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Ruby Weekly Issue 175
December 19, 2013
From the Editor's Desk..
Just a quick note that we're taking a week off for Christmas but we'll be back on January 2nd. Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year :-)
Security Maintenance Extension of Ruby 1.8.7 and 1.9.2
After initially being dropped for security updates, there’s been a stunning turnaround with Ruby 1.8.7 and 1.9.2 getting new maintainers for security updates for at least 6 months. Heroku is supporting this effort.
Ruby News
Rails 4.1.0 Beta 1 Released
David Heinemeier Hansson unveils an early Christmas present, a well-tested and reliable beta of Rails 4.1 that’s already in production at 37signals. New features include a built-in app preloader for performance, response variants, and Action Mailer e-mail previewing.
Riding Rails Gets Proper Archives, Full-Text Search..
Yep, a self link, but the Ruby Weekly homepage is now on a new system that provides proper archives, a mobile friendly design, and full-text search.
Ruby Weekly
RubyConf India 2014 Call For Proposals and Tickets Now Open
Ruby News
From our Sponsor Exception, uptime, and performance monitoring - all in one app.
No per-server fees. No hard rate limits. It just works. Try us free for 15 days. Learn about our new uptime and performance monitoring features.
Decoding 'Almost Sinatra'
Back in 2010, Sinatra’s Konstantin Haase wrote a special ‘minimal’ version of Sinatra in under 1KB of Ruby code as an experiment. In this post, Rob Miller picks it apart and sees what tricks were used and how it works. A fun bit of code spelunking.
Rob Miller
What's New in Rails 4.1
A walk through several of the new features in this week's release.
Coherence Blog
Mastering Modern Payments Using Stripe with Rails
Pete Keen has put together a handy 116 page PDF e-book and example app all oriented around integrating Stripe, the payment processing service, into a Rails app. It costs money but you can take 20% off with code PATRICK
Cooper Press
Reading Rails: Migrations
A walk through the Rails source to see how migrations work under the hood.
Adam Sanderson
Yes, You Should Write Controller Tests
The approach of writing unit + acceptance tests and skipping controller tests is an increasing popular one but Piotr makes the argument for not passing your controllers by.
Piotr Solnica
5 Architecture Anti-Patterns and Solutions for Large Rails Apps Dev Blog
COPY Millions of Rows to Postgres with Rails
Inserting rows one by one is fine when it’s within the normal operation of your app, but for bulk loading, it's not very performant. Postgres’ COPY command is efficient for bulk operations, but you have to be careful in how you use it.
Sequel Is Awesome and Much Better Than ActiveRecord
Rodrigo Rosenfeld Rosas
The World Needs Another Post About Dependency Injection in Ruby
Piotr Solnica
Prawn 0.13.0 Has Been Released, and 1.0 Is (Finally) On The Horizon
Work goes on with the popular Ruby PDF toolkit.
Gregory Brown
Building A Custom User Interface for Your Mac OS X Status Bar App in RubyMotion
Caching API Requests
Start A Full-Featured Rails 4 Application with uWSGI
Eager Loading Calculations with Database Views in Rails
Joel Turkel
Watching and Listening
The Padrino Framework
Padrino is a framework built on top of Sinatra that makes it possible to create larger webapps using the Sinatra philosophies and foundations. This talk goes through a simple application and look at its structure and execution path to get a sense of what Padrino offers.
Sumeet Singh
RubyConf Video Wrapup: Multifaceted
If you felt overwhelmed by the 50 RubyConf 2013 talks link we shared last week, this list split into categories might be easier to digest.
Andrew Harvey
Software Developer at Collaborative Drug Discovery (Burlingame, CA)
Are you looking to develop products that really matter? Join us in our quest to make usable and intuitive applications for life science research. No science background required.
Back-End Web Developer at Planbox (remote position)
Planbox is a small, cash flow neutral company that is well-positioned for rapid growth. We are looking for someone smart and dedicated to become part of our team and to contribute to the company's success.
Ruby Developer at Efinancial (Bellevue, WA; Portland, OR; Chicago, IL)
Senior Ruby Developer at ActiveProspect, Inc. (Austin, TX; Remote possible)
Libraries, Code and Tools
Introducing after_do: after/before Method Callbacks in Ruby
Tobi Pfeiffer
Vagrant 1.4 Released: Now Includes A 'Docker' Provisioner
Uru: A Multi-Platform Ruby Installation Manager
Last but not least..
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