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Ruby Weekly Issue 133
February 21, 2013
From the Editor's Desk..
Just a few days until the final release of Ruby 2.0.0 folks, so if you're online on Sunday, keep your eyes peeled for that. I'll be back to present a roundup of all the best release related items next Thursday :-)
Ruby MRI Source Code Idioms #3: Embedded Objects
Pat Shaughnessy is back with yet another wonderfully detailed look at how MRI does its stuff on the inside. This time he looks at optimizations involved in representing small objects and why arrays with 3 elements are created in under half the time of those with 4.
Tuning Rails 3 Day Workshop
A 3 day live workshop in Chicago with Joshua Sierles that focuses on how to tune and scale a Rails app (It's possible! Take that, Jason Seifer..)
Handling 1 Million Concurrent Connections with Ruby?
From our Sponsor
Get your yaml files professionally translated
Stop worrying about finding translators and sorting out mangled variables or messed-up syntax. Use Locale to completely automate the translation process using professional translators - for just €0.10 a word. Translate your app with Locale today.
Add Regex#to_proc to Ruby
An interesting suggestion on the MRI feature tracker that would enable things like this: %w{foo bar baz}.reject &/\Ab/ The added suggestion by Magnus Holm further down for an Object#to_proc presents even more opportunities.
Building a Minecraft Mod with RubyBukkit
Looks like a fun way to get involved with the world of Minecraft scripting and could potentially encourage younger and more visual thinkers to program.
What Happens When RSpec Runs
A little exploration into how RSpec does its thing by James Adam.
Rails 4's Routing Concerns
When and How to Use an FFI (Foreign Function Interface)
Want to use a library written in a lower level language like C? There are a few ways to do it, but a convenient one is to wrap the library using Ruby's FFI tools. Here, John Croisant explains what FFI is and some basics of its usage.
XNI: An Alternative Native Interface for Accessing C/C++ Code From JRuby
Wayne Meissner talks about his attempt at building a solid Ruby to C/C++ interop API for JRuby, avoiding the issues of the legacy MRI interface and the use of JNI.
What You Did Not Know About Capistrano, Yet
Why We Don't Use A Rails Template
Watching and Listening Learn to Build Web Apps Using Backbone and Rails
A series of screencasts about using Backbone and Rails to build webapps with powerful JavaScript-based front-ends. The first few episodes are free.
The Ruby Rogues Discuss 'Security Exploits' with Patrick McKenzie (patio11)
Libraries and Code
CohortMe: Cohort Analysis for User Retention In a Rails App
Nathan Kontny wants to use the data he has to analyze how people use his app. He's built a library called CohortMe to help him do this and he shows it off here.
Handle Inbound Email in any Rack Application
The 'Incoming!' gem talks to all the APIs so you don't have to. Takes a Rack::Request and gives you a Mail::Message back.
Spring: A Rails Application Preloader
A Rails app preloader along similar lines to Zeus and Spork but implemented in pure Ruby and more tightly integrated with Rails itself. Works with Ruby 1.9.3 and 2.0.0 and Rails 3.2.
HolePicker: Pick Holes in Your Gemfiles
Jakub Suder has built a tool that checks your Gemfile.lock files for versions of gems with known vulnerabilities.
Attribution: Add Attributes to Ruby Objects
Define type-oriented attributes on a Ruby object so that getters and setters will handle typecasting. You can also define associations between objects in an ActiveRecord-style way.
rack-robustness: Rack Middleware to Ensure Robustness of Your Web Stack
Full-stack Web App Engineer for fast-growing SaaS company
FreeAgent are looking for a talented full-stack web app engineer to come and join their amazing team on their mission to democratize small business accounting.
Web Application Developer for Big Nerd Ranch
Seeking smart, kind folks who want to make the world a little better through development, training and writing about cutting-edge code.
Senior Engineer at State (London) - new global platform for opinions
Join our core engineering team to help us build smart algorithms, great interactions, high performance infrastructure and scaleable APIs. We're based in London, still early stage but moving fast, with incredible advisors from Tim Berners-Lee to Troy Carter.
Last but not least..
BundleScout: E-mail Notifications of Library Updates
A service that sends daily e-mails letting you know about updates to your favorite libraries. Now supports Ruby and gems. Gemnasium is another service in this market and they do it right from your Gemfiles. Both offer a free and paid tier.
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