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Ruby Weekly Issue 152
July 4, 2013
The Ruby Core Team Officially 'Retires' 1.8.7
As planned, the Ruby core team has now stopped all maintenance on Ruby 1.8.7, including bug fixes, with the last release being last week's 1.8.7-p374. It's time to think about moving to Ruby 1.9.3 or, preferably, Ruby 2.0.0.
Understanding Computation: From Simple Machines to Impossible Programs
A fun new O'Reilly book about computation theory with examples written in real, pragmatic Ruby code rather than mathematical notion. Available direct from O'Reilly or on the usual sites (e.g. Amazon). There's a sample chapter and some links to enjoy here.
Rails Security: A No Charge One Month E-mail Course
Code Climate has put together an e-mail based one month course on fixing common Rails vulnerabilities. A convenient way to be drip fed knowledge than overloaded all in one go.
From our Sponsor Quick, Easy & Beautiful Rails Themes
Whether you need to get the foundations of a good polished design that you can customize for a client, or you just want to make a side-project beautiful, is going to get you where you want to go.. fast.
Getting Started with Rails 4.x on Heroku
The Heroku Dev Center brings its tutorial up to date for Ruby 2.0 and Rails 4.0.
Exploring Rack
Over at Nettuts+, Arun Srinivasan presents an introductory look at some of the basic concepts of Rack - the Ruby web server interface - and creates some quick examples of Rack-using apps.
Puma vs Phusion Passenger
Puma and Passenger are both open source application servers but what are the differences? Phusion explains from their point of view.
Concurrent Garbage Collection and Rubinius
Dirkjan Bussink presents a long and deep explanation of his work on making the Rubinius garbage collector more concurrent.
What's New And Awesome in Ruby 2?
A quick look at some of the new things in Ruby 2.0 on the Engine Yard blog.
RubyKaigi: Making a Japanese Conference Accessible to the World
Datamappify - A New Take on Decoupling Domain, Form and Persistence in Rails
Comparing MRI Rails App Server Performance on Heroku
How To Use ActiveModel::Callbacks
Watching and Listening
Ruby Rogues on 'Community Hacks'
The Rogues discuss the softer, more social side of life with a look at how to get along in a community.
Building A Mocking Library
By Andy Lindeman (a RSpec maintainer) at Ancient City Ruby 2013.
How to Install Ruby and Rails with Screencasts (on Linux, Mac and Windows)
Libraries, Code and Tools
franks-famous: A Heroku Ready Sintra Boilerplate
An extension of Pizza Man, bringing in Sass support, HTML5 boilerplate support, and asset management via Sinatra AssetPack. It runs on Unicorn with Mustache for templating.
Technology Preview: Introducing Flying Passenger
Phusion, creators of Passenger, show off a new system that decouples Phusion Passenger’s life time from your web server’s life time, so that the web server can be independently restarted from Passenger.
Hashifiable: Dead Simple Hash Representation Declarations
Ruby 2.0 introduced the policy of having to_h methods to convert an object into a hash. Hashifiable makes it easy to provide on your own objects by letting you specify a line with the object's methods that will be called to create a hash representation.
Sublime Text 2 Ruby Markers
A Sublime Text plugin to execute ruby code and update # => markers with the results.
Adauth: A Ruby Interface for Microsoft's Active Directory Based On 'ruby-net-ldap'
Now at version 2.0.0.
Ready for Rails 4?
Check easily whether a gem is ready for Rails 4 or not.
Ruby Developers at HouseTrip (London, UK)
Want to work with a 18-person team of passionate Ruby developers who love good code and care for their product in central London? We are currently hiring. Ranked by Wired Magazine the number two start-up in London (2012), HouseTrip is Europe’s largest holiday rental booking website!
Senior Ruby on Rails Developer at Econsultancy [London, United Kingdom]
Lead Developer at Fiduciary Benchmarks [Lake Oswego, Oregon]
Ruby on Rails Programmer at Digital Monitoring Products, Inc. [Springfield, Missouri]
Last but not least..
ruby -run -e httpd . -p5000
Run a local HTTP server with a single line of Ruby. Just one character longer than the classic python -m SimpleHTTPServer but more obviously flexible (plus, it's Ruby ;-)).
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