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Ruby Weekly Issue 113
October 4, 2012
From the Editor's Desk..
Big news.. registration for the next Rails Rumble is open this week. Only for a few more days so act fast, etc. Never experienced a Rumble before? It's a 48 hour Ruby webapp (not just Rails) development contest that takes place online over a weekend with lots of interesting prizes.. good luck :-)
- Peter
Rails Rumble 2012 Registration Now Open
The 48 hour Ruby webapp development contest is back and aiming to be bigger than ever before. Prizes and publicity await the winners (previous winners have been featured on sites like TechCrunch and The Next Web). Registration closes end of October 7.
The British Ruby Conference releases Early Bird Tickets + Call for Proposals for 2013
Takes place in March 2013 in Manchester, England. Speakers include Jim Weirich, Aaron Patterson, Russ Olsen, Avdi Grimm, Gregg Pollack, me (!) and many others. Want to speak too? There's a CFP.
RVM 1.16 Released: Introduces Binary Ruby Installs
RVM continues to be a popular way to install and handle Ruby installations and 1.16 release adds a significant new feature: binary Ruby installs. This can significantly install installation speeds.
2nd Edition of the Rails Tutorial Book Released in Print
From Our Sponsor
How to monitor DelayedJob with New Relic
Learn how to build useful views for monitoring and troubleshooting your background jobs with New Relic's latest Ruby agent release and new Custom Dashboards. Bill Kayser, Principal Architect at New Relic, shows you how.
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Enumerator: Ruby's Versatile Iterator
Jared Carroll takes a high level look at enumerators and the powerful Enumerator class, as introduced in Ruby 1.9 and backported into 1.8.7.
Rapidly Building a Task Manager App with RubyMotion and Nitron
Nitron is an opinionated set of RubyMotion components designed to accelerate iOS development and this tutorial walks through using it to build a simple task manager app.
Test HTTP Basic Authentication in Rails 3 With Capybara
Lightning JSON: Rendering JSON Output Fast in Rails
Adding Multi-Tenancy to Your Rails App with 'acts_as_tenant'
Watching and Listening
The Ruby Rogues Talk 'APIs'
The ever-loveable and unrogue-y rogues are back with a discussion of APIs and API design. And, as always, a ton of their 'picks' of the week.
Libraries and Code
garelic: Use Google Analytics for Ruby App Performance Monitoring
It has quite a few drawbacks compared to the professional solutions but it's an interesting hack nonetheless.
turbo-sprockets-rails3: A Handy Speed Up for the Rails 3 Asset Pipeline
Speeds up the Rails 3 asset pipeline by only recompiling changed files and generating all assets (both fingerprinted and not) from a single compile. This work may end up in Rails 4 by default but is here to enjoy now on Rails 3.2+.
Letters: The Tiny Debugging Library for Ruby
Adds a handy handful of methods to Ruby to make debugging buggy code a little sweeter. Check out the (thorough) screencast to get a good feel for it.
also_validates: Smart Validation of Associated ActiveRecord Models
Validates associated models and aggregates their errors onto the primary model, copying any errors up to the parent.
Uniqueable: Validation of Uniqueness Across Multiple AR Models
option: Ruby Implementation of Scala's Option Monad
Ruby engineer for the UK's most popular online accounting service
FreeAgent is one of the most popular online accounting services, loved by tens of thousands of freelancers and small businesses worldwide. You'll join a team of 24 super-friendly, talented engineers and designers, where you'll get to hone your already impressive Ruby and web-app coding skills.
Bring Home the Bacon with Hubbub
Hubbub change how people shop, and support local high streets, by providing a pioneering delivery service for independent shops. We're looking for two super-smart developers to join us - and we’re offering a year's free bacon to successful applicants AND the person that refers them too!
Ruby Developer at Kuapay LLC [Santa Monica, California]
Last but not least..
RUPY 2012: A Cross-Discipline Conference in the Czech Republic
A unique conference that brings together the state of the art in the Ruby, Python, and JavaScript worlds. Takes place November 16-18, 2012 in Brno, Czech Republic.
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