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Ruby Weekly Issue 184
February 27, 2014
Ruby 2.1.1 Released as Ruby Turns 21
February 24 was the 21st anniversary of Ruby and so Ruby 2.1.1 was released. The changelog is epic, but basically lots of garbage collector and YAML parsing work, along with the usual fixes.
Ruby 1.9.3-p545 Released, Dedicated to Jim Weirich
The last ordinal release of Ruby 1.9.3 which now goes into a security maintenance only phase until February 24, 2015 when support is dropped entirely.
mruby 1.0.0 Released
It went a bit under our radar so we missed this till now, but the lightweight, embeddable Ruby implementation has reached its 1.0 milestone.
Abril Pro Ruby Conference 2014 - April 26th - Porto de Galinhas, Brazil
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What's Relevant in The Ruby Universe?
A use of code analysis tools to see what the most popular dependencies are in Ruby projects, what the most included modules are (Enumerable wins, naturally), the most inherited classes, and the most overridden methods (spoiler: it’s method_missing).
The Adapter Pattern in Rails
A look at a common design pattern implemented by Rails.
Adam Sanderson
Ruby Gotchas That Will Come Back to Haunt You
8 interesting quirks/gotchas in Ruby of various merit.
Karol Sarnacki
Rumors of Ruby’s Demise
Avdi Grimm answers the perennial ‘Is Ruby dying?’ question.
Avdi Grimm
Making MongoMapper 9x Faster
Chris Heald
WebSockets in Ruby
Troika Tech
Redis Scripting with MRuby
Luca Guidi
Watching and Listening
Source Control Made Easy, with Jim Weirich
The Prags are giving the full purchase price of this screencast by Jim Weirich to his estate in his memory.
The Pragmatic Bookshelf
Senior Ruby on Rails developer at pam (Brighton, United Kingdom / Remote)
pam is a platform to allow organisations and people to work better together. We're looking for passionate and talented developers to help scale our platform to the next level of growth. Exciting engineering challenges guaranteed.
Frontend Engineer at Remind101 (San Francisco, CA)
With a $15MM series B, we're improving education and adding 40,000 users per day. We need you.
Software Developer at View The Space (New York, NY)
View The Space is a fast growing online leasing platform for commercial real-estate brokers and we need your help. If you love learning new technologies and have experience with Rails, JavaScript, Angular.js, iOS, TDD or all of the above, you’d be a great fit.
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Libraries, Code and Tools
Radiation Hardened Quine: A Robust Quine Program That Works Even After Any Character Is Deleted
A clever script that prints out its own source code even if you delete any single character from it. Worth looking for the tricks used.
Yusuke Endoh
RSpec 2.99.0.beta2 and 3.0.0beta2 Released
RSpec 3.0 gets a little closer with this latest beta release. Release candidates to follow.
Myron Marston
ActiveRestClient: A REST API Client
For accessing REST services in an ActiveRecord style. ActiveResource already exists for this, but this is more flexible, particularly where the resource naming doesn’t follow Rails’ conventions.
Which? Digital
Lita 3.0: A Generic Chat Bot for Company Chat Rooms
activeform-rails: Form Objects for ActiveModel
Guriec Corbel
Top 5 Ruby IDE Solutions for Web Developers
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