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Ruby Weekly Issue 161
September 5, 2013
Parallel Gem Installation Using Bundler
Here’s a potential timesaver. Bundler 1.4.0 added support for parallel gem installation and here’s how to use it.
RailsCasts To Remain on Hiatus
Best of luck to Ryan and we hope he’s back soon, but if you’re missing your bite-sized Ruby screencast fix, check out Avdi’s Ruby Tapas.
Ryan Bates (Montreal, Feb 24-28, 2014) Call For Papers
The call closes on September 22nd. The conference isn’t just Ruby oriented but covers modern development technologies generally.
From our Sponsor
Experimenting with Verbal Expressions
A look at the concept of defining regular expressions in a more verbose (but allegedly easier to understand) way. See also the ‘Hexpress’ project below.
Atomic Spin
Implementing a Ruby Background Queue using POSIX Message Queues
Simon wanted a simple queue system with no background process or database keeping things in order and decided to give POSIX message queues a try.
Simon Hørup Eskildsen
Writing A (Ruby) Compiler in Ruby Bottom Up - Step 27
A popular Ruby blog series that has been running since 2008 so I thought I’d include it in case you weren’t familiar with it already.
Vidar Hokstad
Testing Client-Side Views in Rails Apps from CoffeeScript
Jan Filipowski
Dependency Injection in RubyMotion with Objection
Atomic Spin
Using Ruby's String#gsub with a Block
A pretty elementary tip but I know many Rubyists aren’t familiar with it.
Bozhidar Batsov
Everyday Rails Testing… by Aaron Sumner [PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Watching and Listening
Concurrency and Ruby
From RubyConf India comes a talk on thread safety, immutability and concurrency for Rubyists and a look at how to avoid basic pitfalls and write code that works well in a multi-threaded environment.
Rocky Jaiswal
Fluent Refactoring
At the Lone Star Ruby Conference 2013, Sam Livingston-Gray walked through the process of refactoring a hard-to-comprehend 50-line controller action.
Asynchronous Workers to the Resque
Dave Kapp digs into asynchronous processing and Resque as a mechanism for performing sequential updates with pipelining and periodic maintenance tasks.
You Gotta Try This
A talk about metaprogramming, coding for fun, and the joy of sharing from last month’s Steel City Ruby.
Avdi Grimm
Rails 4: Patterns
The latest Code School course. This one digs into common patterns and techniques that can help your Rails applications remain robust and maintainable over time.
Code School
Libraries, Code and Tools
ruby2600: An Experimental Atari™ 2600 Emulator Written in Ruby
Currently works with Pitfall, Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Tennis, Donkey Kong and River Raid. Written 100% in Ruby. The downsides are that it’s currently very slow and has no sound support.
Carlos Duarte do Nascimento
Kramdown 1.2.0: The Popular Markdown Library Gets an Update
Now includes a parser for Github Flavored Markdown.
Thomas Leitner
WWTD: A Travis Simulator
Reads your travis.yml file and runs what Travis would run so you can work faster and not wait for build emails.
Michael Grosser
Hexpress: Another Take at A 'Human' Way to Define Regular Expressions
For example: start("http").maybe("s").with("://").maybe { words.with(".") }.ending
Kurtis Rainbolt-Greene
Minidown: Yet Another Markdown Parser
Pure Ruby with no dependencies.
Representable 1.7: Maps Representation Documents From and to Ruby Objects
Nick Sutterer
Terminal Keynote: A Hack for Terminal-Based Talks
Xavier Noria
Rails Developer at AutoRevo [Texas]
A Dallas based company that builds software to help automotive dealerships manage and market their inventory is looking for talented Rails developers with computer science chops.
Ruby Developers at HouseTrip (London, UK)
Want to work with a 18-person team of passionate Ruby developers who love good code and care for their product in central London? We are currently hiring. Ranked by Wired Magazine the number two start-up in London (2012), HouseTrip is Europe’s largest holiday rental booking website!
Full-time Contract Rails Developer at Vital Media Network [Irvine, California]
Ruby on Rails Engineer at PagerDuty [San Francisco, California]
Last but not least..
Scout: Enterprise-grade server monitoring without the bloat
Easy setup, flexible charts, and a hand-selected library of 70+ open-source plugins. Plus, if you’re using Nagios, Scout will feel like puppies and rainbows.
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