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Ruby Weekly Issue 182
February 13, 2014
Ruby Hero Awards Nominations Open
The Ruby Heroes awards are handed out each year at RailsConf to people in the Ruby community who deserve some recognition. Get your nominations in for 2014 now.
Code School
Use 'An Ask, Don’t Tell' Policy With Ruby
“Your code should state the solution to your problem, even if you’re not sure what that solution is yet,” says Pat. A practical look at an interesting approach to writing your code.
Pat Shaughnessy
#inspect 2014: A RubyMotion Conference in San Francisco (May 28-29)
Two days, one track, 100% RubyMotion (the iOS and OS X Ruby app development toolchain).
Rails Israel 2014 - Tel Aviv, Israel - November 5
Aaron Patterson, Konstantin Hasse, Mark Bates, and others already down to speak.
Rails Israel
From our Sponsor
Fix Your Ruby Performance Issues & Get a Free Shirt
Rubyists love New Relic because it’s really simple to install and delivers actionable data in minutes. New Relic lets you anticipate bottlenecks and quickly identify the root cause so you can focus on delighting your users instead of searching for bugs. Get a free t-shirt when you deploy.
New Relic
From Zero to Fully Working CI Server in Less Than 10 Minutes with Drone & Docker
Drone is a continuous integration platform built on Docker, the lightweight Linux ‘container’ mechanism.
Jean-Philippe Boily
Why Ruby Blocks Exist
Suitable for beginners and people just discovering the language, and includes a screencast demonstrating how you can play around with blocks yourself interactively in IRB.
Jay McGavren
Setting Up Rails 4.1, Spring, RSpec, and Guard
Allen Fair
Gollum on Heroku
Gollum is a wiki system built in top of Git but it requires some playing around to get it working well on Heroku.
Javier Saldana
Automate Tasks On The Web with Ruby and Capybara
Improving CSV Processing Code with Laziness
Or, more specifically, Ruby 2’s Enumerator::Lazy.
Yuji Yokoo
Spec 'Helper'
A look at why getting away from requiring the same ‘helper’ at the top of spec or test files could benefit you.
Pivotal Labs
Using Foreman and Environment Variables to Isolate and Run Your Apps in Development
Maurício Linhares
How to Setup SSL with Rails and Heroku
Ready Steady Code
Rails 4 Engines
Watching and Listening
The Ruby Rogues Discuss Passenger Enterprise
They’re joined by Phusion’s own Tinco Andringa and Hongli Lai.
Ruby Rogues
Senior Ruby Developer at Replay Gaming (Remote, Work from Anywhere)
A social gaming company looking for a full-time Senior Ruby/Rails developer to help us achieve our ambitious growth plans. Come join our accomplished team, spread out across the US, South America and Europe.
Replay Gaming
Ruby Developer at TeamSnap (Anywhere USA) is seeking a Ruby Developer to enhance, refactor and maintain our existing Rails applications that service over a million players. You will also work with us as we build additional Rails applications to handle growing traffic.
Web Application Software Engineer (SF or Seattle)
We are looking for full-stack Engineers to help build our next generation products. This team tackles a variety of challenges; building complex transactional workflow, sophisticated webapps & implementing user experiences that make working with big data fun!
The Climate Corporation
Libraries, Code and Tools
Padrino 0.12.0 Released: The Sinatra-Backed Webapp Framework
With support for Ruby 2.1, a smarter rendering engine, enhanced template support, a rewritten reloader, a more powerful cache store and more, this marks an exciting time for the Padrino community.
Blather: XMPP/Jabber Library and DSL Built On EventMachine and Nokogiri
MooseX: A New DSL for Object Creation in Ruby
Inspired by Perl’s Moose. MooseX is a DSL for object creation, aspects, method delegation and more.
Tiago Peczenyj
MarcoPolo: Shows Your App Name and Environment in Your Console Prompt
So you don’t accidentally break stuff.
Chris Doyle
Last but not least..
Capture your Exceptions with Airbrake
Capture and resolve your exceptions faster with Airbrake, the error app. Trusted by more than 50,000 developers. New plans include GitHub, Pivotal and many more workflow integrations for fast error resolution.
Airbrake (Sponsored Item)
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