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Ruby Weekly Issue 146
May 23, 2013
Let's Write an Interpreter (in Ruby)
At MountainWest RubyConf, Ryan Davis 'trolled' the audience before leading into a fun, fast paced attempt to hurt your brain. A 35 minute presentation.
JRuby 1.7.4 Released
The primary goal of 1.7 point releases is to fill out any missing compatibility issues with Ruby 1.9.3, although JRuby now includes experimental 2.0 support covering most 2.0 features and stdlib. In related news, a new release of BitNami JRubyStack includes JRuby 1.7.4 too if you want lots of stuff in one handy package.
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Engineers4Engineers Conference - June 28 in Waltham, MA
Barcelona Ruby Conference - September 14-15 in Barcelona, Spain
Wicked Good Ruby Conf: Oct 12-13, 2013 in Boston, MA
How to Deploy a Rails 4 App With Git and Capistrano
Set up your local Rails app to deploy to your production server using Capistrano and Git so your deployment process is automated, fast, and your brain hurts less.
Sandi Metz's Rules for Developers
4 interesting rules that Sandi shared on an old Ruby Rogues episode but which have been well summarized by Caleb Thompson. Keep classes short, methods short, low aritys, and only instantiate one object in the controller.
A Better Way to Manage The Rails Secret Token
Don't hardcode secret tokens. Load them from the environment.
Method Modeling: A Refactoring
A walk through an interesting refactoring.
Testing Against Multiple Rails Versions
Richard Schneeman shows how to rig things up for testing against multiple versions of Rails.
Your Tests Are Slow? Put Them in Solitary Confinement
Taming Rails Apps with Engines
Creating Vanity URLs in Rails
Watching and Listening
BDD and Acceptance Testing with RSpec & Capybara
Brian Sam-Bodden talks about different types of testing and performs a few hands-on exercises to flesh out a Rails application with RSpec and Capybara.
Watch Avdi Grimm and Josh Susser Pairing on 'Discourse'
It's a little rough but you might enjoy this.
The Ruby Rogues Discuss 'Discourse' with Jeff Atwood
Discourse is a new "open source, next-generation discussion platform built for the next decade of the Internet."
The Ruby Rogues Discuss Regular Expressions with Nell Shamrell
Top 5 Cucumber Best Practices
Libraries, Code and Tools
Coinpunk: Run Your Own Bitcoin Wallet Service
Coinpunk is a Ruby-based, open source, self hosted DIY Bitcoin wallet service you can run on your own server.
Futuroscope: Yet Another Futures Implementation in Ruby
Futures are a concurrency pattern meant to help you deal with concurrency in a simple way that are especially useful when working in Service Oriented Architectures where HTTP calls can take a long time and you only expect a value back from them.
haml-i18n-extractor: Extract Strings From Haml Into A Locale File
Takes a Haml template, rips out the strings that are likely to need translating, and dumps them into a locale file and replaces them with the relevant calls in the Haml template.
ActiveRecord::Futures: Specify Queries to Be Sent All At Once to The Database
Define 'future' queries in ActiveRecord that will get executed in a single round trip to the database.
Introducing ProMotion, a Full-Featured RubyMotion Application Framework
Datamappify: Manage Domain Logic and Data Persistence Separately
Compose and manage domain logic and data persistence separately and intelligently. Built using Virtus and existing ORMs with a design goal of using the power of existing ORMs as well as separating domain logic/model behaviour from data persistence.
Test::Page: For Writing Easy to Maintain Integration Tests
Test::Page helps you to write easily maintainable integration tests using Watir, Selenium or any other testing library by implementing the Page Objects pattern.
Searchlight: Helps You Build Search Mechanisms for ORMs with Chainable Methods
Formless: Transparent, Unobtrusive Form Populator for Web Apps
Takes arbitrary HTML and a set of key/value pairs, and populates a form.
Sleek: A Real-time Analytics Engine for Online Stores
UKBuses: Get Real-Time Bus Data for All Buses in the United Kingdom
Senior Ruby on Rails Developer
Litmus, the e-mail testing and analytics company. We work on tough problems everyday and we're looking for great developers wherever you live in the world. Come and see what our team have to say about working here.
Ruby Developer at Shopify (Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal)
We’re in search of back-end developers with a passion for solving hard problems with performant code. If you are interested in creating great products, building new features and improving the existing Shopify features, then please apply!
Software Engineer at Goodreads [San Francisco, California]
Software Engineer at Samasource [San Francisco, California]
Last but not least.. - Code Coverage History and Statistics
Coveralls provides test coverage tracking and notifications for your project - like SimpleCov on steroids. We support the major CI services, local tests through our API, and you get a shiny coverage badge for your repo. Coveralls is free for open source!
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