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Ruby Weekly Issue 126
January 3, 2013
RailsConf 2013: April 29 - May 2 in Portland, Oregon
The Call for Proposals for RailsConf 2013 is now open until 'early March.' Usually one of the biggest Ruby events on the calendar so get brainstorming now.
New SQL Injection Vulnerability in Rails 3: New Versions Released
Rails 3.2.10, 3.1.9 and 3.0.18 have all been released to address an SQL injection vulnerability in ActiveRecord. On the plus side, it's non-trivial to exploit in most cases with Aaron Patterson saying "it's not easy to reproduce" but it's better to be safe than sorry if at all possible.
Ruby 1.9.3-p362 More Prone to Segmentation Faults?
I've been seeing quite a few reports of the recently released Ruby 1.9.3-p362 being more segfault prone than earlier builds.
Integrated Background Job / Queues Support Removed from Rails 4 (for now)
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Rails is 'Omakase'
DHH compares Rails to the Japanese culinary concept of 'omakase' (meaning 'I'll leave it to you.') He argues that Rails is a carefully curated collection of components that you can customize, within reason.
Benchmarking with Ruby
First a look at the standard, simple approach of using the standard library's 'benchmark' module, and then leaning on Evan Phoenix's benchmark_suite gem for more power.
A Ruby Design Process - Talking Points
Brian Ford presents an update on the discussion around his suggested Ruby 'design process' to unify Ruby implementation and language design efforts.
'DCI' in Ruby is Completely Broken
A Love Affair With PostgreSQL
As part of his 'Rails 4 Countdown to 2013' series, Kevin Faustino looks at the various additions made to the PostgreSQL database adapter and how they allow us to use some of the awesome new Postgres features.
Easier Debugging with capybara-screenshot
"As the name suggests, when a capybara test fails, this gem will automatically take a screenshot of what the browser rendered."
Basics of Fog and AWS for Rails Apps
Fog is a powerful Ruby-based 'cloud services' management and control library and this post by Artur Roszczyk demonstrates how to use Fog to manage Amazon EC2 instances.
Why I (Corey Haines) Don't Use ActiveSupport::Concern
Get Your App Ready for Rails 4
ZeroMQ and Ruby a Practical Example
Watching and Listening
58 Videos from PuppetConf 2012
Puppet is a Ruby-based open source configuration management tool. The always excellent Confreaks were in attendance at PuppetConf 2012 and recorded all the talks - they're now available to watch.
PeepCode Releases Part 2 of RSpec 2 Screencast Series
Geoffrey Grosenbach has released part 2 of his 'RSpec: The Right Way' series, this time focusing on solving real world problems with the popular testing system.
Libraries and Code
Obvious: An Agile Architecture Framework for Ruby Apps
An Uncle Bob Martin-inspired 'architecture framework' that allows Rubyists to write applications that aren't tied to a particular webapp framework or persistence mechanism. It's an interesting approach that deserves investigation. There's a complete Twitter-style status update app you can investigate to see how it looks in practice.
ShenRuby 0.1.0: A Ruby Port of Shen, a Functional Language
Shen is an interesting portable functional programming language that supports pattern matching, an integrated Prolog system, macros and static type checking. ShenRuby is a port of Shen to Ruby.
browser_details: Rack Middleware to Collect User Agent Info
A Rack middleware that logs information about the browser used in making requests to your Ruby webapp.
RubyFlux: A Ruby to Java Static Compiler
Active Model Pusher: An Easy Way to Push Your Models to Pusher
ActiveModel::Pusher makes using the Pusher real-time Web functionality service in your Rails app easier.
lua-mruby: Extending Lua with (m)Ruby
Provides a mechanism to embed Ruby (using Matz's new embeddable 'mruby' interpreter) within Lua. Welcome to Scriptception.
JrSerialPort: Connect to a Serial Port in JRuby via RXTX
If you want to talk to a serial port from JRuby, make this your first stop.
Rails Developer at WeedMaps [Denver, Colorado]
WeedMaps is an established and profitable technology company, creating software in the fast-growing (medical) marijuana industry. They're looking for a couple of Rails developers to join their development team in a full-time, salaried position. Great pay, benefits and a relaxed work environment.
Front-End Engineer at New Relic [San Francisco, California]
Post a full job listing here in Ruby Weekly
Last but not least..
Rust for Rubyists
Steve Klabnik has been learning Mozilla's Rust language and has put together an e-book outlining everything he's picked up.
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