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Ruby Weekly Issue 176
January 2, 2014
Ruby 2.1.0 Released
Christmas Day didn’t disappoint for its tradition of having MRI Ruby releases. 2.1 has been a popular release so far with many folks on Twitter noting generous performance increases, thanks to the new RGenGC generational garbage collector and improved method caching.
Ruby News
Semantic Versioning after Ruby 2.1.0
We casually mentioned it a few issues ago but now the Ruby core team’s switch to a semantic versioning-style policy is official as of the release of Ruby 2.1.0.
Ruby News
Abril Pro Ruby 2014 - The Tropical Ruby Conference
In Porto de Galinhas, Brazil, on April 26th. Jim Weirich, Nell Shamrell, and Rafael França are already down to speak.
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A Guide for Writing Maintainable Rails Tests
Working with brittle and slow tests can invalidate many of the advantages of automated testing, so Matt shares some tips on how to create a more robust test suite.
Matt Sears
Ruby 2.1's RGenGC
Ruby 2.1 introduces RGenGC, a new ‘restricted’ generational garbage collector. Here’s a great high level look at what’s involved and how to tune it.
Aman Gupta
Instrumenting Your Code With ActiveSupport Notifications
ActiveSupport::Notifications provides a simple and powerful instrumentation API in Rails 3.0 and above. This article looks at how you can use it to your own ends.
Using Polymorphism to Make a Better Activity Feed in Rails
Recording Inbound Rack Requests for Test Fixtures
Generating data for testing in-bound webhooks can be tedious and error-prone. Here’s an approach that generates Rack fixture data on the fly.
Joshua Wood
Ruby’s GIL and Transactional Memory
The point of Ruby’s GIL (global interpreter lock) is to ensure two threads don’t modify the same area of memory at the same time but Mike notes that transactional memory could invalidate the need for it.
Mike Perham
Clean Architecture
A look at an elegant way to structure applications with layers of differing concerns.
Luis Zamith
Ruby 2.1's Method Cache
Starting with Ruby 2.1, altering a class will only invalidate the caches for that class and its subclasses.
Aman Gupta
Watching and Listening
On Benchmarking With Ruby
At ArrrrCamp 2013, Benoit Daloze demonstrated ‘Perfer’, a tool he developed under the Google Summer of Code to help produce stable and reliable performance measurements.
Benoit Daloze
Web Applications with Ruby (not Rails)
At ArrrrCamp 2013, David Padilla looked at what’s involved when rolling your own code for a webapp, right down to routing and rendering.
David Padilla
Libraries, Code and Tools
Phusion Passenger 4.0.33 Released
Mostly fixes a variety of issues, but also includes a new ‘restart-app’ feature that lets you immediately restart a running app without using restart.txt.
Phusion Corporate Blog
Rails Search Kit: A Chrome Extension
Provides simple access to searches for GitHub, the Rails API, ruby-doc, and RubyGems.
Chrome Web Store
AccessLint: Check for Web Accessibility Errors From Ruby
Cameron Cundiff
autoprefixer-rails: CSS Autoprefixer for Ruby and Rails
A tool that parses CSS and adds vendor prefixes to CSS rules using values from the CanIUse site so you can forget about vendor prefixes and write simple, clean CSS.
Andrey Sitnik
Senior or Junior Engineer at View The Space (New York, NY)
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Last but not least..
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