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Ruby Weekly Issue 178
January 16, 2014
Support for MRI Ruby Version 1.9.3 to End on February 23, 2015
The 1.9.3 branch is currently in maintenance mode but will move to security fixes only from February 23, 2014. This will continue until 2015 when support will end.
Ruby News
RailsBricks: Create Rails Apps Faster
A Rails 4 app builder that lets you work faster with creating Rails apps by automating mundane setup tasks and configuring useful common gems. There’s a 2 minute screencast showing it off too.
Nico Schuele
RailsConf 2014 - April 22-25 in Chicago, IL
The largest gathering of Ruby and Rails developers in the world heads to Chicago to celebrate 10 years of Rails. You can register now.
Ruby Central
From Our Sponsor
Recurring Subscriptions with Ruby, RSpec and Modular Arithmetic
Figuring out how to model recurring subscriptions isn’t entirely obvious, so Devin McCabe brings out the ‘modular arithmetic’ to help.
Devin McCabe
Rails Testing Antipatterns: Fixtures and Factories
Code Show and Tell: PolymorphicFinder
This refactoring shows a real-world example of the Builder, Decorator, Chain of Responsibility, and Null Object patterns as well as recursion, using a fold/inject, object composition, and immutable objects in Ruby.
Joe Ferris
New in RSpec 3: Composable Matchers
One of RSpec 3’s big new features is shipping in 3.0.0.beta2: composable matchers. This feature supports more powerful and less brittle expectations. Examples abound.
Myron Marston
The Data Mapper Pattern in Rails 4 using The 'perpetuity' Gem
Jason Swett
Building a Faster I18n Backend for Ruby in C
Instructure Tech Blog
Test Driven Rails – Part 1
The first in a series of posts about building Rails apps with a TDD or BDD mindset. Part 1 looks at what we should and shouldn’t test.
Karol Galanciak
RSpec Custom Matchers: A Deep Dive
Daniel Chang
Watching and Listening
Ruby Systems Programming
At Cascadia Ruby 2013, Andy Delcambre covered the basics of systems programming but using Ruby. Covers syscalls, kernel space vs user space, file descriptors, and even building a Web server using these primitives.
Andy Delcambre
Patterns to Deal with Big ActiveRecord Models
A look at various patterns and techniques to deal with big ActiveRecord models, such as presenters, service objects, concerns and DCI.
Luismi Cavalle
Rails Developer at Harvest (Anywhere)
Though Harvest is expanding our team, we remain a small and focused company. Harvest is self-funded, profitable and has become an integral tool for tens of thousands of customers in over 150 countries. We're based in New York, NY. You're based anywhere.
Software Developer at Collaborative Drug Discovery (Burlingame, CA)
Are you looking to develop products that really matter? Join us in our quest to make usable and intuitive applications for life science research. No science background required.
Collaborative Drug Discovery
Freelance with Companies like Airbnb, IDEO & JPMorgan
Work on special projects with great companies through Toptal. Set your weekly/hourly rate, and work from anywhere in the world as an Elite Rails Developer. See if you have what it takes!
Libraries, Code and Tools
Ruby Instarepl for Light Table
An alpha implementation a Ruby ‘instarepl’ for the real-time interactive Light Table IDE. There’s also a Ruby plugin for Light Table doing the rounds from
Duktape.rb: A C Extension for The Duktape JavaScript Interpreter
Want to access a JavaScript interpreter from Ruby that’s lighter than v8/therubyracer? Here’s an option.
Magnus Holm
Que: A Ruby Job Queue That Uses PostgreSQL's Advisory Locks for Speed and Reliability
While advisory locks have some caveats, here’s a Ruby job queue that promises improved speed and reliability for queuing jobs over commonly popular libraries.
Chris Hanks
Associates: Associate Multiple Models Together and Make Them Behave As One
Currently only compatible with ActiveRecord.
Philippe Dionne
Count Von Count - A Real-time Counting Database
Based on Nginx and Redis. Not a Ruby project per-se, but optimized to use from Ruby and built upon Ruby technologies.
Last but not least..
Just like Heroku but on your own servers
Build, provision, deploy and scale your apps to your own servers on any cloud. Apps in Rails, Sinatra or Padrino. MySQL, MongoDB, Redis or PostgreSQL all on your own cloud from AWS to DigitalOcean.
Cloud66 (Sponsored Item)
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