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Ruby Weekly Issue 139
April 4, 2013
Securing Your Rails Application: A Webinar (April 9)
On Tuesday, April 9th at 9AM Pacific Time, Bryan Helmkamp will be giving a live, online presentation on Rails security issues.
Ruby Matrix, the Forgotten Library
An introduction to the Ruby standard library's 'matrix' library and how it can be used to manipulate matrices.
EuRuKo 2013 Call for Presentations
The main European Ruby conference takes place in Athens, Greece this June. If you want to speak, the call for presentations is now open and runs until late April.
RubyConf Brasil 2013 Call for Proposals
Takes place in late August in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
From Our Sponsor
Flame Graphs in Ruby MiniProfiler
Sam Saffron's enjoying Ruby 2.0's new caller_locations API and is using it to write 'sampling' profilers in pure Ruby and run them on production code, safely. Interesting stuff here.
Single Table Inheritance + Hstore = Lovely Combination
A look at how you can use PostgreSQL and HStore to work around one of the main problems of using Single Table Inheritance with ActiveRecord.
Assam: A VM in Ruby
Sam Rose shows off a simple x86-based pure-Ruby virtual machine he's working on in Ruby and explains his motivations for developing it.
Heroku's Routing and Web Performance FAQ
Adam Wiggins, cofounder and CTO of Heroku, has answered a ton of questions about Heroku's routing and Web performance.
Using Unicorn Worker Killer to Reduce Queue Backlog On Heroku with Unicorn
Upgrade to Rails 4: An E-book by Philip De Smedt
An under development e-book that aims to bring you up to speed with the process of upgrading a Rails 3 app to Rails 4. Currently at 79 pages long.
Things That Clear Ruby's Method Cache
Concurrent Programming and Threads in Ruby: A Reading List
The No Nonsense Guide To Getting Started with Ember.js on Rails
Watching and Listening
Fast Rails Commands
In the latest episode of Railscasts, Ryan Bates looks at three tools that can make running various Rails commands (for migrations, tests, or generators, for example) faster: Zeus, Spring, and Commands.
The Ruby Rogues Discuss Ruby 2.0
The latest episode of Ruby Rogues where they cover Ruby 2.0 and what it offers.
Rails 4: Zombie Outlaws: Code School's Latest Course
Code School have unveiled a course aimed to help you 'build faster and more secure web apps with Rails 4.'
Raspberry Pi + Ruby + GPIO = Amazing Fun
How Shopify Scales Rails
John Duff explains how Shopfiy, one of the oldest Rails-based apps/services out there, has evolved to handle its immense growth over the years.
5 Things You Didn't Know About Chef
Libraries, Code and Tools
Parade: Sinatra-powered Presentations Written in Markdown
Version 0.10 has been released. A fork of Scott Chacon's Showoff.
JewelryBox v1.5 Released: The Official OS X RVM GUI App
Sentimental: Simple Sentiment Analysis with Ruby
Ruby Developer
Europe’s largest holiday rental booking, HouseTrip was ranked by Wired Magazine the number two start-up in Europe (2012). We're currently looking for passionate Ruby developers to help make it a distributed, world-class web application.
Software Engineering / Academic Applications Developer at Dartmouth College [Hanover, New Hampshire]
Software Engineer at Nextpoint [Madison, Wisconsin]
Senior Back End Software Engineer at The Washington Post [District of Columbia]
Last but not least..
Tired of slow, unreliable Redis hosting?
You shouldn't have to worry about whether your Redis server is being impacted by other users on the same box. That's why all RedisGreen servers are dedicated and constantly monitored. We also give you a detailed metrics dashboard so you can avoid problems before they happen.
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