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Ruby Weekly Issue 167
October 17, 2013
Rails 4.0.1 Release Candidate 1 Released
A bug fix release with over 450 commits. The final 4.0.1 is expected on October 22nd.
Official Rails Blog
Introducing Rubinius X: A Ruby of the Future?
‘Ruby is a dying language. Business is over its dalliance with Ruby,’ says Rubinius’ Brian Shirai, so Brian has unveiled Rubinius X, an intriguing experiment in modernizing Ruby.
Brian Shirai
Rails 3.2.15 Released
A bug fix release that includes a security fix for a potential DoS vulnerability in Action Mailer.
Official Rails Blog
GardenCityRubyConf 2014 Call for Proposals Open (Bangalore, India)
From our Sponsor
The Once and Future Rubinius
Rubinius reached its significant 2.0 landmark version earlier this month and Engine Yard has ended its sponsorship of the project. This has a number of repercussions which Rubinius developer Brian Shirai shares here.
Brian Shirai
State of The Stack 2013: Ruby Edition
In a simple inforgraphic, New Relic shares some info about Ruby usage as detected via their well used agent software. Unicorn is the most popular app server and Rails 3.2 is still used on 64% of Rails apps measured.
New Relic
Threads in Ruby
A gentle introduction to using threads in Ruby.
Is Ruby A Dying Language?
Reddit’s /r/programming sub-Reddit tackles a question fuelled by a general sense of malaise across some Ruby communities. My personal answer is ‘not at all, it’s just maturing’.
Adding Search and Autocomplete to a Rails App with Elasticsearch
A tutorial for adding search to Rails apps using Elasticsearch, Searchkick and Typeahead.js.
Shelly Cloud
A Diagram of The Ruby Core Object Model
A hand-drawn diagram of how Ruby’s core classes and modules relate to one another.
Jerome's Adventures in Rubyland
Node for Rails Developers: Using Compound.js
Sagi Isha says that Rails developers turning to Node.js may find a soft landing with Compound.js and CoffeeScript, and builds a simple ‘to do’ list app to show the process off.
Sagi Isha
accepts_nested_attributes_for with name field in HTML
Victoria Friedman
Configuring Acceptance Tests with Capybara, Webkit and Selenium: Useful Tips
Alexander Shvets
Up and Running with AngularJS and Rails
Watching and Listening
Minitest Insights
The creator of Minitest, Ryan Davis, looks at how Minitest works, the design decisions behind it, Mike Moore’s minitest-rails, and Aaron Patterson’s Minitest integration work with Rails.
Ryan Davis
The Ruby Rogues Discuss Remote Pair Programming with Sam Livingston-Gray
The focus is squarely on a wide variety of tools you can use.
Ruby Rogues
19 Videos from WindyCityRails 2013
A lot of good stuff from Rails vs Object Oriented Design and Functional Principles for Ruby Developers to Data Science and GitHub Secrets.
Why Hasn't Ruby Won?
Sarah Mei
Libraries, Code and Tools
cocoa-rack: Run Rack Apps Within Mac Apps
Runs Rack-based apps within a WebView. It first tries to use the system install of Ruby but falls back on JRuby Complete otherwise.
Brian Gonzalez
Virtus 1.0.0: Attributes on Steroids for Plain Old Ruby Objects
Piotr Solnica
Be Aware of mime-types 2.0's Impending Release
‘If you use Ruby 1.8 and the mime-types library, check your version spec. When mime-types 2.0 lands, it will hurt you,’ says Austin Ziegler. It no longer supports Ruby 1.8 and there are some other breaking changes.
Austin Ziegler
ngx_mruby: Web Server Extension Mechanism for nginx Using mruby
mruby is an embeddable version of Ruby and ngx_mruby makes it possible to use it to script nginx. Via The Changelog.
Ryosuke Matsumoto
Mago: Magic Number Detector for Ruby Source Code
Having magic numbers (numbers that affect how your code functions but which are included as mere undefined constants) in your code can be poor practice and make it harder to tweak your code over time. Mago will search your code for these so you can clean them up.
Sergey Potapov
NSString-Ruby: NSString Category Providing Common Ruby String Methods
One for the iOS developers. NSString+Ruby is an attempt to improve NSString by porting Ruby’s string methods onto a category on NSString. This means you can use the majority of Ruby’s string methods in Objective C.
Whipped Cream: HTTP Topping for the Raspberry Pi
A tool that parses a simple plugin DSL to create web servers for Raspberry Pi I/O (input and output), allows you to create and test plugins on your computer, and deploy plugins to your Raspberry Pi(s).
Justin Campbell
Selecta: A Fuzzy Text Selector for Files and Anything Else You Need to Select
Gary Bernhardt
Ruby Developer at Lonely Planet [Nashville, TN]
Travel is in the DNA of everyone at Call us crazy, but we live travel, breathe travel, heck we even dream about it sometimes. It’s our mission to inspire, inform and connect travellers so we’re building the biggest and best travel site on the planet. Do you want to help drive the direction of as part of a talented, passionate team? Are you raring to work somewhere fast-paced and fun? We want to hear from you.
Lonely Planet
Senior Software Engineers at HouseTrip (London, UK)
We’re 21 developers, 6 product managers and 2 designers, passionate about building the best holiday rental website. We write good code to build an outstanding product. We need your help. If you are a passionate senior software engineer, and think you have some of the skills, drive and talent to help us to build up our team, we’d really like to hire you.
Join the FreeAgent Engineering team [Edinburgh/Remote]
We’re looking for a talented software engineer to join our Engineering team to help develop FreeAgent. We’re the leading UK online accounting platform with over 33,000 customers and high growth. We have a wealth of technical challenges for you to solve and we can provide a friendly, creative and collaborative environment in which to solve them.
Last but not least.. is exception monitoring for Ruby, by devs who give a !@#$
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