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Ruby Weekly Issue 128
January 17, 2013
Ruby 1.9.3-p374 is Released
The last production patchlevel (p362) was released less than a month ago but many users encountered frequent segmentation faults with it. This release fixes that significant issue and includes some other minor fixes too.
Use Metasploit to Verify Rails is Secured from CVE-2013-0156
Metasploit is a popular security testing system (written in Ruby, no less) and it already has an exploit module for last week's Rails XML and YAML parameter parsing vulnerability. Brian Buchalter shows how to use it to test if your own Rails apps are safe.
Ruby Manor 4 will be on 6th April, 2013 (London, UK)
The popular, quirky London-based Ruby conference is back for a fourth outing - save the date. Ticket info and CFP coming soon. You can also follow them on Twitter @rubymanor.
Big Ruby Conf: February 28-March 1 (Dallas, TX)
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Developing iOS applications with Ruby and RubyMotion
Mario Chavez presents an extensive tutorial walking through building a simple iPhone app with RubyMotion.
Playing with OpenGL using JRuby and LWJGL: A Blog Series
Mark Mandel is working on a series of blog posts about using JRuby and the popular LWJGL graphics library to concoct OpenGL-powered graphics with Ruby. He's also done a tutorial about getting started with shaders.
Building Sequences with the Enumerator Class
Other Libraries Vulnerable to the Parameter Parsing Vulnerability Found in Rails
Researchers investigating the Rails parameter parsing vulnerability discovered that the same or similar vulnerable code had made its way into multiple other libraries. If your application uses these libraries to process untrusted data, it may still be vulnerable even if you have upgraded Rails.
A Look at Ruby 2.0
Over at RubySource, Thiago Jackiw looks at basic examples of some of the most talked about new features in Ruby 2.0.
Building an Ember App with Rails::API as the Backend
Some Small Refactorings in Ruby
Not content just with showing us how DATA worked last week, Caius Durling is back with a summary of several situations in Ruby where simple refactorings make sense.
Making Vim, Unix and Ruby Sing Harmony
Rails has Two Default Stacks
Steve Klabnik looks at the distinction between the default Rails stack and the popular Haml, Postgres, RSpec alternative (which he calls the "Prime" stack).
Updating Rails
Detailed, up-to-date instructions on how to install the latest release of Rails 3.2 with advice and tips.
Watching and Listening
Ruby Rogues 88: Concurrency and Celluloid with Tony Arcieri
Just three of the Rogues sit down with Tony Arcieri (famous as the creator of Celluloid) to discuss concurrency, the global interpreter lock, actor-based concurrency, and inter-thread communication. A New Screencast Subscription Service from Mark Bates
Joining the ranks of Ryan Bates (keeping it in the family? ;-)) and Avdi Grimm, Mark Bates has launched a monthly subscription based Ruby and JavaScript screencast site.
Libraries and Code
Sublime Text 2 Rails Snippets
A suite of Sublime Text 2 snippets for Rails 3 and Ruby 1.9 by Tadas Tamosauskas. Recent updates include using the Ruby 1.9 style hash syntax, autocompletion for Rails 3 style routes, validations, and migrations.
Test Driven JavaScript and Ruby Developer [San Francisco and Santa Monica, CA]
Expert in bronze age combat, time-travel, and/or elephant husbandry? Carbon Five has immediate openings. Developers also accepted. Return unlikely, glory guaranteed!
Full Stack Web Application Developer
If you're passionate about making education better for kids all over the world, you've got solid object-oriented design skills and experience developing web applications, then Zoodles would like to talk with you. Expertise in Ruby/Rails is not a prerequisite.
Senior Software Developer at Redwood
Help communities get sponsorship while running record-breaking marketing programs. We’re seeking exceptional engineers who love making beautiful software products, thrive on solving tough problems and yearn to be part of a small and nimble downtown T.O startup
Last but not least..
Version Badge for your RubyGems
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