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Ruby Weekly Issue 174
December 12, 2013
All 50 Talks from RubyConf 2013 Now Available
Confreaks has done their usual, excellent job and recorded and shared 50 talk videos from this year’s RubyConf. Lots to enjoy here, and we link to some of the specific videos we enjoyed further down in this issue too.
Rails Assets: A Frictionless Proxy Between Bundler and Bower
Automatically converts packaged components into gems that are easily droppable into your asset pipeline and stay up to date. All you do is add as a new gem source and reference any Bower components that you need as gems. There’s also an article about the background behind this project.
A Proposal for Ruby to Follow A Semantic Versioning Scheme After Ruby 2.1.0
Shota Fukumori
The RubyConf Taiwan 2014 Call For Proposals is Now Open
Ruby News
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New Relic
Getting Started with AngularJS and Rails 4: A Step by Step Tutorial
Learning Angular on its own isn’t hard but bringing it together with Rails and CoffeeScript can be a bit trickier. This quick walkthrough brings all the pieces together.
The Rumors of Bundler's Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated
An interesting followup to last week’s mention of Bundler’s features being gradually merged into RubyGems by Eric Hodel.
André Arko
Maintainable and Scalable Systems with Rails Engines
A look at the motivations behind breaking up a large monolithic Rails app into multiple Rails Engines.
Kevin Rockwood
How to get More Bang for your Heroku Buck While Making Your Rails Site Super Snappy [Redux]
An update to a popular article from 2012 that reflects changes in the Ruby hosting world and includes new tips based on experiences over the last 12 months.
Paul Leader
Watching and Listening
REPL Driven Development with Pry
Pry is a powerful IRb replacement and in this 40 minute RubyConf talk Conrad Irwin shows how to use it to work on code more effectively.
RubyConf 2013
The Ruby Rogues Discuss HTTP 2.0 with Ilya Grigorik
Ruby Rogues
Unleash the Secrets of the Standard Library with SimpleDelegator, Forwardable, and more
At RubyConf, Jim Gay showed off some of the highlights of Ruby’s standard library, particularly those libraries that help with object oriented design.
RubyConf 2013
How I Architected My Big Rails App for Success
Ben Smith tells the story of a real life project built from day 1 with a variety of scalability questions in mind (in human, hardware, and performance senses).
Rocky Mountain Ruby 2013
Beneath The Surface: Harnessing the True Power of Regular Expressions in Ruby
RubyConf 2013
Opal: A New Hope (for Ruby Programmers)
Forrest Chang looks at Opal, a source-to-source Ruby to JavaScript compiler, corelib and a runtime implementation that currently passes 1716 of the RubySpecs.
Back-End Web Developer at Planbox (remote position)
Planbox is a small, cash flow neutral company that is well-positioned for rapid growth. We are looking for someone smart and dedicated to become part of our team and to contribute to the company's success.
Software Developer at Collaborative Drug Discovery (Burlingame, CA)
Are you looking to develop products that really matter? Join us in our quest to make usable and intuitive applications for life science research. No science background required.
Collaborative Drug Discovery
Ruby Software Engineer at Efinancial (Bellevue, Portland, and Chicago)
We value autonomy and quality output over hours worked. We offer a competitive salary and dedicated time to experiment and learn. Our system is service-based, written primarily in Ruby.
Libraries, Code and Tools
JRuby 1.7.9 Released
Not a huge release but there are a variety of fixes and the goal now with the 1.7.x releases is just to fill out any missing compatibility issues with Ruby 1.9.3.
Official JRuby Blog
Vagrant 1.4 Released: Now Includes A 'Docker' Provisioner
promise.rb: A Ruby Implementation of The Promises/A+ Spec
100% mutation coverage, tested on 1.9, 2.0, Rubinius, and JRuby.
Lars Gierth
Sprockets Better Errors: Better Errors for Sprockets
A library that makes it painfully obvious when you’ve done something wrong with the Rails asset pipeline.
Richard Schneeman
RubyMotionQuery: Fast, Non-Polluting, Chaining, RubyMotion Bliss
If you work with RubyMotion, RubyMotionQuery is a must-have.
InfiniteRed LLC
Dragonfly 1.0: A Ruby Gem for On-the-Fly Attachment Processing
A highly customizable library for handling images and other attachments. Already in use on thousands of sites.
Mark Evans
Hwacha: Harness The Power of Typhoeus to Quickly Check Web Responses
Stephen Ball
Hopskip: Write Hopscotch Introductions using Nothing But YAML
Hopscotch is a framework for building product tours on Web pages.
Box UK
array-subindex: Use Floats As Array Indexes in Ruby
Not entirely serious but an interesting experiment nonetheless. An example: [1, 2][0.5] == 1.5
Matthew Nielsen
sublime_debugger: An Interactive Ruby 1.9.3 Debugger for Sublime Text 3
Shuky Chen
Last but not least..
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Codewars: Online Code Katas in Ruby, CoffeeScript, and JavaScript
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