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Ruby Weekly Issue 170
November 7, 2013
From the Editor's Desk..
We'll be taking a rare week off next week so the next issue of Ruby Weekly will be on Thursday, November 21 with all the latest from RubyConf.
Ruby Under a Microscope: An Illustrated Guide to Ruby Internals
A great self published book by Pat Shaughnessy has gotten even better with rewrites, new chapters, and new formatting by No Starch. Available in print and e-book formats, No Starch has kindly offered 40% off to Ruby Weekly readers who use the code RUBYWEEKLY on checkout.
No Starch Press
Rails 4.0.1 Released
Coming more than four months after 4.0.0, 4.0.1 is a larger than expected bug fix with over 460 commits. One key change you need to be careful of is how chained ‘order’ calls work with ActiveRecord (essentially the Rails 3 behavior has been restored).
Riding Rails
Adhearsion Conf 2013 (December 4-5 - Atlanta, GA)
For anyone interested in modern telephony and Adhearsion, the Ruby-based open source voice app framework.
From our Sponsor
Deploy your code faster
With continuous testing and deployment, your team can develop new features more efficiently. A live timeline of builds and deploys keeps everyone in the loop. Add your project in a minute and enjoy a free 30-day trial.
Exploring Low-level Computing Concepts with Ruby
A fun walkthrough of building a 6502 (a popular CPU in the late 70s and early 80s) simulator in Ruby.
Practicing Ruby
Keeping Your YAML Clean
The YAML specification provides features you can use to reduce duplication within your YAML files.
Carlos Souza
Deploying Multiple Rails Apps to a Single VPS
Using Capistrano 2, Unicorn and nginx.
Ben Dixon
Using Factory Girl without Active Record
If you’re writing apps that authenticate with OAuth or talk to web services, here are a few tips and tricks for using Factory Girl to tame your external data.
Steve Richert
Unconditional Programming
Michael finds control structures like if/else, case, and loops annoying and looks at a specific Ruby example where conditions can be avoided (without using polymorphism).
Michael Feathers
How to Set Up Ruby on Rails on Ubuntu 13.10
Why Meteor Will Kill Ruby on Rails
Controversial, naturally.
Josh Owens
Redis-based Ruby Code Control with FeatureGuard
Ted Dumitrescu
Fast Tests Remove Testing Barriers
Solano Labs
Watching and Listening
Ruby Systems Programming
Andy Delcambre looks at the basics of systems programming using Ruby and digs into things like syscalls, kernel space vs user space, file descriptors and more.
Rocky Mountain Ruby 2013
Rapid Game Prototyping with Ruby
Michael Fairley explores the basics of how computer games work, shows the tools available for building games in Ruby, and has a live demonstration of creating a simple game.
Madison Ruby 2013
Supercharging ActiveRecord with PostgreSQL
Postgres is packed with great features, but taking advantage of them in a language is sometimes extra work. Here’s a great talk from a conference and accompanying slides around taking more advantage of Postgres with ActiveRecord.
XPath Is Actually Pretty Useful Once It Stops Being Confusing
A developer at RapGenius demonstrates how to go from a regular expression to using XPath to capitalize the first word of every line in a song’s lyrics.
Mat Brown
Dissecting Ruby with Ruby
A fast paced presentation by Richard Schneeman (complete with lab coat) on digging around in Ruby to solve practical problems.
Wicked Good Ruby 2013
Senior Ruby Developer [Austin, TX]
Join our talented team of rubyists in Austin. ActiveProspect is a financially stable business with a start up culture: competitive salary plus bonus, flexible hours and paid time off, cool Hyde Park office with ping pong and kegerator. Will relocate.
Radioactive Antidote Study (Need Test Subjects) [San Francisco, CA]
Must have been bitten by a radioactive creature and have become ten times stronger and smarter. Developers also accepted. Cure unlikely, satisfaction for sacrificing yourself to save the world, guaranteed.
The Conquer Project
All-round or backend web-developer [Utrecht, The Netherlands]
Want to join a team of Ruby engineers who are building the future of journalism? Challenges include SPA/REST-WS combo, scalability, workflow systems, and extreme pragmatism. (architecture astronauts and Rails CRUDders need not apply)
Senior Software Engineers at HouseTrip [London, UK]
We’re 21 developers, 6 product managers and 2 designers, passionate about building the best holiday rental website. We write good code to build an outstanding product. We need your help. If you are a passionate senior software engineer, and think you have some of the skills, drive and talent to help us to build up our team, we’d really like to hire you.
Libraries, Code and Tools
RuboCop 0.15: The Ruby Code Analyzer
The popular Ruby code analyzer can now auto-correct most whitespace problems in Ruby code and features some new ‘cops’ (including a cyclomatic complexity check and looking for stdout IO - with puts, print, etc - in Rails apps).
Bozhidar Batsov
ruby-wpdb: A Way to Access WordPress Databases from Ruby
A look at a library that provides models for the main concepts in WordPress so you can interact with WordPress databases from Ruby.
Rob Miller
Gretel: A Flexible Rails Breadcrumbs Plugin
Based around the idea that breadcrumbs are a concern of the view, and not the controller, so you define breadcrumbs separately in a config file like routes and then breadcrumb trails can be automatically derived.
Lasse Bunk
Minegems: Private Gem Hosting System Deployable On Heroku
Luca Guidi
Espinita: Audit ActiveRecord Models in Rails 4
Continuum Chile
Last but not least..
(Sponsored Item)
Ruby Version Manager (RVM) Now on Twitter @rvm_io
If you want to keep up the project, now there’s a new way.
Michal Papis
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