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Ruby Weekly Issue 183
February 20, 2014
From the Editor's Desk..
Unless you've already heard the news on Twitter, it's with much sadness I pass on the news that Jim Weirich has died. Jim was not only a well known Rubyist as the creator of Rake, but also a respected teacher, speaker, mentor, and friend to many. Some people are leaving notes in tribute on his final GitHub commit.
AdequateRecord Pro: Like ActiveRecord, But More Adequate
Ruby and Rails core team member Aaron ‘tenderlove’ Patterson has been working on adding extra ‘cache stuff’ to ActiveRecord to make it faster. He shares the basics here.
Aaron Patterson
Rails 4.1.0 Release Candidate 1 Released
The final release is due soon, hopefully after only a single release candidate.
Riding Rails
Rails 3.2.17 and 4.0.3 Released
These releases contain important security fixes, so please upgrade as soon as possible.
Riding Rails
Frozen Rails 2014 Call for Proposals (Sep 11-12 - Helsinki, Finland)
The call ends March 31.
Frozen Rails
From our Sponsor
The Honeybadger Guide to Machine Learning - Free E-Book
Make your apps smarter today (without being a math whiz.) Get this free guide from the folks at Exception, Uptime and Performance Monitoring for Ruby.
Search and Filter Rails Models Without Bloating Your Controller
A look at using scopes and scope chaining to build simple searching, filtering and sorting functionality into your Rails models.
Justin Weiss
The Elements of Style in Ruby: length vs size vs count
Bozhidar Batsov
Testing Sinatra Helpers with RSpec
The Interceptor Injection Pattern with Ruby 2.1 Refinements
A 'new pattern' for testing against external APIs with Ruby 2.1’s refinements instead of dependency injection.
How Much Time Does Rendering A Partial Really Take?
Justin Weiss
Watching and Listening
Y Not - Adventures in Functional Programming
Jim’s RubyConf 2012 talk where he took on the daunting topic of explaining the Y Combinator from scratch using Ruby. This is some of Jim at his enthusiastic best.
Jim Weirich
Jim Weirich and The Searchers - Has Anybody Seen My Code?
If you want something cute and musical to remember Jim by, enjoy this musical interlude where he stars on ukulele alongside other developer friends at the Pittsburgh Ruby Brigade.
Rails Per Action Flash Partials
Codemy Netston
How to Install Refinery CMS & Deploy To Heroku
Jess Brown
DevOps Engineer at LayerVault (Remote or NYC)
LayerVault is building version control for designers. We're looking for someone in DevOps to help us continue growing our infrastructure in a fast-paced environment.
Ruby Developer at TeamSnap (Anywhere USA) is seeking a Ruby Developer to enhance, refactor and maintain our existing Rails applications that service over a million players. You will also work with us as we build additional Rails applications to handle growing traffic.
Ruby Developer at AlphaSights (London and New York time zones)
Libraries, Code and Tools
wyriki: Experimental App to Explore Decoupling App Logic From Rails
Jim Weirich’s last GitHub commit was to an interesting project that he had been noodling on for the past couple of months.
Jim Weirich
ruby-install 0.4.0 Released
Adds support for installing mruby, amongst other things.
finite_machine: A Minimal Finite State Machine with A Straightforward Syntax
Piotr Murach
Mina: A Fast Deployer and Server Automation Tool
Mina lets you build and run scripts to manage your app deployments on servers via SSH. It’s fast because it generates an entire procedure as a bash script and runs it remotely.
Nadarei Co.
ruby-requirejs: Support for RequireJS in Ruby
Last but not least..
Just like Heroku but on your own servers
Build, provision, deploy and scale your apps to your own servers on any cloud. Apps in Rails, Sinatra or Padrino. MySQL, MongoDB, Redis or PostgreSQL all on your own cloud from AWS to DigitalOcean.
Cloud66 (Sponsored Item)
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