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Ruby Weekly Issue 119
November 15, 2012
Ruby 1.9.3-p327 Released: Fixes a Hash-Flooding DoS Vulnerability
Carefully crafted strings can be used in a denial of service attack on apps that parse strings to create Hash objects by using the strings as keys. This new patch level release of 1.9.3 counters the issue.
2013 Fukuoka Ruby Award Competition
Each year Matz and the Government of Fukuoka in Japan run an award for Ruby programs. Submit by November 30th to enter - it doesn't have to be an all new app either. The grand prize is 1 million yen (about $12,000).
Capybara 2.0.0 Released: The Acceptance Test Framework for Webapps
Not backwards compatible with Capybara 1.x so be careful and read the notes. It also drops support for Ruby 1.8.
LA Ruby Conf 2013: Call For Proposals Open Until Dec 10
Rails 3.2.9 Released
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Printing 'Hello, World' in Style (Concurrently)
Daniel Szmulewicz looks at what's involved in using Celluloid and two actors to print out 'Hello, World'.
Matz Is Not A Threading Guy
Jesse Storimer talks about the status of concurrency in Ruby and Matz's opinions in a Q+A session at RubyConf. Reinforcing the status quo, Matz said: 'Using multiple processes is the best way to do concurrency in MRI for the near future.'
rspec-rails and Capybara 2.0: What You Need to Know
Andy Lindeman of the RSpec core team talks about the new Capybara 2.0 release and what you need to be aware of when using it with RSpec and Rails.
Why Ruby Class Methods Resist Refactoring
Bryan Helmkamp demonstrates why he thinks class methods are much trickier to refactor than instance methods.
Reference Graphs as Tools for Refactoring
A quick look at using graphs of references in order to refactor Ruby code.
Trick for Tolerance-based Test Assertions Using #ish
Recurrent Neural Networks in Ruby
Watching and Listening
How I Set out to Benchmark an Algorithm and Ended Up Fixing Ruby
Joshua Ballanco wanted to build a delegation library but got lured into the worlds of benchmarks and garbage collectors.
Ten Things You Didn't Know You Could Do in Ruby
A month ago, we linked to the slidedeck of James Edward Gray II's Aloha on Rails talk with 101 various Ruby tricks and code snippets. Now the video is available too! Enjoy.
The Ruby Rogues on Documenting Code
The Ruby Rogues tackle a sore subject: documentation.
Libraries and Code
ruby-lint: Static Code Analysis and Linter for Ruby
Currently a prototype and work in progress so your mileage may vary. It makes it possible for developers to detect errors such as undefined or unused variables and the use of non existing methods.
Spinel: A New, 'Ruby-Infused' Open Source Game Engine
Spinel is a new open source game engine still under development that uses 'mruby' (the embeddable Ruby interpreter Matz is currently working on) as its scripting layer while leaning on speedy C/C++ under the hood.
Version Cake: An Unobtrusive Way to Version APIs in Your Rails App
Easily version views with their API version in the filename (e.g. index.v3.xml.builder). The cool part is if a request comes in for a different version, the closest version will be used.
enumerate_it: Enumerations for Ruby (and ActiveRecord) Classes
rmagick-metadata: Parses An Image Using RMagick and Return The Metadata
lazy_mail: A Lazy and Quick Way to Use The Function 'mail'
has-many-with-set: A Smarter Way to Have Many-to-Many Relationships in Rails
Test Driven JavaScript and Ruby Developer [San Francisco and Santa Monica, CA]
Carbon Five builds web and mobile products for startups, institutional companies and non-profit organizations using a finely tuned agile process with cutting edge tools and technology. Join a team of seasoned pros in a highly-collaborative environment and work on a new project every couple of months.
Backend Web Developer (Ruby) for NY Times featured Startup at [New York, New York]
Ruby engineer at profitable established company at Concierge Live [New York, New York]
Last but not least..
Write Faster Rails Tests: Insights via E-mail
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