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Ruby Weekly Issue 122
December 6, 2012
Status of 'Refinements' in Forthcoming Ruby 2.0 Uncertain
Straight from Matz: "Since there still remain undefined corner case behavior in refinements, and the time is running out, I decided not to introduce full refinement for Ruby 2.0." More generally, there's a lot of debate going on around the role of refinements in Ruby 2.0 and whether they should even be included at all. Matz says a final decision is expected 'within a few weeks.'
A Simple Tour of the Ruby MRI Source Code with Pat Shaughnessy [video]
Pat Shaughnessy (author of Ruby Under a Microscope) and I recently sat down and took a tour of the MRI Ruby codebase. It's specifically for people who've not looked much under the hood and it'll help you'll pick up a few things about how classes and methods are defined and what goes where in MRI.
#inspect 2013: The RubyMotion Conference
RubyMotion, the Ruby implementation and toolkit for Apple's iOS devices, was only launched back in May but it already has its first conference and set of public workshops planned for March 2013 in Brussels, Belgium.
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The 12 Gems of Christmas
It's still some time till the true 12 days of Christmas are but nonetheless Mike Perham has kicked off a fine series of 12 posts each looking at an interesting gem that might have passed under your radar. He starts with awesome_nested_set.
A Rails 4 Countdown to 2013
The Remarkable Labs Blog has kicked off a 31 post series 'going over everything you will need to know about Rails 4' by the time it comes out. There are already 5 posts to enjoy.
SystemTap and Ruby 2.0
A look at using Ruby 2.0's dtrace support in Linux with SystemTap. Advanced stuff.
Processing Paypal Recurring Payments with Ruby
HTTP Caching in Ruby with Rails
Vincent Spehner has updated the Heroku Dev Center's comprehensive guide to HTTP caching functionality for Rails 3.
Exploit Information Leaks in Random Numbers from Python, Ruby and PHP
Watching and Listening
Ruby HTTP Clients Comparison
At RubyConf 2012, Hiroshi Nakamura compared several of the many Ruby HTTP client libraries.
Dissecting a Ruby Block
Explore Ruby's internal implementation of blocks, lambdas, procs and bindings. Learn how closures and metaprogramming are related in Ruby internals. Discover what metaclasses and singleton classes are and how Ruby uses them.
krypt: The Next Level of Ruby Cryptography
Martin Boßlet talks about krypt which aims to become 'the successor of the OpenSSL extension.' Learn about why we need a successor at all, about the evils of OpenSSL certificate validation and how krypt will improve all this, running without restrictions on any Ruby platform.
An Introduction to Cloud 66: An Intriguing Deployment Service
Cloud 66 is an intriguing new deployment service that can deploy apps to cloud services or do all the setup and deployment to your own servers.
Getting Started with Rack (in 5 Minutes)
In just 5 minutes, Mark Bates explores the Rack framework, which backs Rails, Sinatra, and other Ruby webapp systems, shows off a one line Rack application and moves on to write an ultra simple web 'framework'.
Inside RubyMotion
Rich Kilmer covered the RubyMotion iOS development toolchain in a 50 minute talk at RubyConf 2012 and explained how it works and what you can do with it.
It's Not Cucumber, It's You
From Pivotal Labs' Tuesday Tech Talks comes Matthew Parker with a talk for Cucumber users that digs into Cucumber's history, quirks, pitfalls, and some tips and tricks.
The Ruby Rogues Discuss Vagrant with Michael Ries
The updated, more diverse Rogues chat about Vagrant, a tool that makes it super easy to set up virtualized development environments you can deploy your code to for local testing.
Libraries and Code
Gitnesse: Wiki-Powered Acceptance Testing
A tool that stores the Cucumber feature stories for your project in a git-based wiki, tests them against your code, and can then update that wiki with the latest results.
Huey: Discovery and Control of Philips Hue Lightbulbs from Ruby
Incredibly niche but I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of Philips' full-color network-controllable lights here in the UK and this library might let me do some fun things ;-)
HipsterStruct: A New Way for Creating Objects in Rails
Chordy: A Ruby DSL for Printing Guitar Chord Diagrams
Principal Ruby Consultant at IMPRTL Inc [Telecommute or Chicago, IL]
Senior Web Developer (incl. Rails) at Church Initiative [Wake Forest, NC]
Rails Developer at CSD [Austin, TX]
Gifted Rails Engineer and Technologist at Chelsmore Apartments [New York City]
Last but not least..
Last Week's Ruby Weekly: Issue 121
For as-yet unknown reasons, last week's issue failed to make it to many Gmail-using readers, so if you missed it, check it out. There was some cool stuff :-)
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