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Ruby Weekly Issue 141
April 18, 2013
Featured View The Dependency Tree for Any Ruby Gem
Using the provided bookmarklet, you can go to a gem's page on and then see an interesting view of the dependencies for that gem.
Unmentioned Features of Ruby 2.0
Peter Zotov picks up on 6 minor but interesting changes in Ruby 2.0 that failed to make most people's radars.
JRubyConf EU: August 14-15 in Berlin, Germany
From our Sponsor
Do you hate editing i18n yaml files?
What if you never had to open those files again .. Locale is a slick web interface for editing and automatically updating your i18n files. No more emailing translation files, no more file conversion hassles, no more mangled variables. There's no cost for small and open source projects. Try it today.
Detecting Faces with Ruby: FFI in a Nutshell
Ruby's FFI (foreign function interface) library makes it possible to interact with external libraries from Ruby often without having to write any C code of your own. This post looks at the basics of using FFI before moving on to a more complex example of using the OpenCV library from C to detect faces and then hooking into that.
Ruby’s Missing Data Structure
Pat Shaughnessy looks at linked lists and how to emulate them with Ruby's arrays.
Basic RubyGem Development
Mitchell Hashimoto presents a comprehensive introduction to create your own Ruby gem from scratch.
MRI's Method Caches
James Golick looks at method caches, why they're important to performance in Ruby, along with how they work.
Profile Ruby 2.0 Apps Using DTrace - Part 1
One of Ruby 2.0's new features is the inclusion of DTrace probes which makes it possible to do some interesting tracing and monitoring of Ruby apps using the popular open source tracing tool. This post demonstrates the absolute basics of how.
Ruby Manor 4.0 Highlights
Ruby Manor is a popular series of Ruby events in the UK and the latest one seemed to go down a storm based on the chatter I saw on Twitter. This post sums up some of what happened.
Inheriting From Built-In Ruby Types
Teaching GDB and Ruby to Play Nice Together
Want to use the GNU Debugger to inspect a running Ruby process? You can, but Michal Cichra ran into problems with making GDB and Ruby play nicely together. Here he shares what he tried to get things working smoothly.
Announcing MotionMeetup: Monthly Online RubyMotion Meetups
Connecting to A Remote Machine Using Win32API and Ruby
Controlling an RGB LED with an Android Device, RaspberryPi and DRb
Libraries, Code and Tools
Chef Cookbooks for Busy Ruby Developers
Based around 'rackbox' for provisioning a Rack-based app server and 'databox' to provision a MySQL or PostgreSQL database server.
Rubocop: An Experimental Ruby Code Analyzer
An experimental Ruby code analysis tool based on a community-driven Ruby style guide. It's not exactly new but is still under active development and seeing improvements.
Artoo: A Micro-Framework for Robotics
Why let all the Node developers and their Nodecopters have all the fun? Get Ruby controlling some drones too. Here's a video of Artoo in action.
vim-rspec: Run RSpec Specs From Vim
A lightweight RSpec runner for Vim from thoughtbot.
Lucre: Let People Pay You for Any (Legal) Reason
A very simple Rails app that integrates with Stripe to allow you to accept payments quickly.
Linepipe: Processing Your Data One Step At A Time
A tool to aid in processing data in a pipeline, making every step easily testable and benchmarkable.
RubyEncoder 1.5: Protecting Ruby Scripts via Compilation
A tool designed to protect your Ruby code when it's distributed (to customers, say) by compiling it down to encrypted bytecode.
Senior Ruby Developer at Envato (Melbourne, AUS)
We're growing our team and we need hardened Ruby devs to work in our Melbourne office. We're building a marketplace our users love, serving 10MM requests per day and we need great people with experience building, testing and maintaining large scale webapps.
Solve hard problems with Ruby in Baltimore, Maryland (
Join and help us craft great software. We work as a small, results-oriented team solving tough problems in the adtech industry using Ruby. We're looking for developers who have significant experience building web products and using open source tools.
Software Development Manager at Revelation, Inc. [Portland, Oregon]
Software Engineer at Samasource [San Francisco, California]
Last but not least..
Learn Ruby: A New Ruby Tutorial Project
Tom Black is looking to build a comprehensive, game-driven Ruby tutorial and is both sharing his idea and looking for contributors.
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