authorize Users Against GitHub
A port of sinatra_auth_github to Rails. Ideal for simple situations such as small internal apps where an OmniAuth-style solution might be too much.
nopassword: A No-Password-Needed Authentication Engine for Rails
An authentication and session management framework (in a Rails Engine) that eliminates the need for passwords.
Rails Developer at Decisiv, Inc. [Anywhere, Remote Working!]
Rails Software Engineer at EchoStar Advanced Technologies [New York City]
Rails Contractor at Aetos Capital [Menlo Park, California]
Back-end Software Engineer at Geckoboard (London, UK)
Last but not least..
Honeybadger: A New Error Management Service for Rails
A new error notice system for Rails apps from Ben Curtis that focuses on speed. Includes SMS alerts and GitHub and Campfire integration. A commercial service but has a free trial.
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