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Ruby Weekly Issue 160
August 29, 2013
From the Editor's Desk
As Ruby Weekly turned 3 years old last week, it seemed time to rock a new design.Our prior design first appeared in issue 55 but was never 100% in some email clients (*cough* Outlook) so this new one is an improvement. I hope you like it :-) - Peter C.
'Confident Ruby' is Complete
Avdi Grimm’s much celebrated Confident Ruby book is now complete and on sale in various forms. The book focuses on succinct, pattern driven ways of solving problems elegantly in Ruby.
Avdi Grimm
RubyConf 2013 Call for Proposals Ends This Saturday
Want to be in with a chance at speaking at this year’s RubyConf down at Miami Beach? You have two days to submit your ideas for a 45 minute session.
Power Up With Ruby T-Shirt from
To celebrate the launch of their new 8-bit-tacular, Jekyll-powered community website, the Norfolk, VA Ruby Group is holding a t-shirt fundraising campaign. Available in ladies, mens and youth sizes, these shirts will be available for a limited time.
Ruby Rogues Book Club: Understanding Computation with Tom Stuart
An epic episode of the Ruby Rogues podcast where they discuss a rather awesome book and dig into lots of juicy topics including finite automata, Turing machines, the lambda calculus, and quantum computing.
Ruby Rogues
From our Sponsor
New Cloud Servers SLA... And Why it Matters
If availability matters, choose Rackspace. We hate downtime and we work hard every day to keep our promises and provide you with a powerful and reliable platform so you can do what you do great. Read more about our SLAs. Tweaking your code? We support that, too. Learn more.
The Rails 4 Diff Cheatsheet
A PNG and PDF ‘cheatsheet’ that covers a few areas that are new to or have changed in Rails 4.0 including routing, live streaming, migrations, scopes, and strong parameters.
Marc-Andre Cournoyer
State Machines in Your Applications
A quick look at finite state machines, why you’d use them, and a simple answer of their use in Ruby.
Bryan Rite
How to Build A Simple Content Management System in Sinatra
With part 3 just posted, it seemed a good time to link to this series of posts about building a CMS with Sinatra.
Using Regular Expressions to Validate an IP Address in Ruby
Did you know that the Ruby standard library includes regular expressions for validating both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses?
Atomic Spin
Top 10 Sites Built with Ruby on Rails
Not entirely the usual suspects either.
An Interview with Planet Argon's 14 Year Old Rails Intern
Hosting company Planet Argon had a teenager developer intern with them recently and he speaks about the process here. Not a huge amount to learn here but it’d be great to see more of this.
Planet Argon
Roll Your Own Web Framework in Half an Hour
Rails Autoloading: How It Works, and When It Doesn't
Simon Coffey
Method Definitions in Ruby 2.1.0 Will Not Be Void Anymore
Franck Verrot
Writing Sensible Tests for Happiness
Fred Wu
Libraries, Code and Tools
Ruby Object Mapper: The New Way Forward for DataMapper 2
From the ashes of DataMapper 2 comes Ruby Object Mapper (ROM). I recommend reading Piotr Solnica’s A Closer Look at How Ruby Object Mapper Works to get a better feel for the full story.
Harvestman: Quick and Dirty Ruby Web Crawling
A lightweight web crawler for “Quick’n’Dirty™” web scraping. A nice, simple API, but prepare to get blocked if you use this heavily on Google, etc!
Gabriel Vieira
FeatureFlags: Turn Different Features On and Off in Your Rails App
Manages ‘flags’ within your Rails app that determine whether various features are enabled or not. Rollout is a longer standing popular option in this space too.
Pandurang Waghulde
NYNY: A (Very) Small Sinatra Clone
Aiming to be an even lighter weight but forward-compatible Sinatra.
Artoo 1.0.0: A Micro-Framework for Robotics
Now has support for 7 different hardware devices, ARDrone, Leap Motion, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Roomba, Pebble and Sphero, and includes a full command line interface to connect to devices.
Rubyzip 1.0 Released: Read and Write ZIP Files from Ruby
Alexander Simonov
nO_op: Adds 'Important' Face-Making Possibilities to Your Code
From the comedy department comes this quirky library that allows you to get all O_o, O.o, and o.O in your code. Needs more facepalm.
Yossef Mendelssohn
Non-blocking IO Without Exceptions Added to Ruby 2.1
Only a commit to Ruby core for now but I know this will excite some.
RubyMotion 2.7 Released: Lots of Changes and Goodies
RubyMotion Blog
Rails Developer at Kongregate (Portland, OR)
Kongregate, a web games startup, is looking for a Ruby on Rails developer to join our tight-knit and highly productive team. We practice iterative, test-driven development, work sustainable hours, and offer competitive compensation.
Ruby Developers at HouseTrip (London, UK)
Want to work with a 18-person team of passionate Ruby developers who love good code and care for their product in central London? We are currently hiring. Ranked by Wired Magazine the number two start-up in London (2012), HouseTrip is Europe’s largest holiday rental booking website!
Full-stack Developer at Graphicly [Palo Alto, CA]
Ruby on Rails Developer at The District Management Council [Boston, MA]
Last but not least..
Capture your Exceptions with Airbrake
Capture and resolve your exceptions faster with Airbrake, the error app. Trusted by more than 50,000 developers. New plans include GitHub, Pivotal and many more workflow integrations for fast error resolution.
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