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Ruby Weekly Issue 138
March 28, 2013
MRI Ruby 1.8.7 to Receive No More Fixes From the End of June 2013
On the ruby-dev list, Urabe Shyouhei reminded everyone that 1.8.7 is entering its 'sunset' phase and while it's already not getting any bugfixes, it will also get no security fixes from the end of June onwards. The solution? Time to upgrade to 1.9 or 2.0.
Jeff Atwood on 'Why Ruby?'
Stack Overflow co-founder Jeff Atwood shares his thoughts on why he switched to Ruby and Rails for building his latest 'Discourse' forum software. One of the reasons is that 'Ruby isn't cool any more.'
JRuby 1.7.3 Released: Primarily to Address Two Security Issues
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Rails' Insecure Defaults: 13 Security Gotchas You Should Know About
A quick tour of some common Rails security issues you should be aware of.
A Closure Is Not Always A Closure In Ruby
Alan Skorkin takes an in-depth look at some interesting outcomes of using instance_eval and instance_exec versus regular blocks with a closure.
Brian Shirai On Rubinius 2.0, The GIL, and Thread-safe Ruby Code
Jesse Storimer interviewed Ruby implementation guru Brian Shirai (a.k.a. brixen) on numerous implementation issues such as the GIL, concurrency, and what's coming up in Rubinius 2.0. Available as audio or transcript.
The Repository Pattern
A look at a pattern that can help decouple the rest of your app from a key implementation detail: the database.
Using `git bisect` to Troubleshoot Ruby Gems
A look at the process of debugging a Ruby gem by slicing up the commits using git bisect.
How to Add Watermarks to Your Photos with the DragonFly Gem and ImageMagick
Autoupdating Full Text Search in Ruby
Postgres' Full Text Search is powerful and directly built-in. This simple migration for Ruby creates a trigger to automatically update your index, and the same principle could be applied in any language.
ruby -p -i -e
A look at using Ruby's one-liner skills to set and unset environment variables.
Pitfalls of Ruby Mixins
Profiling JIT-ted Ruby code with OProfile
Libraries, Code and Tools
Dashing: A Sinatra-based Dashboard Framework
A Sinatra based framework that lets you build beautiful dashboards. There's a demo here.
Padrino 0.11.0 Released
Padrino is a webapp framework built on top of Sinatra. This release includes a totally redesigned admin dashboard, upgrades to the latest Sinatra, CSRF and SafeBuffer support, Gemified and namespaced apps out of the box, and more.
Kickscraper: An API Library for
A library for interfacing with Kickstarter's undocumented/unannounced API.
Sinatra 1.4.2 Released: A Bug Fix Release
Primiarily fixes a route parsing bug and what happens when requests are received with no Accept header.
terminal-codelearn: A Multi-user 'bash' Terminal Web App
MiniGit: A Simple Ruby Interface to The Git Command
Ruby on Rails Engineer at The Beans Group (London, UK)
The Beans Group is looking for a passionate web developer, with a love for clean code. Ruby and Rails are essential, as are motivation and the right attitude, anything else is a bonus. For more and to apply, click our link.
Dev Ops / AWS Engineer at KnowledgeTree (Raleigh, NC)
Passionate about Dev Ops? KnowledgeTree is looking for creative, experienced engineers who live and breath AWS / Cloud Services. Be instrumental in delivering a rock-steady, scalable enterprise application to our sales and marketing customers.
Ruby Developer for Financial Tech Startup (SF Bay Area)
Software startup in stealth mode finds hidden treasures among asset management debris. Can you write Ruby code, create the algorithms, mine the data, and deliver tools to return the treasure to its owner? We explore, map, and match assets with owners.
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Last but not least..
BundleScout: E-mail Notifications of Library Updates
Once-daily email notifications letting you know about updates to the gems you use. You can import your Gemfiles and *.gemspecs to watch all of your requirements at once.
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