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Ruby Weekly Issue 124
December 20, 2012
From the Editor's Desk..
Welcome to issue 124 of Ruby Weekly. While the rest of the *Weekly empire will be taking a break next week, there'll be a special post-Christmas edition of Ruby Weekly because of Ruby's tradition for Christmas releases, so keep a look out for that next Thursday :-)
Also be sure to enjoy our special spotlight on a series of articles about DCI if object oriented design articles interest you. Plenty of reading for the holidays!
Heroku Adds Official Support for JRuby
The Heroku cloud app platform has pushed JRuby support into general availability. Want JRuby's threading support or access to the power of the JVM on Heroku? Now you can (and it could be as simple as tweaking your Gemfile).
La Conf in Paris, France - An Unusual Conference for Rubyists in 2013
A two-day single-track conference for Ruby & Rails developers coming up in May 2013. Food and wine get a top billing and speakers announced so far include Amy Hoy, Geoffrey Grosenbach, Avdi Grimm, and Jeremy McAnally.
A Potential 'Science Ruby' Conference
It looks a little hesitant for now but it seems there are moves afoot to kick off a science, math and engineering oriented Ruby conference in Austin, Texas next year.
From our Sponsor
3 Ways to Handle API Versioning
Questions about version identification, hypermedia APIs, or handling versioned requests? Read this walkthrough from SmartLogic’s Eric Oestrich and Sam Goldman. They cover general best practices, plus tactical pros and cons of 3 different types of API architecture, with code to demonstrate.
2012: The Year Rubyists Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Threads
Or, as the subtitle says, 'What Multithreaded Ruby Needs to Be Successful'. A detailed post from Tony Arcieri, the creator of Celluloid.
Ruby, Smalltalk and Class Variables
Pat Shaughnessy digs into the often confusing world of class variables and heads back to the source of how they're implemented in Ruby: the Smalltalk language. Yet another detailed and enjoyable walkthrough from Pat.
Changing The Superclass of A Class in Ruby
Sneaky stuff from Charlie Somerville. He digs into MRI and Class#initialize_copy to come up with a way to change the superclass of a class in pure Ruby. Don't do this in production code, of course; it's just an interesting trick.
Code With Clarity
A look at code that clearly communicates its intent (or not) and some techniques to make it do so.
Thunderbolt Labs Releases 'RubyMotion in the Cloud' PDF
If you want to connect a RubyMotion app to a server API using AFNetworking and RestKit, this (paid) 40 page book should be right up your street.
Rails Turbolinks Currently Incompatible with Chrome for iOS
There are some pushState-related differences from Mobile Safari in Chrome for iOS that cause Turbolinks not to work. With Turbolinks set to be a default in Rails 4 and a Rails 4 beta 1 around the corner, this could be a problem.
How to Fix 'Undefined method 'visit'' with Capybara 2.0
Rails 4 Requires At Least Ruby 1.9.3 [Rails 4 Countdown to 2013]
Configuring Environment Variables for Rails Apps
Spotlight on DCI
This week a community wide discussion about the role of DCI (a object oriented development paradigm invented by the same person as invented MVC) within Ruby and Rails.
Rails Developers Should Take DCI Seriously
Kicking off our set of posts all about the DCI (Data, Context and Interaction) architectural pattern, Giles Bowkett enlightens us on Twitter drama, what DCI is, and why DCI is relevant to Rails developers in his typically flamboyant style.
Put Chubby Models On A Diet With Concerns
David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH) demonstrates how 'concerns' can be used to encapsulate data access and domain logic surrounding a certain slice of functionality in a Rails app. He notes that this has similarities to DCI but without the 'run-time mixin acrobatics'.
DCI: The King of the Open/Closed Principle
Mike Pack covers how DCI can lead developers down a fruitful path towards good object oriented design. In this article, he focuses on the open/closed principle.
Chubby Models Are Still Fat With Concerns; DCI Focuses On How Things Work Together
"Clean Ruby" author Jim Gay reflects on DHH's post.
DCI, Concerns and Readable Code
Giles Bowkett returns on the Code Climate blog with a post that ties together some of the various lines of thinking.
Libraries and Code
Badger Rails: Open Source Rails 3 Deployment to Linux Servers
A tool for deploying a Rails app to a CentOS 6+, Red Hat 6+, or Ubuntu server along with MySQL and nginx. A 4 minute screencast shows off the idea, if you're hesitant.
chruby: Changes The Current Ruby
Many Rubyists don't seem to be settled with RVM or rbenv for switching around their Ruby environments and chruby is picking up in popularity.
Use 'Service' to Simplify Run Loops
Service encapsulates an object which executes a bit of code in a loop that can be started or stopped (optionally in a new Thread) and query whether it is running or not.
Arxiv: Ruby Wrapper for The ArXiv API
ArXiv is an open access archive for electronic preprints of academic papers in the fields of physics, mathematics, computer science, quantitative biology, quantitative finance and statistics. This library from Scholastica makes it easily accessible from Ruby.
Algorithms: A Collection of Algorithms and Containers for Ruby
A variety of data structures and algorithms bundled into a single library. Includes heaps, a priority queue, double ended queues, a stack, red-black trees, tries, and more.
Sidekiq 2.6.0 Released
Applications Developer at the Central Intelligence Agency [District of Columbia]
Lead Software Developer at Bedrocket Media Ventures [New York, New York]
Front-End Engineer at New Relic [San Francisco, California]
Last but not least..
mruby Now On the Web using Emscripten and JavaScript
Enjoy Matz's embeddable Ruby compiled to JavaScript using the Emscripten LLVM-to-JavaScript compiler.. meaning you can type and run Ruby right on a Web page.
Ideone: Online Ruby Interpreter & Debugging Tool
An online 'compiler' and debugging tool which supports Ruby (along with many other languages). The linked example uses ChunkyPNG to render a Mandelbrot set fractal which Ideone then shows directly in the browser. Unlike the mruby example, Ideone compiles the code server-side.
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