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Ruby Weekly Issue 169
October 31, 2013
From the Editor's Desk..
Welcome to issue 169 of Ruby Weekly. It's a big landmark for me this week as my fledgling flock of e-mail newsletters has just passed 150,000 subscribers, so I'd like to thank you for your support with that. And, of course, if you're into Postgres, HTML5, JavaScript or Node, you might like to get on board with those weeklies too :-) Thanks! - Peter C.
The Ruby Association's 2013 Grant Selection Results
The Ruby Association gives grants to projects that could help the Ruby community. This year funds are going toward improved Win32Utils support, a Web UI for working on Rails apps, and a Ruby learning environment for middle school students.
The Ruby Association
Rails 4.0.1.rc4 Released, Final Tomorrow?
Due to regressions, there’s another release candidate of Rails 4.0.1 but assuming there’s no more issues, the final release should be tomorrow, November 1st.
Rails Core Group
The 2013 Rails Rumble Winners
The 48 hour Rails Rumble hackathon took place a couple of weeks ago and the winners have been announced. Congratulations to everyone who took part.
Rails Rumble Blog
Ruby-FFI Maintenance Changes; Switches to BSD License
Rather suddenly, Wayne Meissner stopped maintaining the important FFI library last week, but rather quickly Charles Nutter of the JRuby project picked up the baton and its license was swiftly switched from LGPL to BSD after contributors agreed. Sadly, Wayne now seems to have moved on from both GitHub and Twitter..
From our Sponsor
New Relic announces new product – code-named Rubicon
Rubicon allows you to ask real-time questions of your application data. Know who is using, exactly what feature or clicking what button in real-time. From production. If you’d like to be notified of upcoming beta trials please, sign up here.
New Relic
Installing a Full Rails 4.0 Stack on OS X Mavericks
Daniel Kehoe (of RailsApps fame) has updated his popular walkthrough to the latest versions of both Ruby and OS X.
Daniel Kehoe
A Rails Rumble Gem Teardown
An interesting look at how Rubyists are currently choosing to rapidly develop webapps by analyzing the Gemfiles used during the Rails Rumble. jQuery, Sass, ERb, and Bootstrap are all big winners.
How To Use Mina to Deploy a Ruby on Rails Application
Mina is a deployment tool built upon Rake.
Auto Generating UUIDs with Postgres and Rails 4
UUIDs are handy to use instead of sequential IDs because they can make scaling easier later on. Here’s a guide to using them directly within your Rails app.
LingoHub Blog
How To Stub External Services In Tests
Requests to external services during test runs can cause numerous issues, so it can helpful to take steps to stop our test suites hitting any 3rd party services. Harlow looks at how.
Harlow Ward
Keeping it Simple: Migrating to Pundit from CanCan
Carbon Five found that CanCan didn’t play well with strong parameters in Rails 4 so they looked for alternative solutions. Pundit provides a simpler, newer approach, as seen here.
Christian Nelson
Building a Blog with Jekyll
Donovan Hutchinson takes you through all the steps needed to build a fully functioning blog using static pages compiled with Jekyll.
Flippin' Awesome
Constant Resolution in Ruby
Setting Up Emacs as a Ruby Development Environment on OS X
Hemant K
Detecting Failed Delayed Job Workers: Don't Fear the Reaper
Joel Turkel
How to Build a Subscription Service on Rails: A Noob's Guide
Joel Hooks
ActiveRecord's Dirty Little Secret
Gavin Miller
Videos from Wicked Good Ruby 2013
26 Talks (so far!) from Wicked Good Ruby 2013
I've been really impressed by the quality of both the talks and recordings from this conference and recommend you check some of them out. There are currently 26 to watch but I've included direct links to some below too.
Machine Learning with Ruby
Bryan Liles
Understanding Ruby's Method Cache
Sheena McCoy and Rachel Myers
MRI Magic Tricks
Charlie Somerville
Writing DSLs with Parslet
Jason Garber
RubyMotion under the Hood
Joshua Ballanco
Wicked Bad Ruby
Matt Aimonetti
Creativity with Ruby-Processing
Joanne Cheng
JRuby: Insights from Six Years in Production
Mark Menard
Outside-In Testing
Nick Gauthier
Supercharging ActiveRecord with PostreSQL
Dan McClain
Libraries, Code and Tools
RubyScore: Check How Your Ruby Achievements Stack Up
A winning entry in Rails Rumble, RubyScore is a fun site that lets you type in your GitHub username and returns a list of your various Ruby related accolades. It’s quite clever and picks up on talks given, books written, podcast appearances, and more.
ruby-build 20131028: The Ruby Implementation Builder
Now faster as it uses all CPU cores when compiling Ruby implementations. Also supports Rubinius 2.0.0, 2.1.0, and 2.1.1.
Sam Stephenson
Pundit: Minimal Authorization through OO Design and Pure Ruby Classes
An authorization library that seems to be picking up fans at an increasingly rapid pace across the Ruby and Rails worlds lately.
Koudoku: Robust Subscription Support for Rails with Stripe
Robust subscription support for Ruby on Rails apps using Stripe, including out-of-the-box pricing pages, payment pages, and subscription management for your customers.
Andrew Culver
Google-Maps-for-Rails: Easy Google Map + Overlays in Ruby Apps
A very long standing project gets a raft of updates to bring it up to speed.
Benjamin Roth
VCR 2.7.0 Released
Ork: Object-Document Mapping for Riak
Emiliano Mancuso
Senior Software Engineer (Ruby on Rails)
XO Group is developing a new platform in rails serving it's 10 million unique visitors and over 400 million page views a month. We are looking for Sr. Software Engineers with strong expertise and a true passion for Ruby and the Ruby on Rails ecosystem.
Ruby Developer at Lonely Planet [Nashville, TN]
Travel is in the DNA of everyone at Call us crazy, but we live travel, breathe travel, heck we even dream about it sometimes. It’s our mission to inspire, inform and connect travellers so we’re building the biggest and best travel site on the planet. Do you want to help drive the direction of as part of a talented, passionate team? Are you raring to work somewhere fast-paced and fun? We want to hear from you.
Lonely Planet
Senior Software Engineers at HouseTrip (London, UK)
We’re 21 developers, 6 product managers and 2 designers, passionate about building the best holiday rental website. We write good code to build an outstanding product. We need your help. If you are a passionate senior software engineer, and think you have some of the skills, drive and talent to help us to build up our team, we’d really like to hire you.
Last but not least..
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