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Ruby Weekly Issue 135
March 7, 2013
Matz on Ruby 2.0
Matz spoke about Ruby 2.0 ('the happiest release ever') for 30 minutes at the Heroku Waza event a week ago and the video is already available to watch. He stresses that "Ruby 1.8 will die soon" and encourages everyone to upgrade.
Dynamic Method Definitions
Aaron 'tenderlove' Patterson says that "depending on your app, using define_method is faster on boot, consumes less memory, and probably doesn’t signigicantly impact performance" compared to eval-based techniques. (And he has the numbers to prove it.)
Steel City Ruby Conference 2013 CFP Now Open
Steel City Ruby takes places in Pittsburgh, PA on August 16-17 and the CFP is now open if you want to submit a talk. The Burlington Ruby Conference has a CFP open too, as does RubyConf India.
RubyGems 2.0.1 Released: A Bug-Fix Release
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How great teams deliver better apps with continuous integration
One moment to let Semaphore autoconfigure a project from GitHub. Another to invite your collaborators. Platform is based on dedicated hardware and works with all major dependencies out of the box. Sign up for a free trial and see how fast your tests will pass.
Inspecting Rails 4 using Ruby 2.0 and TracePoint
Matt Aimonetti shows off a practical use for Ruby 2.0's TracePoint execution tracing functionality.
Visualizing Memory Leaks in Ruby 1.9
Conrad Irwin on some clever work to extend ObjectSpace with a new find_references method to perform better analysis on object and memory usage on Ruby 1.9.
Parsing TOML in Ruby with Parslet
Recently, GitHub founder Tom Preston-Werner created an interesting INI-influenced 'TOML' format. In this series of posts, Nathan Witmer looks at what's involved in building a parser for TOML using the Parslet PEG parser construction library.
Introducing Ress: A System for Building Mobile Optimized Rails Apps
Matthew Robertson introduces his new system for building mobile-optimized Rails applications using semantic, media query-based device detection and server side component optimization.
Ruby 2.0 Walkthrough: The Best Bits
Some slides from my yet-to-be-released 'Ruby 2.0 Walkthrough' that quickly skim through what I consider to be the 'best bits' (and not just the headline features).
A Practical Guide to Using Signed Ruby Gems - Part 1: Bundler
Rails + Ember.js
An introduction to the open source Ember.js JavaScript app framework for Rails developers.
Effective Rails, Part 2: Hiding ActiveRecord
Watching and Listening
Sinatra in SIX Lines: How to Do Crazy Stuff with Ruby
A talk by Konstantin Haase at Ruby Australia.
Libraries and Code
Phusion Passenger 4.0 Release Candidate 4
Leading Rack-based app deployment tool Passenger gets yet another step closer to the 4.0 release.
time-lord: A Human DSL for Time Expressions
A gem that gives you more human like expressions for time and space math. Get fun like 1.hour.ago.to_range and 200.minutes.ago.to_words
identity_cache: Opt-in Read-through ActiveRecord Caching, From Shopify
IdentityCache lets you specify how you want to cache your model objects, at the model level, and adds a number of convenience methods for accessing those objects through the cache. Uses Memcached as the backend cache store.
neg 1.1.0: A Small PEG Parser Library
"One could say it’s a small brother of Parslet."
Gridhook: A Rails Engine to Provide An Endpoint for SendGrid Webhooks
Gem Attack: Show Post-Initialization Notifications on Your Released Gems
Web Application Developer for Big Nerd Ranch
Seeking smart, kind folks who want to make the world a little better through developing, training and writing about cutting-edge code.
JS / Ruby Developer at ReplayPoker (Full-Time, Remote)
Looking for a challenge? Our company is looking for a top-notch junior to mid level developer to join our small team and make a big difference!
Senior Ruby/Rails Developer at HotelTonight [San Francisco, California]
Software Engineer at Goodreads [San Francisco, California]
Talented Foodie Rails Developer Wanted at America's Test Kitchen [Brookline, Massachusetts]
Applications Developer at Central Intelligence Agency [District of Columbia]
Senior Ruby on Rails Developer at SponsorPay [Berlin, Germany]
Software Engineering /Academic Applications Developer at Dartmouth College [Hanover, New Hampshire]
Software Engineer at Nextpoint [Madison, Wisconsin]
Senior Back End Software Engineer at The Washington Post - Service Alley [District of Columbia]
Ruby Developer at HouseTrip [London, United Kingdom]
Applications Developer at Merchants Bonding Company [Des Moines, Iowa]
Last but not least..
RTanque: A Robot Programming Game for Rubyists
Players program the 'brain' of a tank and then send their tank into battle with other bots. Based upon the Java project 'Robocode.'
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