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Ruby Weekly Issue 168
October 24, 2013
A Fundraiser for RVM 2.0
Michal Papis, the main contributor to RVM, is looking to raise some funds so he can push ahead with developing RVM 2.0 now Engine Yard’s sponsorship of the project has ended.
RubyConf Australia 2014 Call For Proposals Open One More Week
The main event takes place in Sydney over 19-21 February, 2014.
RubyConf Australia
Phusion Passenger 4.0.21 Released: Supports OS X Mavericks, JRuby 1.7.6
Phusion Blog
From our Sponsor Exception, uptime, and performance monitoring - all in one app.
No per-server fees. No hard rate limits. It just works. Try us free for 15 days. Learn about our new uptime and performance monitoring features.
Setting Up A Rails Development Environment On OS X 10.9 Mavericks
OS X 10.9 “Mavericks” came out this week and notably includes Ruby 2.0 as the default system install of Ruby out of the box. But Dean shows how to get RVM up and running on the new release for full multi Ruby control.
Dean Perry
Getting to Know ActiveRecord's 'Pluck' and 'Select'
‘pluck’ lets you pick values out of the database without creating ActiveRecord objects, whereas ‘select’ does similarly but creates those objects.
Gavin Miller
How to Quickly Get Started Creating Status Bar Apps for Mac OS X using RubyMotion
Easy Database Migration using Taps(-taps)
A look at using the taps-taps library to move a database between one host to another or even from one database engine to another.
Shelly Cloud
Software As A Disservice - Fixing A Broken Rails App
Giles Bowkett has a new (paid) e-book out, this time walking through re-architecting and refactoring what he calls a ‘badly-done’ Rails app. Very opinionated and very Giles but there’s a lot to enjoy in its 122 pages (I received a sample).
Giles Bowkett
Unleash the Puma on Heroku
Modeling your App's User Session
A look at GitHub’s approach to avoiding issues with replay attacks on stateless session stores.
Using Chef to Quickly Provision A Rails and Postgres Server
Ben Dixon
Phusion Passenger’s Node.js Support Has Been Open Sourced
Phusion Corporate Blog
Inside GitHub's Super-Lean Management Strategy, And How It Drives Innovation
Fast Co Labs
Prototyping Web Applications in Rails 4
Daniel Fone
How to Make Your Code Imply Responsibilities
Jim Gay
Watching and Listening
5 Rules
A talk from Barcelona Ruby Conference 2013 by Sandi Metz (author of Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby) that proposes 5 ‘little’ rules for writing good object-oriented code.
Sandi Metz
Ruby on Rails Tutor: Learn The Fundamentals of Rails in A Small Group
John asked me on Twitter to mention this but as paid training, I was reluctant.. until his students started tweeting me testimonials and messages of support :-) So if you want to learn Rails online in a group environment, this could be worth a look.
John Davison
Ruby on Robots Using Artoo
Golden Gate Ruby Conference 2013
Join the FreeAgent Engineering team [Edinburgh/Remote]
We’re looking for a talented software engineer to join our Engineering team to help develop FreeAgent. We’re the leading UK online accounting platform with over 33,000 customers and high growth. We have a wealth of technical challenges for you to solve and we can provide a friendly, creative and collaborative environment in which to solve them.
Senior Ruby Developer Vacancy at HouseTrip, UK (Can sponsor Visas)
We're Looking for a Senior Ruby Developer with at least 2 years of commercial Ruby experience, 5 years of Web development, and close to 10 years as a developer in total. We can sponsor Visas for this role. Please click the Jobvite link for more details.
Front-End Engineer at Yelp - San Francisco
Yelp is looking for a front end developer who walks the HTML, CSS and JavaScript stack with ease. In this role you would do everything from implementing new UIs and features to battling browser inconsistencies through daily release cycles.
Libraries, Code and Tools
PostJson: A Document Database Combining Features of ActiveRecord and PostgreSQL with PLV8
PostJson combines the power of ActiveRecord and PostgreSQL but results in a dynamic document-style database with no schemas to be found.
JRuby 1.7.6 Released (A Small Bug-fixing Release)
JRuby Blog
Envconfig: Environmentally Friendly Ruby Configuration
Easy environment-based configuration for Ruby / Rails. It lets you add, remove and swap add-ons or other backing services without changing your code, and without conditional configuration files.
Paul Annesley
Jop: A Gem to Add 'J' Language Array Commands to Ruby
J is a terse array programming language for statistical programming. Jop brings some of its features to Ruby’s arrays.
Michael Feathers
Termit: Google Translate with Speech Synthesis in Your Terminal
Termit provides an easy way to use Google Translate from your terminal.
Paweł Urbanek
Last but not least..
Fast to setup and easy to manage cloud hosting for Ruby apps
Shelly Cloud simplifies deployment, development and maintenance of Ruby apps. We provide great free support, european servers, simple command line interface, git deployments and full-featured front-end. You can try Shelly for free.
Shelly Cloud (Sponsored Item)
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