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Ruby Weekly Issue 131
February 7, 2013
Topaz: A New Ruby Implementation Built on RPython
A brand new Ruby implementation built upon RPython, a 'restricted' variant of Python ideally suited to implementing dynamic languages (it's also behind the super speedy PyPy implementation of Python). Don't expect to use this in production any time soon but it's an impressive start.
Ruby 1.9.3-p385 Released: Fixes an RDoc Security Issue
p374 only came out 3 weeks ago but p385 resolves a cross-site scripting exploit opportunity in RDoc, Ruby's bundled documentation tool. If you never use RDoc or deploy RDoc HTML documentation, don't panic to upgrade.
Scottish Ruby Conference 2013 Tickets Now on Sale
SRC always punches above its weight attracting excellent speakers and rabid hordes of Ruby fans to Scotland. Ticket sales opened a few days ago and are already going fast. It's on May 12 and 13.
Ruby Power: The Latest Ruby T-Shirt from Ruby Threads
We don't get paid to promote these but they just look so good. The latest t-shirt from RubyThreads, the Ruby-oriented t-shirt designers. Power to all Rubyists. In men and women's cuts.
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Where is your code heading?
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Anatomy of an Exploit: An In-depth Look at the Rails YAML Vulnerability
A rather detailed walkthrough of the recent YAML vulnerability in Rails by Richard Schneeman over at RubySource.
Let’s Figure Out A Way to Start Signing RubyGems
After last week's RubyGems drama, Tony Arcieri suggests we look at ways to improve the verification of gems' sources with digital signatures.
How A Pull Request Rocked My World
In which Clay Allsopp picks up and shares a nice bit of refactoring made on his code.
A Gentle Introduction to Actor-based Concurrency
Another superb article from Practicing Ruby.
How to Not Rely on for Deployment
Lessons Learned in Concurrency with Ruby: Part I
Watching and Listening
Ruby Rogues Discuss the Ruby Design Process with Brian Shirai
Brian Shirai (a.k.a. brixen, formerly Brian Ford) and the Ruby Rogues discuss their views on the issues behind Ruby's long term design process.
RailsCasts covers AngularJS
This is one of the paid-for 'pro' episodes of RailsCasts but with Google's AngularJS framework becoming a big deal recently, this sixteen minute introduction might be enough to convince you to give Ryan some money(!)
Libraries and Code
Discourse: A New Rails-based Platform for Community Discussion
Fresh from his success with Stack Overflow, Jeff Atwood has pulled together a team to build a modern, open source discussion system called Discourse. It's based around Rails and Ember and is ready to play with now.
RubyMine 5 Released: Supports Ruby 2.0 and CoffeeScript Debugging
JetBrains has unveiled RubyMine 5, its Ruby and Rails IDE, which now includes smart code assistance, testing and debugging features for RubyMotion, cutting-edge Ruby 2.0 support, and more.
RMagick 2.13.2 Released: Three Years In The Making
Don't get too excited as it's only a point release, but it now allows installation with Ruby 1.9.3 and ImageMagick 6.8+.
Linotype: The Letterpress Game Engine Built in Ruby
If you've been addicted to the popular word search game 'Letterpress', you might appreciate having its engine recreated in Ruby so you can.. 'research' techniques and, perhaps, create an AI of your own.
Skeptick: Better ImageMagick for Ruby
A new all-purpose DSL for building and running ImageMagick commands to perform various graphical operations.
PartyFoul: Use Github to Track Your Application Errors
PartyFoul captures exceptions in your Rails app and automatically opens them as issues on GitHub.
GitGutter: Git Diff Annotations for Sublime Text 2
See added, removed, and modified lines since the latest git commit more easily in Sublime Text 2. Not really a Ruby thing but as many Rubyists are using Sublime I thought this was cool.
Inkwell: Social Networking Features for your Rails App
Provides social networking features like comments, reblogs, favorites, following/followers, and timelines to use in your Rails apps.
capistrano-resque: Capistrano Integration for Resque
Ruby Infrastructure Engineer at Zendesk (San Francisco)
Rails Developer at Funny or Die [San Mateo, California]
Software Developer (Amsterdam) - Good in Perl or willing to Learn?
Last but not least..
Waza 2013: Heroku's Developer Event - February 28, San Francisco
Heroku are hosting an event that 'celebrates craft and the creative process of software development with technical sessions and interactive artistic happenings.' Some excellent Rubyists in the line up including Matz(!), Steve Klabnik and Aaron 'tenderlove' Patterson.
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