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Ruby Weekly Issue 125
December 27, 2012
From the Editor's Desk..
Just a short issue this week. All the rest of my newsletters are taking a little Christmas break but Rubyists in particular seem to like coding and releasing over the holidays.. so why not :-) See you for the next full issue in 2013.
Ruby 1.9.3-p362 Released on Christmas Day
Following in the long tradition of Christmas Day MRI releases, this year we get Ruby 1.9.3-p362. It's focused on bug fixes but also promises "Windows 8 support (hopefully)."
Revert 'Ignore /bin on new apps' given the move to default binstubs
A seemingly minor commit to edge Rails by DHH which turned into an interesting discussion about the role of binstubs and how portable they should be within a development team.
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Building Android Apps with Ruby
A simple introduction to the Ruboto gem and the Android toolchain for building Android apps with Ruby, by Paul Estrada.
Installing Prebuilt Binaries with RVM
Since RVM began to support binary installations, have you frequently been seeing 'No binary rubies available'? I have and Mark Olson has, and Mark explains how you can build and install your own prebuilt Ruby installs for use by RVM's binary install mechanism.
Getting Hyper About Hypermedia APIs
"The recurrent hoopla over hypermedia APIs is completely overblown," says creator of Rails, David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH). He explains his thinking here.
What's New in Active Record in Rails 4
A straightforward run-through of some points by Kevin Faustino.
Using Zeus to Preload Ruby on Rails Environments
DHH's Parley Letter
DHH shares his thoughts on various Web development and Rails topics following the discussion on his appearance on the Ruby Rogues podcast. (Previously misspelled 'parsley letter' which I think is a much cooler name.)
Machine Learning with Ruby, Part One: Problems and Solutions
Vasily Vasinov shows us how to use the Apache Mahout machine learning platform in conjunction with Ruby (via JRuby).
Watching and Listening
Thinking in Objects
At RubyConf 2012, Josh Susser (Ruby Rogues) examined the fundamental concepts of object orientation and how they relate to Ruby's object model. What makes object-oriented programs easy to write and maintain? What are the pitfalls of not keeping to the OOP model? Josh explains.
Libraries and Code
Rails Subscription / Membership Site with Recurly
A Ruby on Rails 3.2 application with recurring billing based upon the Recurly service. There's also an alternative that uses Stripe, if you prefer.
xxhash: Ruby Wrapper for xxHash
xxHash is an 'extremely fast hash algorithm' that claims to work at speeds close to RAM limits. This Ruby library allows you to use it from both MRI 1.9.3 and Rubinius.
rails_panel: A Chrome Extension for Rails Development
A Chrome extension that hopes to end your 'tailing' of development.log. Get all of the info about your Rails app requests in the Chrome Developer Tools panel. Provides insight to db/rendering/total times, parameter list, rendered views and more.
Front-End Developer at Bedrocket Media Ventures [New York, New York]
Front-End Engineer at New Relic [San Francisco, California]
Post a full job listing here in Ruby Weekly
Last but not least..
Rails As She Is Spoke: Giles' Rails OOP Book
Go enjoy the reviews and sample from Giles Bowkett's new Rails book. It costs money and I have been too busy to read the review copy he sent me yet - oops. When I do, I promise a post, unless your review comes out first and nails it ;-)
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