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Ruby Weekly Issue 145
May 16, 2013
Ruby 2.0.0-p195 Released
The first patchlevel release of 2.0.0. It includes a security fix of Ruby DL / Fiddle extension, along with some bug fixes and optimizations, mostly listed here.
RubyMotion Goes 2.0 And Gets OSX Support, Templates and Plugins
RubyMotion celebrates its first birthday with a version 2.0 release. The most significant update is you can now use the originally iOS-only toolkit for building regular OS X apps.
Minitest 5.0.0 Released
minitest provides a complete suite of testing facilities supporting TDD, BDD, mocking, and benchmarking. 5.0.0 kills off a few methods, renames MiniTest to Minitest, and is generally a major refactor.
Code Fellows To Run A Women-Only Rails Class in Seattle This July
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RedDotRubyConf 2013 - June 7-8, 2013 in Singapore
A two day single-track event in south-east Asia that brings together renowned speakers including Aaron 'tenderlove' Patterson, Ola Bini, and Jim Weirich.
Arrrrcamp - October 3-4, 2013 in Ghent, Belgium
Including a curious way to win entrance to the event: submit a pull request you've made to a project and you could be in with a chance.
WindyCityRails - Chicago's Ruby on Rails Conference - September 12-13, 2013
RubyNation 2013 - June 13-15, 2013 in Washington DC
Ruby Lugdunum 2013 - June 20-21, 2013 in Lyon, France
Reform: Decouple Your Forms From Your Models
A look at a framework-agnostic, anti-database form object.
Running a Minitest Suite
Robert Jackson was struggling with how he should be kicking off his Minitest-based test suite and looks at three approaches here.
Tagging With ActiveRecord and Postgres
Tags are a common part of many apps and this article takes a look at how you can take advantage of them natively with Rails and Postgres.
Ruby, Meet iPhone
RubyMotion transports the dynamic language ethos and Ruby language to iOS all at once. In this slide deck, Drew Colthorp shows off some of the practicalities of using it (bear in mind it lacks the context of the actual talk).
How to Run Rails 4.0.0.rc1 On JRuby
Getting Rails 4.0.0.rc1 running on JRuby isn't that different from running it on MRI, but there are a few minor things you'll need to adjust.
Building a Sinatra App with ActiveRecord and Postgres
A short example of building a Sinatra web application for taking notes, using ActiveRecord and PostgreSQL. (P.S. Did you know we have a Postgres Weekly now too?)
Dissecting Ruby with Ruby
Dig into massive libraries with ease when you learn how to dissect Ruby with Ruby. Another slide deck.
Is It Cute or Ugly?
A look at some different approaches to storing and accessing credentials within a Ruby app.
Single-Table Inheritance vs Class Table Inheritance (on Rails)
User Registration From Scratch using Form Objects in Rails
Watching and Listening
How to Test Your Web Apps with Selenium
A guide to using the popular testing tool against your webapp.
Libraries, Code and Tools
Joybox: RubyMotion + Cocos2D + Box2D == Ruby Game Development
A new way to build 2D games for iPhones and iPads built around RubyMotion and the popular Cocos2D game engine. A slide deck and video show off some of the concepts involved. Exciting!
Ruby 1.9.3-p429 Released
webruby: mruby Running in The Browser
'mruby' is a new embeddable Ruby implementation being worked on by Matz and others and webruby brings it into the browser, along with an awesome online irb demo.
github-auth: SSH Key Management for GitHub Users
Allows you to quickly pair with anyone who has a GitHub account by adding and removing their public ssh keys from your authorized_keys file.
Adding Tabs to Your Rails App Just Got a Whole Lot Easier with Tabulous 2
Wisper: Simple Pub/Sub for Ruby Objects
Ruboto 0.12.0: JRuby on Android Takes Another Step Forward
Chartkick: Add JavaScript-Powered Graphs to Your Rails 3.1+ App in 1 Line
Senior Developer at ClearFit Inc., Toronto, Ontario
Do you want to work for a venture-backed SaaS, pre-IPO company with a start-up mentality? We are looking for an experienced Ruby developer with a quiet confidence to help raise the technical bar of an already great team.
Senior Ruby on Rails Developer
Litmus, the e-mail testing and analytics company. We work on tough problems everyday and we're looking for great developers wherever you live in the world. Come and see what our team have to say about working here.
Ruby On Rails Consultant for IMPRTL Inc [Telecommute/Remote, US only]
Last but not least..
Haskell-like List Comprehensions in Ruby
It's not exactly what it says on the tin, but this is nonetheless an impressive and quirky piece of code to enjoy that enables constructions like bar =+ [a + b | a <- ['n','p'..'t'], b <- %w[a i u e o]]
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