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Ruby Weekly Issue 147
May 30, 2013
From the Editor's Desk..
Welcome to issue 147 of Ruby Weekly! Sorry for the lateness but I'm currently on-site at O'Reilly Fluent. Back to full speed next week :-)
Featured Source Now on GitHub
Long the target of criticism for having pages that are out of date and hard to update, the official Ruby site's content is now on GitHub and able to accept pull requests, etc. Hurrah!
Toward an Efficient Ruby 2.1 [PDF]
A slide-deck from RubyKaigi where Koichi Sasada explained a variety of things about the forthcoming Ruby 2.1. 100 slides in all, so be prepared.
GoGaRuCo 2013: September 20-21, 2013 in San Francisco, CA
An always-popular conference. The CFP ends on June 13 if you want to go speak.
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RSpec's New Message Expectation Syntax
A new syntax for message expectations in RSpec, which brings message expectations in line with the new expect syntax for state based expectations. Now available as part of RSpec 2.14-rc1.
Is Lock-Free Logging Safe?
Jesse Storimer takes an interesting journey into the world of locking and whether the mono_logger 'lock-free Logger for Ruby 2.0' is up to the task.
Multi-Threaded Processing with Lazy Enumerables
Mike Williams wanted to parallelize the processing of S3 objects across multiple threads and came up with a tidy way to do it using lazy enumeration.
Building Extensions for The Newly Minted Minitest 5.0
Profile Ruby 2.0 Apps Using DTrace - Part 2
Using Event Machine in Normal Ruby (or Rails) Apps
Using the Google Maps API with Rails and Coffeescript
Using Custom Setters to Clean Up Instance Variables
Watching and Listening
RailsConf 2013 Videos
All 70 videos from RailsConf 2013 are now available to watch if you didn't make it to the conference.
DHH's RailsConf 2013 Opening Keynote
Libraries, Code and Tools
ruby-install: Installs Ruby, JRuby or Rubinius
Yet another Ruby installer, but one which has received praise from the author of ruby-build.
Spree 2.0.0 Released
The popular Rails-based e-commerce system/framework takes a big step forward in removing support for Ruby 1.8.7, receiving a major refactoring, support for split shipments, and more.
Casting: Delegate Methods in Ruby and Preserve 'self'
Add behavior to your objects without using extend.
Attrio: Typed Attributes for Ruby Objects
A simple, easy to use attributes system with no dependencies.
Phusion Passenger 4.0.4 Released
Ruby Developers at HouseTrip (London, UK)
Want to work with a 18-person team of passionate Ruby developers who love good code and care for their product in central London? We are currently hiring. Ranked by Wired Magazine the number two start-up in London (2012), HouseTrip is Europe’s largest holiday rental booking website!
Ruby Web Engineer
We started Poll Everywhere over 5 years ago with Ruby on Rails and are evolving into a world of several, smaller, specialized Ruby applications. Come be the person that designs an entire API for Poll Ev!
Ruby on Rails Senior Developer at Berkeley Software Systems [Sunnyvale, California]
Rails Web Application Developer - 100% telecommute at DRH Internet Inc.
Last but not least..
AppSignal: Make your Rails apps fast & errorless
Track and debug errors, see detailed performance traces, compare hosts & find slow deploys. All from a single app. Try it 30 days for free; no credit card required.
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Learning Ruby on Rails?
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