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Ruby Weekly Issue 159
August 22, 2013
From the Editor's Desk..
As of next Monday, Ruby Weekly is three years old. Starting in August 2010, we're now 22,432 subscribers strong and you inspired me to create other titles like JavaScript Weekly and HTML5 Weekly. As always, thanks for reading and for your ongoing support. Here's to another three years (I hope!) :-) - Peter Cooper
Phusion Passenger 4.0.14 Released: Gets Homebrew Support
A minor bug fix release but, notably, you can now easily install Passenger with brew install passenger in OS X if you have Homebrew installed.
Ruby 2 Jeopardy with James Edward Gray II
An entertaining Ruby-themed game of Jeopardy with questions and answers based on Ruby’s syntax, features, standard libraries, and so forth.
A Super-Fast JVM-based Ruby Implementation? [PDF]
An intriguing paper out of Oracle called JVM Languages Will Never Be the Same Again that shows off some new tools being developed to make building dynamic language implementations on top of the JVM easier. The focus so far is on a rather limited but speedy Ruby implementation. JRuby’s Charles Nutter says similar things can be done for JRuby.
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The Password is Dying... But Not Fast Enough
The password is dying but according to Rackspace Chief Security Architect, Major Hayden, not fast enough. The majority of us interact with web applications by logging on with a username and password. Find out why the single password is no longer an adequate form of security.
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PostGIS and Rails: A Simple Approach
PostGIS is a geospatial extension library for PostgreSQL that allows you to perform a ton of geometric and geographic operations on your data at high speeds. Nick Gauthier looks at how you can use it in conjunction with Rails.
Mastering Modern Payments: Using Stripe with Rails
An e-book and collection of code from Pete Keen that makes payment integration easier. It costs money but you can grab a sample chapter. I flipped through a provided review PDF and it looks promising (but I haven’t implemented any of it yet).
Bundler Local Paths
Ryan Bigg shows off a ‘little known feature of Bundler that allows you to use a local Git repository while developing locally, and a remote Git repo when deploying.’
Strong Parameters by Example
Rails 4 offers a new way of sanitizing potentially dangerous parameters from the outside world: strong_parameters. This article takes a look at some examples of how strong_parameters works.
A Look at OrientDB: The Graph-Document NoSQL Database
Glenn Goodrich presents a brief Ruby-oriented introduction to OrientDB, an open source graph document database system.
Rails API Testing Best Practices (with RSpec)
Matthew Lehner
I Like Pry But...
Joel Turnbull loves Pry, the powerful IRB alternative, and tries to sell you on it here.
Implementing Multi-Table Full Text Search with Postgres in Rails
Faster Test Suite Boot Times with Rails
Manfred Stienstra covers a perennial topic: how can you speed up Rails test runs and avoid unnecessary lengthy boot up times? Rather than suggest a preforking or persistent Rails process, however, he looks at gem loading, fixtures and factories.
A Rails API Pattern For Complex Collections
Design Patterns: The Observer Pattern
Building out the Observer pattern from scratch in Ruby.
Gotchas in the Ruby Sequel Gem
Log4r for Rails: Part I of 'Scalable and Robust Logging for Web Apps'
The first in a series of posts by Markus Lachinger that digs into heavy duty logging techniques for Rails. He starts off by looking at Log4r.
Watching and Listening
Friendly Flying Robots with Ruby
At Steel City Ruby, Jim Weirich gave a talk about controlling a Parrot AR Drone from Ruby from a rather low level.
Dissecting Ruby with Ruby
At the Lone Star Ruby Conference 2013, Richard Schneeman gave a 30 minute talk on using ‘simple and sharp Ruby tools to slice into large libraries with surgical precision.’
Libraries, Code and Tools
ruby_identicon: A Gem for Creating GitHub-style 'Identicons'
Identicons are simple 5x5 sprites generated using a hash of the user’s ID that GitHub are now using for users without avatars. Now you can use them in your Ruby apps too.
Engagement: Measuring Social Engagement with Ruby
A gem to find out the number of comments a URL is receiving on Reddit, HackerNews, Disqus or Twitter.
Interactor: A Common Interface for Performing Complex Interactions in A Single Request
Conceptually works in between the Model and Controller and helps you avoid fat controllers. Interactors are given a context from the controller and do one thing: perform an action. The interactor-rails gem makes integrating this into Rails easier too.
Collective Idea
dbview_cti: Class Table Inheritance (CTI) for Rails
node_module: Run (Some) Ruby Methods as JavaScript under Node.js
Senior Software Engineer at OpenTable (San Francisco, CA)
OpenTable is looking for full stack Rails developers to join our growing team in downtown San Francisco. Work with likeminded Rubyists in a collaborative, test-driven environment.
Ruby Developers at REA Group (Melbourne Australia)
Want to work at the most exciting company in Australia? We’re home to the No.1 property website We pride ourselves on our culture and passion for doing things right. Want to join a team that has the smartest and coolest people around.
Ruby Developers at HouseTrip (London, UK)
Want to work with a 18-person team of passionate Ruby developers who love good code and care for their product in central London? We are currently hiring. Ranked by Wired Magazine the number two start-up in London (2012), HouseTrip is Europe’s largest holiday rental booking website!
Last but not least.. Is The Best Way Create A Status Page For Your Website Or App
Companies like New Relic, Disqus and Vimeo use to communicate with their customers during downtime and showoff performance metrics like uptime and response time and huge throughput.
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A Fast Track Weekend to Learn Ruby on Rails, Online or in San Francisco
Daniel Kehoe of RailsApps is teaching an intensive weekend workshop for students in early September. The class will be offered in SF at App Academy on Sep 6-8 and then live over the web on Sep 13-15.
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