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Ruby Weekly Issue 123
December 13, 2012
RubyMotion by Clay Allsopp from The Pragmatic Bookshelf
A new release from the Pragmatic Programmers and Clay Allsopp; a book that digs into the RubyMotion 'Ruby on iOS' compiler and toolkit and shows you how to build iOS apps in Ruby. The first release came out just yesterday.
TorqueBox 2.2.0 Released: The JRuby + JBoss Ruby App Server
Built on JBoss AS7 and JRuby, Torquebox is a super fast Ruby app server providing simple Ruby interfaces to services like scheduled jobs, caching, and messaging. 2.2.0 ships with JRuby 1.7.1, a new 'Torquebox console' and extra control for scheduled jobs and services.
Ruby on Ales 2013 is Just 84 Days Away
And you have 23 days left to propose a talk. It takes place in Bend, Oregon over March 7 & 8, 2013.
Twitter Gem User? Big Changes are Afoot You Need To Know About
From Our Sponsor
Custom instrumentation for all your Ruby needs
How fast is that operation really? Librato makes custom benchmarking dead simple so you get hard data on every aspect of your production application. Track down pain points with ease, use custom alerting to stay in the know, and share beautiful graphs with your coworkers. Try it free.
A Ruby Design Process
Rubinius contributor and RubySpecs maintainer Brian Ford explains why Ruby requires a formal design process, including a 'Ruby Design Council.' Relates to the implementers' discussion linked below.
Notes from the Ruby Implementers' Meeting of December 10th
Key figures in the world of Ruby implementation and design came together on Monday for an online discussion. The full log is here with the core topic being the development of a 'Ruby Language Team' to discuss and define what Ruby is, now and in the future.
6 Ways to Get More Bang for Your Heroku Buck While Making Your Rails Site Super Snappy
Wow, there's a headline and a half :-)
Bootstrap Your Next Project With The HolyGrailHarness
An opinionated 'Rails application prototype' for bootstrapping your own new Rails app. Leans on MiniTest::Spec, Capybara integration tests, Konacha, Guard, Sass, and Twitter Bootstrap. Opinionated but also well thought out and explained.
Testing Rails Engines with RSpec, Capybara, and FactoryGirl
Rails 'Engines' are a handy way to organize and share reusable code amongst Rails apps. Brian Landau shares some tips on testing them.
Rails to Now Render Default Index Page
Up until now, a new Rails app had an 'index.html' file in the public folder, but this is now being changed into a dynamic page that will be served by the Rails app itself.
Fun With to_proc and Compositions
Ruby on Rails 3.2: Step by Step (Online Book)
Faster Rails Partial Rendering and Caching: 78% Improvement on Test Application
Watching and Listening
Importing CSV and Excel - RailsCasts
Ryan Bates demonstrates how to allow your users to import records into a database by uploading a CSV or Excel document. He uses the Roo library to parse these files and also shows off a solution for validations.
Ruby's Symbols Explained
A 24 minute slice of my Ruby Reloaded course, digging into what symbols are, why they're useful, and how they work. An often misunderstood concept amongst beginner and some intermediate Rubyists.
A Simple Tour of the Ruby MRI Source Code with Pat Shaughnessy
Libraries and Code
RubyJS: A JavaScript Standard Library Based on the Core Ruby Classes
A JavaScript implementation of some of Ruby's core classes, such as Array, String, and Time, and their methods. Now MIT licensed.
Better Errors: A Better Error Page for Rails and Other Rack Apps
Replaces the standard Rails error page with something more useful. Also usable outside of Rails in any Rack app as Rack middleware. My favorite feature is it includes a live REPL.
Mustard: Simple 'must' Expectations for Tests and Specs in Ruby
Ryan Bates is working on a new expectations library for RSpec, MiniTest and Test::Unit that implements must and must_not methods that can have extra matchers called upon them.
JRuby Mahout: Apache Mahout (Machine Learning Library) in Ruby with JRuby
Senior Rails Developer at Lightspeed Systems [Austin, Texas]
Software Engineer at Conde Nast [New York City]
Ruby Developer at HouseTrip [London, UK]
Post a full job listing here in Ruby Weekly
Last but not least..
Rollback of '' and 'where.not_like' in Edge Rails
Recently, Akira Matsuda added handy #like and #not_like chainable methods to ActiveRecord's #where (e.g. 'ruby on%'")). Sadly, this has now been rolled back with a rather lacking rationale.
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