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Ruby Weekly Issue 163
September 19, 2013
The Well-Grounded Rubyist, Second Edition: The Early Access Edition
David Black is busy working on the second edition of his much esteemed The Well Grounded Rubyist and Manning reached out to us to offer a 50% off on the MEAP - the code is mlblack3rw
Feature #8579: Frozen String Syntax (for Ruby 2.1)
Ruby 2.1 is going to support ‘frozen’ (i.e. immutable) strings.
Ruby Issue Tracker
RubyConf 2013 Program Announced
52 speakers and 46 talks have been revealed for this November’s RubyConf in Miami, Florida. An interesting lineup, although it did cause some controversy on Twitter.
From our Sponsor
Merge test coverage into your master CI workflow
Semaphore has partnered with Code Climate to make test coverage reports part of your continuous delivery workflow. Try it today to write, test, and deploy high quality apps easier than ever.
Ruby 2.1 Garbage Collection to Address Criticism on Large Scale Deployments
The forthcoming MRI Ruby 2.1 is switching to generational garbage collection which should yield performance boosts in several key areas.
Essential Tools for Starting a Rails App in 2013
Covers Dotenv, Devise, Brakeman, Rails Best Practices, Simple Form, and Sidekiq.
Pete Keen
A Case Against Cucumber
‘Quit writing cukes unless you can honestly say that there is someone reading them who would not understand pure Ruby,’ says Kevin Liddle.
8th Light
The Cost of 'If'
When we say “if,” it’s easy to miss an opportunity to recognize the emergence of something new.
Ernie Miller
The Predicate Module Pattern
Reg Braithwaite
Config and Generators in Gems
If you’ve written a gem at some point you might want to have configuration options for those people using the gem. Luckily, this is relatively easy to do with a configure block.
Lindsey Bieda
ActiveRecord Enhanced Query Objects
Hamed Asghari
Protip: Faster Ruby Tests with DatabaseCleaner and DatabaseRewinder
Fred Wu
Watching and Listening
The Ruby Rogues Discuss ROM (Ruby Object Mapper) with Piotr Solnica
Discussion about the next generation of the DataMapper library, now known as ROM or Ruby Object Mapper.
Ruby Rogues
A Two Part Personal Interview with David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH)
A candid 50 minute interview with the creator of Rails split into two parts (part two). It goes all the way from David’s childhood, to how he met 37signals’ Jason Fried, and on to his current racing career.
Product People
Libraries, Code and Tools
Goworker: A Go-based Resque-compatible Background Worker
A super fast Go-based background worker that can slot into your existing Ruby and Resque based stack. An ideal way to dabble in the world of Go behind the scenes.
Benjamin Manns
Rubytrivia: An Open Source iPhone App for Learning Ruby Trivia
Based off of Greg Stalling’s ruby-trivia project, this is a simple RubyMotion-based iPhone app that’s both open source and available for free on the iTunes App Store.
Iconoclast Labs
BitNami Ruby Stack: Now Streamlined with PostgreSQL and Node.js Options
Ruby Stack is a self-contained, easy to use Ruby and Rails distribution for Linux, Windows and OS X. It now bundles Postgres and Node.js too.
RedScript: A Ruby Flavored JavaScript Experiment
A JavaScript-targeting transpiler (à la CoffeeScript) created to provide a more native experience for modules (AMD and CommonJS), easier inheritance, and a Ruby style syntax.
Adam Brodzinski
Sidetiq: Recurring Jobs for Sidekiq
Sidetiq provides a simple API for defining recurring workers for Sidekiq. It gains concurrency and fault-tolerance using Celluloid actors and a flexible DSL based on ice_cube.
Tobias Svensson
http: A Simple Ruby DSL for Making HTTP Requests
Tony Arcieri
Rails 4 Support for RailsThemes Themes Blog
Software Developer at OrgSync (Dallas, TX)
Build and scale a higher-ed focused application in use by over 2 million users at 350 colleges and universities. If you are passionate about well-engineered software and creating great user experiences, this job is for you.
Senior Ruby Developer at Econify (Washington DC)
We’re currently seeking a senior Ruby developer to work with our fantastic clients in downtown Washington, DC. Competitive salary and great benefits.
Senior Software Engineers at HouseTrip (London, UK)
We’re 21 developers, 6 product managers and 2 designers, passionate about building the best holiday rental website. We write good code to build an outstanding product. We need your help. If you are a passionate senior software engineer, and think you have some of the skills, drive and talent to help us to build up our team, we’d really like to hire you.
Last but not least..
Server Monitoring that grows with you. Write your own plugins in Ruby.
Easy setup, real-time charts, and a hand-selected library of 70+ open source plugins for everything from Apache to Zookeeper. Using Chef or Puppet? Scout has you covered with a Chef recipe and a Puppet Module. Interested in Docker? Check out our Linux Containers Plugin! Plugins are written in Ruby, so customization is as flexible as your Ruby skills.
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Rogue Rails: An Agile Rails 4 Workshop and Conference (Oct 23-26, Oregon)
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