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Ruby Weekly Issue 150
June 20, 2013
Heroku Makes Ruby 2.0.0 The Default on All New Ruby Applications
The popular cloud platform now defaults to Ruby 2.0.0 for new apps and works with Rails 4 out of the box.
If Your Business Uses Rails 2.3 You Need To Move To A Supported Option ASAP
With the release of Rails 4.0, Rails 2.3 will become unsupported (add to this Ruby 1.8 becoming unsupported this month too). So if you depend upon Rails 2.3, you'll need to either upgrade or move to a supported option, such as Rails LTS. Patrick McKenzie explains.
Meet Fifteen Ruby Core Committers
Many of the Ruby core committers are Japanese and not particularly well known outside of Japan. This article from RubySource aims to correct that.
From our Sponsor is error monitoring for Ruby, by devs who give a !@#$
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Does the GIL Make Your Ruby Code Thread-Safe?
Short answer: No. But Jesse Storimer looks at why in this guest post for Ruby Inside.
Running Changed Tests (Only)
Wouldn't it be nice if you could easily run only tests that have changed between your feature branch and master? It can be done.
How Do I Benchmark Ruby Code?
So you’ve got some Ruby code and you want to make it faster. Maybe you’ve already got a new implementation in mind, or maybe you’re still cooking that up. But how do you make certain that your new implementation is faster?
Building Awesome Rails APIs: Part 1
ReactiveCocoa and RubyMotion: The Setup
RubyMotion promises to bring the clarity and concise syntax of Ruby to iOS and OS X development. ReactiveCocoa’s aim is to help reduce complexity by deriving state instead of declaring it.
Implementing Worker Threads in Rails
Designing with Class: Sinatra + PostgreSQL + Heroku
Michael Herman skips Rails entirely and starts from more basic building blocks to put together a basic webapp.
Watching and Listening
Faster Rails Test Runs...with Unix!
Anybody who works on a moderate size Rails app can probably tell you: it can take forever to run a single test. In this screencast, Jesse Storimer shows off a technique to speed up those test runs that doesn't involve touching your app code.
The Ruby Rogues on ActiveRecord with Ernie Miller
The Ruby Rogues discuss ActiveRecord from the trade-offs it makes to the benefits it offers.
RailsCasts on Foundation
ZURB's Foundation is a front-end for quickly building applications and prototypes. It's similar to Twitter Bootstrap but uses Sass instead of LESS. Here Ryan Bates covers the basics of the grid system, navigation, tooltips and more.
PeepCode Releases 'Meet Elixir' Screencast
Geoffrey Grosenbach and José Valim have put together an excellent screencast that digs into José's 'Elixir' language, a language that brings Ruby-esque syntax and pragmatism to the powerful Erlang VM.
TDDing iOS Apps for Fun and Profit with RubyMotion
A talk from RailsConf 2013 by Brian Sam-Bodden.
Libraries, Code and Tools
Introducing Gemrat: Add Gems From the Command Line
A tool that allows you to add gems to the Gemfile from the command line.
Stubbing Views in Rails Controller Testing
Introduces blind, a new Ruby gem that helps you avoid view rendering in controller tests.
Lyricfy: Song Lyrics for your Ruby Apps
Software Developer
Nature Publishing Group is looking to hire a talented Ruby developer to join the Web Applications team. The ideal candidate will be a passionate technologist with considerable talents to delivering high quality software in an agile development environment.
Rails Engineer at LayerVault (New York, NY or Remote)
LayerVault is simple version control for designers. We're looking for Rails engineers to help grow with the company. If you'd like more information, get in touch!
Ruby Developers at HouseTrip (London, UK)
Want to work with a 18-person team of passionate Ruby developers who love good code and care for their product in central London? We are currently hiring. Ranked by Wired Magazine the number two start-up in London (2012), HouseTrip is Europe’s largest holiday rental booking website!
Last but not least.. - Code Coverage History and Statistics
Coveralls provides test coverage tracking and notifications for your project - like SimpleCov on steroids. We support the major CI services, local tests through our API, and you get a shiny coverage badge for your repo. Coveralls is free for open source!
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