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Ruby Weekly Issue 179
January 23, 2014
Featured A New Ruby Conference Directory
Ruby conference directories seem to come and go over the years but this one is up to date and has 25 upcoming events listed. Want to add your own event? Submit a pull request at the GitHub project.
Jon Allured
Hello Ruby: A Forthcoming Book by Linda Liukas
A Kickstarter campaign for a children’s book that teaches programming fundamentals through stories and kid-friendly activities. The illustration style is gorgeous and it’s already met its goal.
Check Out Issue 1 of DB Weekly, Our New Database Newsletter
Not content with covering JavaScript, HTML5, Node and Postgres, we're now branching into the overall world of databases and DBMSs. Check out issue 1 to see if you like it, and if you do, it's a single click to extend your subscription :-)
Cooper Press
From our Sponsor
Green Code, Powered by Semaphore
Take a turn from staying late to fix a bad deploy. Or updating your test infrastructure. Set up the right continuous delivery process for you and your team. Head for green code.
Semaphore (Sponsored Item)
Replace Rake with Thor
Ryan tries to sell us on the command line utility creation tool.
Ryan Sonnek
6 Tips for Full Stack Open Source RubyGems Development
Including getting a ‘gem version badge’, using Travis CI, code metrics, test coverage, and keeping up with dependencies.
Setting Up Torquebox 3 and Rails 4 for Zero Downtime Deployments On Ubuntu 12.04
If your app can run on JRuby, it’s well worth checking out Torquebox, a JRuby app server.
Testing Rack-based APIs with Cucumber and RSpec
Ian Smith
Building OS X Apps with RubyMotion
RubyMotion isn’t just for building iOS apps, you can build regular OS X apps too. Jack shares a few insights as he learns how to do it.
Jack Watson-Hamblin
ActiveSupport::Notifications: Statistics and using Facts to Improve Your Site
Matthew Delves
The Life of a Stripe Charge
Pete walks through through a one-off Stripe charge and illustrates how the whole process comes together.
Pete Keen
Rails + Angular + Jasmine: A Modern Testing Stack
Nick Plante
Testing Stripe Webhooks in Ruby
Slightly Less Painful Crawling and Scraping of Websites with Anemone
The Two Biggest Bugs Fixed in Rails 4.1
Martin Schuerrer
Watching and Listening
Parsing Sokoban Levels: A Remote Pair Programming Session
James Edward Gray II (aka JEG2) and Sam Livingston-Gray pair up to build a Sokoban (a box-pushing puzzle game) level parser. It’s long but both are very experienced Rubyists.
The Ruby Rogues Discuss Heroku with Richard Schneeman
Ruby Rogues
Macros and Modules
A free 3 minute nugget of Ruby knowledge from Avdi Grimm’s Ruby Tapas series. This time Avdi looks at how anonymous modules can help make extendable code nicer to write.
Ruby Tapas
Senior Ruby on Rails developer
Litmus, the e-mail testing and analytics company. We work on tough problems everyday and we're looking for great developers wherever you live in the world. Come and see what our team have to say about working here.
Software Developer at Collaborative Drug Discovery (Burlingame, CA)
Are you looking to develop products that really matter? Join us in our quest to make usable and intuitive applications for life science research. No science background required.
Collaborative Drug Discovery
Software Engineers at Neo (Singapore)
Experienced, well-rounded software engineers to join us in Singapore. Our clients engage with us because we help them ship tested, well-crafted software that solves their hard business problems. We practice TDD, program in pairs, and work sustainable hours.
Libraries, Code and Tools
A Simple Sinatra-Powered Blog Scaffold
Nice, simple and straightforward with plenty of flexibility.
Alex MacCaw
JohnHenry: A Toolkit for Building Rails Apps
In a similar vein to RailsBricks (covered last week), JohnHenry provides a variety of tools and shortcuts for getting a Rails app up and running fast.
Adam Derewecki
dish: Super Simple Conversion of Hashes Into Plain Ruby Objects
Handy for consuming JSON APIs. Also works in RubyMotion.
Lasse Bunk
lite_config: A Lightweight Environment-Aware Config Reader for Ruby Apps
Automates the loading of Rails-style YAML config files.
Gabe da Silveira
human_power: Easy robots.txt Generation
Lasse Bunk
Last but not least.. Exception, uptime, and performance monitoring - all in one app.
No per-server fees. No hard rate limits. It just works. Try us free for 15 days. Learn about our new uptime and performance monitoring features.
Honeybadger (Sponsored Item)
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