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Ruby Weekly Issue 181
February 6, 2014
Practicing Ruby Journal Goes Open Access; 68 Articles Now Available
We’ve linked up some amazing articles from this journal in the past but now you can go through look the majority of them directly yourself. Great work from Gregory and everyone else he gets involved.
Gregory Brown
Facets: Scans Your Gemfile for Security Issues
A useful online tool that scans a Gemfile.lock file of your choice and points out any gems that have known vulnerabilities.
RubySec Summary of CVE-2013-6393 aka 'you're probably vulnerable'
libyaml <= 0.1.4 is vulnerable to a heap overflow and it’s used by Ruby’s Psych YAML parser. No public exploits currently exist but this post covers what the issue is and how you can avoid it (by upgrading libyaml and recompiling Ruby, essentially).
Ruby Security Group
From our Sponsor
Just like Heroku but on your own servers
Build, provision, deploy and scale your apps to your own servers on any cloud. Apps in Rails, Sinatra or Padrino. MySQL, MongoDB, Redis or PostgreSQL all on your own cloud from AWS to DigitalOcean.
Structuring Sinatra Applications
Sinatra leaves a lot of the decision making around your app’s structure, layout and libraries up to you. Here are some conventions Axel MacCaw uses to keep things sane.
Alex MacCaw
7 Lines Every Gem's Rakefile Should Have
Give your users the gift of an easily accessible IRB console in just several lines.
Ernie Miller
A List of Deprecated Stuff in Ruby 2.1
Bozhidar Batsov
PostgreSQL Awesomeness for Rails Developers
Targeted towards Rails developers, this is broad guide on getting set up with Postgres, working with it, and a look at many of the awesome features within. A good read if you're new to Postgres.
Hubert Łępicki
How to Write Good Error Messages
Based on a situation where some code in a Rake task periodically updates records in an app.
Brad Bollenbach
Token Based Authentication in Rails
A quick look at the concept of token based authentication and how to rig it up in a Rails app.
Carlos Souza
The Value of Rails 'Worst Practices'
Devin uses ‘bad’ Rails code to test developers during interviews and shows off some code with annotations here.
Devin McCabe
Using Enumerations to Make a Faster Activity Feed in Rails
Maintaining A Large Test Suite: A DRY Approach to RSpec
An older post that has been doing the rounds on Twitter this week.
Justin Powell
How To Test a Rails ApplicationController
Mauro George
Senior Ruby Developer at
Help us revolutionize a $200B industry. We seek Ruby Engineers with experience in Data Collection & DevOps. If you're a pro with Chef & Nokogiri contact
Mentor - Ruby on Rails
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Senior Ruby Developer at Econify [Washington, DC]
Econify is a Ruby development shop that primarily works with established companies, leading them through complicated technology challenges. We’re currently seeking 1 senior developer to work on-site with our fantastic clients.
Libraries, Code and Tools
Recommundle: Recommendations for Your Bundle
Upload your Gemfile and get suggestions of a few new gems you might want to check out. Its recommendations seemed a bit arbitrary to me but it can’t hurt to learn about more gems :-)
Forge Software
Rubinius 2.2.4 Released
The alternative Ruby implementation takes another step forward with a variety of fixes, tweaks, and LLVM 3.4 support.
Instance: A Slick Object Instance API
Adds an ‘instance’ method to all objects which returns an Instance delegator that provides a full interface to the object’s state.
Forceps: Import Models From Remote Databases
Makes it easy to import data selectively from production databases to your local database, etc.
Jorge Manrubia
gst: A Gemset Manager Inspired by gs
Lucas Tolchinsky
Last but not least.. Exception, uptime, and performance monitoring - all in one app
No per-server fees. No hard rate limits. It just works. Try us free for 15 days. Learn about our new uptime and performance monitoring features.
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