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Ruby Weekly Issue 136
March 14, 2013
What's New in Sinatra 1.4?
It's not out quite yet (but could be any day now) but in this post Konstantin Haase explains what's new in the next key release of the popular webapp DSL.
dotRB: The Largest Ruby Conference in France (October 18, Paris)
Following on from a successful 'dotJS' JavaScript event comes dotRB. Announced speakers so far include Steve Klabnik, Konstantin Haase, and Brian Ford.
RubyGems 2.0.3 Released: More Bug Fixes
RubyGems 2.0.3 is out, hot off the heels of 2.0.2. Both bug fix releases only.
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Tracking Down A Memory Leak in Ruby’s EventMachine
Payment processor Stripe leans heavily on Ruby and EventMachine for some of its services and noticed an annoying memory leak. Stripe's Nelson Elhage explains how they found the source of the leak and provided a patch to the project.
WebSockets on Rails 4.0 and Ruby 2.0
Bringing together three modern technologies.
Using Regular Expressions in Ruby: A Three Part Series
Nell Shamrell kicks off a three part series on regular expressions in Ruby, aimed at people who've not yet dug into them much. Parts two and three are also available.
A clever use of Kernel#caller within another method to get the full backtrace info for the current location within a script.
Tuning Phusion Passenger’s Concurrency Settings
A comprehensive look at what's entailed in tweaking Passenger's pool size, concurrency model, and thread count settings.
Ruby Demystified: 'and' vs '&&'
Using chruby and ruby-build to Manage Ruby Installations
Watching and Listening
Using Ruby for iOS Development with RubyMotion
A 30 minute talk by Amit Kumar at RubyConf Australia. Well recorded and easy to follow.
Ruby Rogues Discuss 'Topaz' with Alex Gaynor
Topaz is a new Ruby implementation built on top of RPython. The rogues catch up with Alex Gaynor to discuss the project along with what things about Ruby make a fast implementation hard to code.
Active Model Serializers [RailsCasts]
The ActiveModel::Serializers gem can help you build JSON APIs through serializer objects. Ryan Bates takes a quick look in the latest public episode of RailsCasts.
Functional Programming and Ruby
A talk by Pat Shaughnessy at a recent Boston Ruby Group meeting.
Web Scale for The Rest of Us
Another talk from RubyConf Australia, this time by John Barton covering tips, stories, and insights on the topic of scaling and why it's worth remaining pragmatic about it.
Libraries, Code and Tools
Sublime Gem Browser: A Gem Browser for Sublime Text
Quickly access the code of a gem that you have installed via Bundler in the current project. When you select a gem, a new Sublime Text 2 window will open with the code ready for inspection.
CLI.K: A New Command Line Option Parsing Library
CLI.K stands for Command Line Interface in the Kernel. It provides a very simple cli method for parsing command line options.
Gemcanary: Automatically Discover Your App's Vulnerabilities
A new service that can monitor Ruby apps and then let you know about security updates to the dependencies.
role_playing: A Ruby Implementation of DCI Using SimpleDelegator
PostRank URI: URI Normalization, Canonicalization, Escaping, and Extraction
bloombroom: Ruby/JRuby Bloom Filters for Bounded and Unbounded (streaming) Data
Talented Foodie Rails Developer Wanted at America's Test Kitchen [Brookline, Massachusetts]
Applications Developer at Central Intelligence Agency [District of Columbia]
Senior Ruby on Rails Developer at SponsorPay [Berlin, Germany]
Last but not least..
Postgres Weekly Issue #1
First mentioned a couple of months ago, Postgres Weekly has finally launched as our latest newsletter covering, naturally, PostgreSQL and related tools and technologies. It has Heroku's Craig Kerstiens at the helm and goes out each Wednesday.
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