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Ruby Weekly Issue 115
October 18, 2012
Ruby 1.9.3-p286 Released
The latest, official production patch-level release of MRI 1.9 is out. The primary motivation was for fixing a couple of security vulnerabilities and a handful of bugs.
A Whirlwind Tour of Rails 4
Andy Lindeman presents a 40 minute tour of some of the forthcoming Rails 4's new features, including strong_parameters, Russian Doll caching, PATCH verb support, removal of Rails 2 finder syntax, and more. Recording and audio quality is very good.
JRuby 1.7.0 Release Candidate 2 Released
From Our Sponsor
Bugrocket - A Simple Hosted Bug Tracker for Small Teams
Many bug trackers have so many features and cover so many use-cases that the lines between things like project management and bug tracking become blurred. We think that's a bad idea, so we created Bugrocket - a lean bug tracker that is only a bug tracker. Now, back to code!
7 Ways to Decompose Fat ActiveRecord Models
Some handy tips and examples on breaking apart 'fat models' into separate objects that each encapsulate a concept.
So You Want To Optimize Ruby
Charles Nutter of the JRuby core team explains some of the 'hard problems' Ruby implementations need to solve before getting all gung-ho with benchmarks.
Try and Try Again: Using the Null Object Pattern in Ruby
Gem Developers: Let The User Choose The JavaScript Engine
Visualising the Ruby Global VM Lock
Explain: A Ruby Source to Natural Language Compiler
An interesting experiment in automatically converting Ruby code to English prose.
Would You Like A Mobile App With That?
Want to build your first Rails API-backed iPhone app? Follow along with Richard Schneeman here.
End-to-End Testing With RSpec Integration Tests and Capybara
Object-Oriented File Importing and Parsing in Ruby
Lazy User Registration for Rails Apps
Goes into the concept of having your auth system providing an omnipresent anonymous user which can then be 'upgraded' to a regular user when the visitor chooses.
Better Specs: A Collection of Guidelines for RSpec Users
An Interview with Xavier Noria, The Code Gardener
Xavier Noria (a Ruby Hero and Rails core contributor) faces Pat Shaughnessy for an interview about how he got started with Ruby and Rails, what's coming in Rails 4.0, and more.
Watching and Listening
Ruby's Symbols Explained
Never quite got your head around how Ruby's symbols work and what they represent? Here's a video from my Ruby Reloaded course now available to watch on YouTube.
Libraries and Code
Opal: Ruby to JavaScript Compiler
A source-to-source compiler (so no special VM required) and the compiled code aims to be fast and efficient by mapping directly to underlying JavaScript features and objects where possible. Not the first such experiment but well presented.
Selfstarter: Roll Your Own Crowdfunding
A project called Lockitron raised $1.9m recently in a crowdfunding campaign. They had to build their own Kickstarter-esque software as Kickstarter rejected them and.. it's in Rails and they've shared the source.
Fun with Unicode Math in Ruby
Want to use Unicode's square root, sine, fraction, infinity, pi, or other mathematical symbols in your Ruby code? The unicode_math gem gets you there.
AngularJS Scaffolding for Rails
node-mruby: Embedding Ruby into Node.js
mruby is an embeddable Ruby interpreter and node-mruby makes it possible to embed mruby into Node.js. Very much a prototype/work in progress for the curious.
rouge: A Clojure implementation on Ruby
Elastictastic: Object-Document Mapper and API Adapter for ElasticSearch
Redis Failover 1.0: ZooKeeper-based Master/Slave Automatic Failover
Exception Notification 3.0.0: Exception Notifier Plugin for Rails
Cequel: CQL Query Builder and Object-Row Mapper for Apache Cassandra
Ruby Engineer
Zendesk is looking for a Ruby engineer to join a team in San Francisco that's focused on improving the application from the inside out. We care about elegant code and we are passionate about shipping great software - just like you.
Senior Architect at American College of Physicians [Philadelphia, Pennsylvania]
Foodie Rails Developer Wanted at America's Test Kitchen [Brookline, Massachusetts]
Last but not least..
rubytune: Rails Shop Specializing in Performance and Troubleshooting
Joshua Sierles (ex-37signals) and Sudara Williams (ex-Engine Yard) have launched a consultancy focused on providing scaling, performance and server advice for Rails developers.
The British Ruby Conference: Standard Tickets Now on Sale
Rubyists like Avdi Grimm, Russ Olsen, Dr Nic Williams, Aaron Patterson (and many more!) will be in Manchester, England in March 2013. Join us by grabbing a ticket now.
Rails Rumble Judging Has Just Hours to Go (Vote Now!)
Judging ends in a mere 10 hours or so, so if you want to get your votes in, head over there ASAP.
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