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Ruby Weekly Issue 144
May 9, 2013
Phusion Passenger 4.0.1 Released
So reassured of its quality, the Phusion crew decided to leap straight to a more trustworthy 4.0.1 for the first stable release of Passenger 4, the popular Nginx and Apache deployment and server module for Rack apps.
Upgrading to Rails 4
With the recent release of Rails 4.0.0 Release Candidate 1, it's time to try it out and report any bugs. Here, Ryan Bates walks us through the steps to upgrade a Rails 3.2 application to Rails 4.0.
Steel City Ruby Conference 2013 Registration Opened
August 16-17, 2013 in Pittsburgh, PA.
Popular Ruby-based Static Site Generator Jekyll Reaches 1.0
From our Sponsor
Track Your App's Dependencies from the Command Line
Need to follow dependencies, but don't want to share your private source code? We agree with you! That's why we've created the “gemnasium” command line tool. Monitor your dependencies on and get updates + security alerts, without granting access to your private repositories. It’s easy to setup, lightweight, and open-source. Keep your projects in shape!
Magic Tricks of Testing
An awesome slide deck from Sandi Metz (author of Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby) that offers simple, practical guidelines for choosing what to test and how to test it.
Deprecate '::' for Method Calls in Ruby 2.1?
A discussion on the Ruby issue tracker about whether to deprecate supporting using '::' for calling methods (e.g. Kernel::puts "foo" vs Kernel.puts "foo") in future versions of Ruby.
How Ruby Method Dispatch Works
An overview by James Coglan: "I’m going to explain how Ruby’s object system works, including method lookup, inheritance, super calls, classes, mixins, and singleton methods."
Building A Complete iOS App with RubyMotion and a Rails API Backend
The first in a series of tutorials about building an iOS app using the Ruby-powered RubyMotion toolkit that then leans upon a Rails API on the backend.
Using Bundler with JRuby Complete
A look at using jruby-complete (a way of packaging up your JRuby implementation along with your app for easier deploys) along with Bundler.
How to Setup a Production Server for Rails 4
Rob McLarty presents a walkthrough of how he deployed a Rails 4 and Ruby 2-based app on a Ubuntu, Apache, Passenger and MySQL stack. There are 101 ways to do this; here's another.
A Ruby Lazy Infinite Stream in the SICP Way
The classic Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs text rarely fails to inspire developers to try all sorts of clever trickery and in this case Google engineer Mingmin Xie has been inspired to implement lazy infinite streams. (Note that Ruby 2.0's lazy enumeration features will get you a lot of this too.)
Better Single-Table Inheritance through Model Delegation
Put common attributes in a single table, non-shared attributes in separate tables with foreign key references, and use object delegation so that each model transparently pulls what it needs from both.
My Assets Are No Longer Minified in Rails 4: HELP
A look at why the problem occurs and how to resolve it.
The Problem with Rails Callbacks
Postgres. The Best Tool You're Already Using
There's a good chance you're already using Postgres if you're building a Rails app. There's an even better chance you're not taking advantage of everything in it. These slides from RailsConf show you how to take advantage of some of its best features including arrays (tags), hstore (key-value), and full text search right from Rails.
Rails 4: My First Run-in with Turbolinks
Libraries, Code and Tools
AppSignal: Monitor The Crap Out of Your App
Build better, faster Ruby on Rails apps with detailed error tracking and performance metrics. Compare hosts and track deploys, all from a single app. Try it 30 days for free; no credit card required.
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Rack::Attack: Get Protection From Abusive Clients
Kickstarter engineer Aaron Suggs introduces Rack::Attack, a Rack middleware for throttling abusive requests that's actually used by the popular crowdfunding site.
Stringer: A (Work-in-Progress) Anti-Social RSS Reader on Sinatra
Built on Sinatra. Has a nice visual design.
PaperclipOptimizer: Minify JPEG and PNG Attachments Received via Paperclip
A processor for Paperclip that allows you to optimize and minify uploaded JPG, PNG or GIF images by wrapping around ImageOptim.
Logging4Hackers: A New Attempt at High Quality Logging from Ruby
My Travis: Monitor TravisCI Builds Direct from Chrome [Chrome Extension]
Senior Rails Developer at (Stockholm, Sweden)
Our team is one of the largest Ruby on Rails teams in Sweden. We are a dozen developers passionate about delivering a great product. And we do. Join us.
Ruby Developer at HouseTrip [London, United Kingdom]
Software Engineer at Nextpoint [Madison, Wisconsin]
Last but not least..
10 Rails 4 Videos from CodeSchool
CodeSchool has released ten videos about various Rails 4 features and techniques into the wild for us all to enjoy. They cover things like Turbolinks, caching, and ActiveRecord. No sign ups, direct MP4 links.
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