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Ruby Weekly Issue 16
November 18, 2010
Welcome to issue 16 of Ruby Weekly. I suggested there might be some HTML archives in place for this issue; sadly, this isn't the case yet as old issues were written in a different format and I need to finish converting them. Fingers crossed for next week. That said, issues 15 and 16 are available at so far.
This week's top news
Nokogiri 1.4.4 Released
Ruby's most famous XML and HTML parser gets a handy update with a few new features and, importantly, quite a few bugfixes. For those who've been noticing segfaults or memory leaks, this is a must-upgrade.
awesome_print 1.3.1 Released
1.3.1 is not a point release but a rapid bugfix to the 1.3.0 release of this popular alternative to 'p', 'pp' and 'Object#inspect'. Lots of new features for this awesome, pretty object printer.
Wanna Speak at RailsConf 2011?
RailsConf 2011 will be held May 16-19, 2011 at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, MD — and Ruby Central and O’Reilly Media are now accepting proposals for conference sessions and tutorials. Proposals are due by 11:59pm EST February 17, 2011.
Beginning Ruby book on sale at Amazon - $17.83
Amazon has sharply dropped the price of my book 'Beginning Ruby' to $17.83 (or $16.05 on Kindle). It's great for Ruby beginners so it might not be up your street but could be a great gift for someone who wants to learn to program (as it covers everything with no assumptions you know what things like objects, OOP, databases, or methods are).
Rails 3.0.3: Faster ActiveRecord plus fixes
Rails 3.0.3 is the latest release of the 3.x family and includes a significantly improved version of ARel that makes many database queries significantly faster. There are all the usual tweaks and bugfixes too.
This week's top articles
Shopify's Path to Rails 3
Jesse from Shopify, one of the biggest Rails app deployments out there, walks through how the company migrated from Rails 2 to Rails 3. The total damage? 710 changed files, 9738 additions, and 9204 deletions!
Matt Aimonetti's MacRuby RubyConf Presentation
Matt Aimonetti of the MacRuby project gave a presentation at RubyConf about the project's progress and future. His conclusion? 'MacRuby is now mature and it’s time for hackers and people trying to get exposure to give it a try.'
How to use JavaCC with JRuby
JavaCC is a popular parser generator for the Java ecosystem. There are lots of existing grammars available for JavaCC to parse languages like Java, JSON, CSS, JavaScript, and so forth, and you can take advantage of them from JRuby. Tom Copeland shows you how.
Does Ruby Have Too Many Equality Tests?
Eric Anderson looks at Ruby's equality operators and the differences between them while asking, do we have too many?
Interesting new libraries and code
Turn any Ruby object into a webapp (joke)
James Edward Gray II's tongue in cheek demonstration of how to turn any Ruby object into a "webapp." Enjoy, but don't deploy this anywhere. It's easy to break ;-)
gitmodel: ActiveModel compliant Git powered persistence framework
GitModel is an ActiveModel-compliant persistence framework for Ruby that uses Git for versioning and remote syncing. GitModel persists Ruby objects using Git as a data storage engine. It's an ActiveModel implementation so it works stand-alone or in Rails 3 as a drop-in replacement for ActiveRecord or DataMapper.
libvirt-rb: Control and manage VMs from Ruby
libvirt-rb is a Ruby interface to the popular 'libvirt' library that lets you interact with the virtualization capabilities of your operating system.
Ruby Minstrel: Easily Observe Classes and Methods
Ruby Minstrel allows you to wrap every method call for a given class so you can more easily observe how a class and its methods are being used. For times when ruby-prof and similar tools are overkill.
Sucker: Amazon Product Advertising API Wrapper for Ruby
Sucker is a minimal Ruby wrapper to the Amazon Product Advertising API. It runs on curb and the Nokogiri implementation of the XML Mini module in Active Support. It's fast and supports the entire API.
Ruby Jobs of the Week
Ruby Developer [Bay Area/SF, CA]
Wildfire Interactive, a brand marketing company, is looking for talented Ruby developers to work on Ruby, Rails, Sinatra, and many "pure Ruby" apps. A lot of work with the Twitter and Facebook APIs is involved so experience with OAuth and external APIs is a major plus.
Social media game developer [Manhattan Beach, CA]
SweetyHigh is looking for a Ruby/Rails expert with 2-3 years of experience and experience with Heroku, EC2, and high-traffic Rails sites. Salary is listed as $100k+
Rails developer [Bethesda, MD]
OPNET, an application and network performance management tool company, is looking for a Rails developer to work on internal applications.
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